Why Move To Wakefield

Are you looking for movers in Wakefield? Wakefield, a beautiful little town in Massachusetts with a population of about 27000 people. The charm of a small town that is only 12.5 miles from Boston, so, you will be able to find what you are looking for either in town or in Boston. This community-orientated town is perfect if you are a fan of a quiet lifestyle. There is still room for growth in this town. Though it maintains its small-town feel, Wakefield has great potential to be even more than it already is.

Rich in history Wakefield has a lot to offer families. Outdoor activities are a must-try in Wakefield, which is uniquely suited for aquatic and land-based activities.

If you are not ready to call movers in Wakefield just yet, let’s have a look at what makes people love the town.

Why residents love Wakefield

Community is a priority in Wakefield. A town where residents know each other and are mostly friendly is a town where people look out for each other. This is exactly what Wakefield Massachusetts is. A homely town; where people wave at each other in the street.

Wakefield is a town of families and family-orientated people. There are several good schools in the area to make sure your young ones get the best chance at the future they want. The community likes to host events and activities. They hold an impressive amount of events during the year, which is sure to make things fun and interesting. The Independence Day Parade, Festival Italia, the Homecoming Celebration and the Tis The Season Stroll, are just a few of the annual events.

The two principal lakes in Wakefield offer all sorts of activities for residents to partake in, or just relax on the shores soaking up some sun. Wakefield has Crystal Lake which is a known fishing spot for locals and tourists alike.

Wakefield Climate

People may take for granted what an important part of the climate of an area is. Your decision to move should take into account an area’s climate. Difficulty acclimatizing could cause regret. So, before you call in movers in Wakefield let’s have a look at the local climate.

The summer months of June, July and August are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the high 70s right up to the 80s. However, winters are cold, wet and often snowy. Temperatures reach lows of -6 degrees. Wakefield does have quite a bit of precipitation during the year with the heaviest fall between October and December.


The median household income expected in Wakefield is 18 percent higher than most other American towns. Living costs are on average higher than the country average, so the above-average income is offset by this. Housing is above the national average in the United States. A big expense to start with. Safety and cleanliness is the norm in Wakefield. Your higher prices go toward maintaining this standard. So, the higher price is definitely worth it.

Wakefield attractions

Lake Quannapowitt may have a slightly troubled past but is very ready to receive visitors. With things to do for the whole family, you cannot beat visiting the lake for a great day out. The lake banks and park are in use all the time, by residents and visitors alike. Good food is never far away from the lake, so make sure to bring your appetite. If you do not completely exhaust your energy and you can make it to a sunset over the lake you are in for a treat.

If you are looking for a coffee fix while being entertained, then, Linden Tree Coffeehouse is the place for you. With live entertainment, great coffee and delicious snacks you are sure to become a regular at this fun trendy venue.

If you are looking for a shopping trip you can visit the stores in town, or choose to explore one of the malls in the area.

More than these attractions there are always events and activities happening in or around Wakefield. There is not a great deal of nightlife in Wakefield, but there is definitely plenty to do during your downtime.

Moving to Wakefield

Moving can be a difficult choice. Especially if you are moving from far away. We would like to let you know that if you take some time and do the research to make your move easier the stress of moving can be reduced.

Before you move to any area it is advisable to familiarize yourself with important places. Thanks to the internet, most of this research can be done from your current home. Without physically being in Wakefield, the use of mapping like Google maps can actually show you your home and neighborhood.

Children need to go to school, so, if you have children you should find out about the schooling in your neighborhood. What is the school like, are they academically or sports orientated. Children spend a big part of their day at school; you need to be sure they fit in.

Finding a grocery store when establishing surroundings is often taken for granted. Most of us visit a grocery store no less than once a week, in most cases more often. Find out what stores are in your area. Many people have a preferred grocery store.

You will have to make sure you know where to find a GP, a pharmacy and a hospital. These are not pleasant things to think about, but you do not want to be in an emergency and then have to find these places.

Utility offices are not a fun outing for anyone, but you still have to know where to find them. We may dislike utility offices but they are a necessity.

These are some of the things you absolutely need to find before you move into your new house. Of course, you will need movers in Wakefield to transport your belongings. Give Stairhopper Movers a call for an obligation-free quote for a comprehensive quote tailored to your individual needs.

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