As far as places in Massachusetts go, Wellesley is a great place to live! It is a town in the Norfolk Country area of Massachusetts and is a part of Greater Boston. With a population of just under 28,000 inhabitants at the time of the 2010 census, Wellesley now has a couple of popular colleges. However, it was once a much smaller place. It is hailed as being a popular area these days, offering its residents that suburban but sparse feel that many covet. Most of the residents of the town own their own homes and there are a lot of coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. The area is home to lots of young professionals and, as such, the residents lean more toward the liberal side. It is therefore no surprise that there are a lot of movers in Wellesley.

The History of Wellesley

Wellesley was originally a part of the town area of Dedham and then later Needham and was called West Needham. In the late 1880s, the residents of West Needham voted to separate from Needham and Wellesley later got its own, distinct name. It was named after the estate of one of the local benefactors, Horatio Hollis Hunnewell. Subsequently, the population grew over 80% during the 1920s.

The most historic district of the town is designated as Cottage Street and its alleys. The majority of homes in this area were constructed in the 1860s and are therefore protected by the town’s historic commission.

Wellesley Geography

Wellesley is in Easter Massachusetts and borders Newton to the east, Weston to the north, Dover and Needham to the south, and Natick to the West. The US Census Bureau claims that the town has an area of 10.49 square miles (27.2m2). Within that, 10.18 sq. miles (26.4m2) is land with 0.32 sq. miles (0.83km2) being water.

Recent Developments

In 2006, a historic inn built in the 19th Century was demolished. This was to create space for a mixed-use development and condominiums. The Wellesley Country Club was also demolished a little later, in 2008, to make way for a new clubhouse. Likewise, the high school building was replaced in 2012. Linden Square is a newly established shopping district and replaces the original 1960s strip-mall Linden Street. The new square has many cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, national chains, local shops, and a flagship Roche Bros. supermarket.

Movers in Wellesley

It is no surprise that Stairhopper Movers are busy helping many movers in Wellesley. Its growing population means that there are lots of people keen to move to the area as well as those moving home within Wellesley itself.

The 2000 census showed there was a population of 26,613 people which was defined as 8594 households and 6540 families. As a result, the population density was just over 2,614 people per square mile. Whilst most residents in the town are white, the Census Bureau estimated in 2007 that 10% of people were Asian and 2.2% were black with only 0.01% being Native American. Hispanic or Latino races made up 3.4% with the remainder being a mix of races.

Wellesley is a great area to raise a family, and this is why many movers in Wellesley belong to this group. Of the eight and half thousand households in Wellesley, almost 40% had children living in them. Additionally, whilst the area is quite traditional with 67.2% being married couples, there is a growing number of different family group structures, showing the progressive nature of the town’s residents. It is also a great place to live alone. Indeed, 20% of households were single-occupancy households. For movers in Wellesley, there really is something for everyone, whether as a family or an individual.

Population Age

The population age of the town is quite diverse and spread out, with just over a quarter of residents being children and almost 14% being over 65 years of age. There are slightly more females living in the town, with only 77.9 males for every 100 females. For the population of working age, almost 23% are aged 25 to 44 and just over 24% are aged 45 to 64 years old.

Income in Wellesley

The median household income in the town was $159,147, with a family median income of $186,518. This is a lot higher than many areas of Massachusetts and only 2.4% of families are below the poverty line.

Pros of Living in Wellesley

Wellesley is a suburban town that has easy access to all the businesses that you may need without being too commercialized or urban. It is perfect for families wishing to move out of the city but who still want the benefits that some urbanization has to offer.

Additionally, the colleges in the area are fast becoming some of the most sought-after in the area, producing great results for their students. The schools generally tend to be highly rated. With the town being in a growth phase, these are clearly great considerations for movers in Wellesley. Whilst there are not as many movers in Wellesley itself, Stairhoppers Movers have a lot of jobs moving people into the town.

Cons of Living in Wellesley

Whilst the town’s pluses outweigh its negatives, there are a few things to consider when you are looking to move to Wellesley. Essentially, the town is not as ethnically diverse as others in Massachusetts. As mentioned above, there is a significant proportion of residents that are white with fewer ethnic minorities. Likewise, many of the households are more traditional in their set-up, with more married, heterosexual couples living with children than any other group. However, as mentioned, this is on the decline as the town is more liberal-leaning than conservative.

Moving to Wellesley

If you want to move to the town and are looking for home movers in Wellesley, Stairhoppers Movers are a great choice. We have the benefits of many years’ experience in the moving industry and can help you make an easy and safe transition to your new home.

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