Welcome to Waltham

Waltham is a city in Essex County. The city is built on 12.74 square miles of land. Waltham was incorporated as a city in 1884, and now has a population of around 61 thousand people. Waltham is not as small as some of the other towns in Essex. The increase in population density does not take away from the charm of Waltham. The city is beautiful.

The abundance of trees and open spaces makes Waltham perfect for people that like the outside. Children and animals will love the open spaces. The houses in and around Waltham are just so charming. The picturesque churches add even more of an old-world charm to the city.


There are apartments and stand-alone houses in Waltham. Which these you live in will depend on your budget, your needs and most of all your preference. There is low-cost housing in Waltham to help ensure that everyone has a roof over their head.

Waltham is divided into several neighborhoods. These neighborhoods will vary in status and affluence as they would in any city. The housing situations in these various neighborhoods will reflect that. You should definitely do your research on a neighborhood before you call movers in Waltham.


Waltham has 7 public elementary schools, two middle schools and one senior high school. There are several private schools in Waltham to choose from too. When your child graduates from high school you can keep them close to home.

Depending on the neighborhood you stay in, do a little research on the schools in the area to make sure you are comfortable. Schooling is very important, and you want your child to have the best chance at fulfilling their dreams. That starts with the right education.

Arts and culture

Moody Street in Waltham is an experience to remember, one you will revisit time and time again. The stretch of road is known as Restaurant Row. There is an appetizing array of shops.  The restaurants are all locally owned and pride themselves in quality and delicious dishes.

Waltham is proud of its history, part of which is the first assembly line for watches. Several great museums bring the history of this Essex city to life. Waltham embraces all kinds of art. Literary arts, modern arts, musical arts and even culinary arts are woven into the town.

Festivals are a big part of the Waltham culture. They have ethnically diverse festivals hosted in honor of the various cultures in their town. These festivals are filled with color and food.


You do not need to worry about being a victim of a crime in Waltham. Low crime rates are yet another alluring quality to Waltham.

The police department in Waltham works hand in hand with the community to help to keep the crime rate down. They are a proud team of people that uphold the law and improve the lives of all the residents and visitors. The police department is committed to taking care of the community while still respecting their rights.

Things to do in Waltham

There is a chapel in Waltham, it is pale stone and incredibly gorgeous. This gothic style church was built and founded in 597AD. The Canterbury Cathedral is home to the shrine of Archbishop Thomas Becket who was murdered.

With the great open spaces and the scenic nature, you are sure to build up an appetite. The Independent Pedaler is an incredible little place to stop. The coffee and cake are worth the pleasant bike ride to get there.

One of the great hikes for art lovers is the King’s Wood. The sculpture trail is surprising in the best possible way. Works of art are in a beautiful setting for you to enjoy, that is if you can take your eyes off the natural beauty already there.

There are so many wonderful things to do in and around Waltham that when you do a digging you will be ready to call movers in Waltham before you click close on your browser.

Before you move to Waltham

Of course, there is quite a bit to do before you move your life to Massachusetts. You would have to find work. There are quite a number of opportunities in Waltham and the surroundings. When you do find a job you will need to see about the transport and the logistics.

Establishing how far your preferred neighborhood is from your potential employers and schools, if you have children, is a must. Grocery stores and other necessities are a priority too. Other than that, taking a walking or riding tour of the city to find what you need is a great way to learn about the neighborhood.

Waltham, Massachusetts is a city but they still have small town ethics. People are friendly and helpful, so finding your way around will be easy.

You do need to find out where the utility arrangements are made. Despite it being a safe town you do need to know where the police and fire stations are. You may consider doing some research on the health care professionals so that you can find people you are comfortable with.

Your research is done, you have found the house of your dreams and you are ready to go. Now is the time to call those movers in Waltham. Professional movers in Waltham like Stairhoppers are there to help relieve some of the stress of moving.


Waltham is a great place to live. Of course, there are downsides to Waltham, much the same as anywhere else. The cost of living in Waltham is higher than the national average. The median income is higher than the rest of the United States too, but housing costs are significantly higher.

The town is well maintained, beautiful and the increased amounts go toward this upkeep.  The parks and open spaces are post-card pretty but they do take a lot of maintenance.  Waltham has a lot of young professionals and the town is gaining popularity. From the first place to manufacture watches on an assembly line, to a scenic city with festivals and restaurants to suit any taste.

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