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Celebrate Small Town Living in Wenham

Living in a small community-based town can be both peaceful and stimulating. It all depends on your outlook. Essex County has several small and medium-sized towns to learn about, and fall in love with.

There is something to be said about knowing your neighbors names. When you walk down the main street and people greet you by name, it is always a good feeling. Small towns are friendly and charming. Today we are going to tell you all you need to know about Wenham, Massachusetts. Maybe, by the end of our article, you will be ready to call movers in Wenham.

Crime Rate

Wenham’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average. Your chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Wenham are decreasing annually. Crime statistics show that the crime rate in this charming town is actually dropping. Globally crime rates seem to be on an upward trend, but Wenham is going against this trend.

Your family’s safety is important, so a town with very little crime is a great place to be. The police department in Wenham works with the community to keep the streets, and homes, safe. Enforcing the law, with professionalism and dedication is what the Wenham police officers do. They enforce the laws with pride.

Local Business

There are many essential businesses in Wenham, there are also so many local gems that you should visit. The very quaint Henderson Café, on Main Street, offers great comfort food. All made on-site so it is fresh for your enjoyment. You don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a meal, no problem Henderson has a take-away option too.

If you are willing to travel a bit, make an outing of it. Go to Beverly and visit the comic and coffee shore for something a little different.

Nazir’s Fine Jewelry store has an accessory or piece of jewelry that is perfect for any occasion. They are on Main Street too. Watches sometimes need repair, Nazir’s store will fix your watches or you.

These are just two of the great businesses you can find on Main Street in Wenham. For all your sporting needs there is the Sport Stop. Fresh fruit and veggies are always available at the Tendercrop Farm Stall.

There are great sites to see when traveling down Main Street. The roads are clean and tree-lined.


The infamous town of Salem lies 6 miles south of Wenham. If you want to go to the beach you would only have to drive around 4 miles to the Atlantic Ocean shore. Wenham lake is situated in the town itself, this means you do not need to drive to the ocean, for a day on the water.

The town’s total area is 8.1 square miles and the actual land meterage is 7.6 square miles. The town is at around 100 ft above sea level.


While the rest of Massachusetts was being affected by the industrial revolution, in both good and bad ways, Wenham got left behind. Wenham’s main industry was ice, the ice from the “Great Lake”. London hotels were known to use the fact that they got their ice from Wenham as an advertising tool. Unfortunately due to fire and advances in technology, the ice house was closed in 1973, and it was the end of the ice industry in Wenham.

Wenham locals are so passionate about their town that a long-standing trade fair is still happening today. The Tea House was created by the women of Wenham in 1893 and sold the ladies jams, jellies and all sorts of handiwork. The Tea House is still running as a fundraising mission, the money goes back into the community for the improvement of Wenham.

Employment in Wenham

Wenham local’s average is just over double the national average. Housing will eat at the difference as the houses are beautiful but quite expensive.

Wenham is a small town; roughly 5000 people live in Wenham. This does not mean that there are no job or business opportunities. There is employment available in the post-card perfect town, but the cost of living is higher. Before you call movers in Wenham to make arrangements to move to this charming town you need to make sure that you have secured employment.

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The weather

Wenham, like the rest of Massachusetts, has more rain and snow than the rest of America. Our plants love the rain, but the cold and snowy winter months take some getting used to. There are lovely warm days in summer though. The perfect weather to go hiking or spend a day at Wenham Lake. Wenham seasons do vary a good deal, creating four distinct seasons in a year. There will be no doubt when you are in winter and when you are in summer. Winter is cold, it does not make Wenham any less beautiful though. Grab your favorite jacket and skis and enjoy the air of mystery the snow adds to the landscape.

Moving to Wenham

We hope our article has given you some insight into this lovely little town. There are some great schools in Wenham if you have school-age children. You will find all the necessities in the town of Wenham. If you cannot find what you are looking for you may need to take a drive to one of the larger towns in Essex County. With internet shopping today you may not need to drive anywhere at all and you can order from your own home.

Wenham means “the home on the moor”, the community is very proud of the town they have created. The town that feels like home, that makes the meaning of Wenham very apt. Movers in Wenham are standing by to help you in your new home. Stairhopper Movers can assist with comprehensive quotes and experienced advice on moving to Wenham.

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