Are you finding the best and appropriate movers in Watertown? Watertown is a rather densely populated city in Middlesex County in Massachusetts. It is one of the towns that comprise the Greater Boston Area. The ambiance of the city can be described as somewhere between urban and suburban. The lifestyle is quite fast-paced but there is still a decidedly suburban vibe. Watertown is the birthplace of popular television and movie actress Eliza Dushku, as well as a few other celebrities such as the late actor Richard Bakalyan and Harriet Hosmer, who was the first female professional sculptor.

Since it is very close to Boston, Watertown is the perfect residential location for young families with young children. It is close enough to Boston to make for a comfortable daily commute to and from work. The environment is also quiet and peaceful enough to be able to raise young children without much worry.

Most of the clients that movers in Watertown bring into the city are indeed young families who are hoping for exactly that. They want to settle down in an ideal place where they can work comfortably and raise children safely. In this article, we will talk about the many reasons why Watertown is considered by many to be the best city to live in the entire state of Massachusetts. Once you have finished reading all the perks this city can give, chances are that you will also be looking for movers in Watertown in order to relocate your family as soon as possible.


The city of Watertown measures approximately 4.2 square miles in total area. A vast majority of this area is land while only 0.1 square miles or just over 1 percent of the total area is water.

Watertown is bordered to the north by the neighboring town of Belmont. To the south, the Charles River serves as the boundary between Watertown and the towns of Newton and Brighton. There is also a portion of Watertown that includes the area past the Charles River. Along the eastern boundary lies the rather popular Mount Auburn Cemetery which is still in Watertown territory. Beyond the cemetery lies the city of Cambridge. On the opposite border to the west is the large city of Waltham.


Watertown has quite a large population especially when you consider its land area. As of the last census, the population of Watertown was at 34,553. This shows a 9.4 percent increase since the previous count in 2010. The population density in the town is 8,478 individuals for every square mile. While this is still quite a comfortable number, it is way higher than the national average.

The racial diversity in the city of Watertown is not very high. Most of the residents or 84 percent are white, while approximately 8 percent are Asian and only 3 percent are black. Most of the adults in Watertown are married with children. To be precise, 79% are married and 58% of these have at least one child.

Pros and Cons of Living in Watertown, Massachusetts

People who live in Watertown absolutely love this place because it offers so much in so many different aspects.

Ideal Location

The location of this town is definitely one of its most attractive features. With such close proximity to Boston, you will not have any problems with employment, travel, shopping, and so on because everything is just so accessible. The city is also brimming with establishments of all kinds so you will never want for anything at all.

Suburban Ambiance

The environment in Watertown is pleasant and quiet tranquil, despite having a higher population density compared to many of the other towns and cities in Massachusetts. Although there are definitely a lot of new architecture that has sprung up over the decades, the town still has a suburban feel. Many of the streets are lined with trees and the air is decidedly clean and fresh. Even the people have a natural sense of hospitality that is typical of the suburbs. Even if the movers in Watertown have just brought you to the town, you can expect the locals to warmly welcome you the very same day that you arrive.

Frequent Community Activities

One of the distinguishing features of Watertown is that they hold a lot of community activities. This is perhaps why the town is very close-knit and the residents treat one other like family. Some of the favorite community activities in the town are the yard sales and the town fairs. These events are always highly anticipated and oftentimes, people from neighboring towns would even make the trip to participate in these activities.

Good Education

There are quite a number of schools in the city that your children can attend. Watertown High is proud to have quite a high proficiency ranking of 87. The average test score of students in Watertown schools is 41 percent higher than the national average, which is pretty impressive. Also, the percentage of students that graduate from high school is 13 percent higher, while the percentage of students that complete a bachelor’s degree is 105 percent higher than the national average.

More than 93 percent of all residents of Watertown are high school graduates, while 62 percent have college degrees. As well, the city of Watertown also has a public library that has been often praised for its great service and wide selection.

Moving to Watertown

If you have read this far, then you have already learned about the many perks that you can get from living in Watertown. There’s a good chance you are already thinking of finding movers in Watertown that can help you relocate to this ideal city.

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