Topsfield is a small town in Essex County in the state of Massachusetts, United States. This town has a population of 6,085 people according to the 2010 US census, but recent estimates put the population at over 8,000 residents. Movers in Topsfield have been very active in the area in recent times as the population has steadily increased. This is because many individuals and families consider Essex County and Topsfield in particular to be a very nice place to live.

If you plan to relocate to Essex County any time soon and need movers in Topsfield to handle your relocation logistics, you can trust Stairhopper movers to handle the project for you. Before anything else, it is important to get all the current facts about the area to better understand why Topsfield is a top choice for emerging families.


Topsfield in Essex County covers a total land area of 12.9 square miles, and out of this, about 11.9 square miles are land while the remainder, which represents about 7%, is water. Lying within the center of the County of Essex, it shares a boundary with many higher landed counties in the US. The highest point in Topsfield is on the Great Hill, with a level of elevation as high as 245 ft. Then to the North is the Hood’s Pond covering about 68 square feet with a large water body.

Topsfield also shares the Sanctuary River Wildlife Conservation with Ipswich town. It also has a forest called Topsfield Town Forest.

History of the Area

According to historical accounts, the Agawam tribe lived in the area during the British era in the early 17th century. The local tribespeople were part of the larger Algonquian tribe, and they claimed the northern lands around the Dancers River and the entire area of Cape Ann all the way to Merrimack River. Unfortunately, the first arrivals from Europe brought the smallpox disease with them, which decimated the local population.

At the time, Chief Masconomet was chief of the Agawam tribe who welcomed the governor of Massachusetts, colony when John Winthrop, the governor, arrived in Salem Harbor sometime in 1630. In exchange for 20 pounds, Masxonomet deeded the lands to Winthrop, and the English settled in the area by 1643. The Agawams then relocated and settled in a place called Sheneweemedy, which means “The Pleasant Place by the Flowing Waters.” However, some other historians claim that the tribespeople pronounced New Meadows as Shenewemedy in their mother tongue.

In 1648, the Court of Massachusetts renamed the area Topsfield after a small parish in Essex county in North London by the same name. Two years later, Topsfield was incorporated as a town in 1650.

Ethnicity of Topsfield

Topsfield is not a racially diverse area. The five largest ethnic groups are unevenly split. Whites make up almost the entire population of 97.9%, and they are non Hispanic. Hispanics make up 2.08%, Blacks or African Americans are almost 0% of the population. The same goes for American Indians and non-Natives of Alaska. As for citizenship, 99.6% of the population of Topsfield are US citizens.


Topsfield is a high-income area with a significant segment of its population earning above the average national income. The US average tax income rate is 4.6%, while the average taxable income of Topsfield is 5.1%. On average, a Topsfield resident earns about $59,090 a year, which is higher than the national income average. The family median income of the area is also more than two times the national average. The national average family median income is $70,850 per annum, while in Topsfield, this figure stands at $155,820.

All these go to prove the high income of the area, and best explains why the amenities and the standard of living in the area are one of the highest not only in Massachusetts but in the entire US.

Famous Landmarks and Sites

Topsfield has its own fair share of famous landmarks and historical sites. With a significant Catholic population, the St. Rose of Lima Parish is a popular spot in the town. Other popular sites in Topsfield include

  • Ipswich River
  • Topsfield Historical Society Park
  • Topsfield Fairgrounds
  • Pye Brook Park
  • Klock Park

Education in Topsfield

The schooling system in Topsfield is one of the best in Massachusetts State. If you were to live here, you can be sure that your children will have access to quality education. Consider Topsfield public schools, for example. The student to teacher ratio is 12-1, and recent test scores show that more than 61% of the students in the area are proficient in mathematics and 69% proficient in English. These figures are higher than the US average.

Benefits of living in Topsfield

Life in Topsfield is calm and peaceful, so if you are looking for a quiet life to raise your family, consider contracting movers in Topsfield to handle your relocation because we can assure you that the town is a place you will enjoy living in. Although very developed, you will be surrounded by nature because of the parks in the area and the Topsfield Forest.

Moving to Topsfield

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