Movers in Weston give insight into the town. There are just over twelve thousand people living in Weston, Massachusetts. Most of these people live in homes that they, or their family, own. On average these homes cost over a million dollars! How do they afford it? According to recent studies Weston, Massachusetts is the ninth richest place in America. On average the people in Weston earn a whopping eight hundred and sixty thousand dollars a year!

So, what work do these people do? The most common careers in Weston are that of CEO and IT specialist. Then there are many people in Weston with specialist jobs, many people in the town are doctors and engineers. Movers in Weston such as Stairhopper Movers offer a superior service to this clientele and more with the packaging of expensive and fragile items, storage and more.

What do these million-dollar homes look like?

Most of these homes have at least four bedrooms and three bathrooms. They have huge kitchens, grand entertainment areas, and massive, lush gardens, some with gorgeous pools. The homes that cost over two million usually have six or seven bedrooms and more than one living area.

There are of course more reasonable homes in this town too. These homes may not look quite so stately, but they are not small. And the gardens are still big and very green. You can get a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home for just under nine hundred thousand.

If you were to join the smaller group of the Weston population who rent homes there are plenty of options for you too. Homes in the area range in price. For under two thousand dollars a month you could get a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home. Or for just under four thousand dollars a month, you can get anything from two to four bedrooms. If you need help settling into your new home, movers in Weston can help you get there.

Schools in the area

Weston has some fantastic public schools and some of the top private schools. Wherever you choose to send your children, they’ll thrive. Schools in Weston offer advanced program courses, which have an over eighty percent participation rate. But students don’t just take these courses, they do well. Of course, the basics are important too, Maths and Reading proficiency is as high as eighty-nine percent. And the graduation rate is an incredible ninety-nine percent. In fact, of the over eighteen thousand schools in the USA, Weston schools were ranked at three hundred and twentieth. This is certainly a huge feat. These schools prepare students for life after school and allow many of the students in Weston the opportunity to study further.

Universities in Weston

Weston is home to Regis College. They offer many specialist nursing degrees and other courses within the medical field. They also offer marketing and business courses, language studies, arts, and more. They have both undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of these courses can be studied online or at their campus.

Just twenty-three minutes from Weston, in Cambridge is MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) one of the world’s leading Universities. Here the acceptance rate is under ten percent, but once accepted you are likely to reach success. Over ninety percent of the students at MIT graduate.

Cost of living

On average people in Weston do tend to spend more on housing and groceries each month. Utility and transport costs are also higher than the national average but lower than the state average. At least you can obtain an affordable move by contacting Stairhopper Movers, the prime movers in Weston.

Crime rate

When looking at a population of one hundred thousand crimes can be compared throughout the United States. As of 2019, there were just over forty-five violent crimes (per one-hundred thousand). The national average is over two hundred and five. Property crime (such as theft and arson) was as low as sixteen points one. This is more than ten times less than the national average which is over one hundred and seventy-eight. Property crime in Weston has been on the decline since 2017, not that there was very much, to begin with.  This makes Weston a very safe place to live!

Things to do in Weston

Cat Rock Park

If you like nature this is the place for you. Cat Rock Park is the perfect place to escape busy suburban life. This park is quite exclusive and parking is reserved for Weston residents only. If you make it into this elite park, you will find lovely trails to hike and places to swim. You can take the whole family, including your furry friends here.

Weston Ski Track

People from across Boston come here to ski. When there are natural snow trails can be as long as fifteen kilometers. For the rest of the year though they have a two-and-a-half-meter circuit. This loop is well lit and full of ‘snow’ all year round. If you don’t know how to ski, don’t worry there are a number of classes you can take before you take to the track.

Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History

This is one of the top museums. It was rated as one of the top children’s museums and one of the top places to visit in Massachusetts. Here you can learn about more than just history, you will learn about art, geography, culture and well-known people. There are lectures that explore a wide range of topics from the Holocaust to ‘the history of coffee’ there is always something interesting and unique to learn about.

The Golden Ball Tavern Museum

Isaac Jones built The Golden Ball Tavern in 1768. For over twenty years it was an inn and then a base for British spies. It is thus known for playing a role in the Revolutionary war. The Jones family lived here for two hundred years. The house saw six generations of the family pass through it. Then in 1960, the Golden Ball Tavern Trust was given the house. They made it into the museum we can now visit. It is home to many of the Jones family things and documents the way in which people used to live and how life changed over the course of the 200 years that the family owned the home. You even learn about the spies who once stayed here.

Movers in Weston

If you are planning on moving, then you need the best movers in Weston. Stairhopper movers can give you an obligation-free quote. These movers in Weston can do more than just moving, they can package and store items too!

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