Why move to Sudbury?

Sudbury is home to almost twenty thousand people. Ninety-eight percent of these people have a high school diploma, and more than eighty percent have college degrees. This makes Sudbury one of the most educated areas. Most of these professionals work in the healthcare, tech, finance, and science fields. On average they earn close to eighty thousand dollars each, this adds up to almost two hundred thousand dollars per household. With potential like this, it’s time to start looking for movers in Sudbury.

So, what can you expect to pay for a home in Sudbury? Despite the high-income homes here are less expensive than other places in Massachusetts, but still pricey, nonetheless. They range from an average of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars and one million dollars. Almost half of these homes have four bedrooms so there is plenty of space for the whole family. There is no need to worry about this with all the major companies in the area you are sure to find the perfect job and then the perfect home.


Nipmuc Indians. A medicine man and his son also lived in the area and gave some of the lands to the settlers.

In the past many Sudbury townsfolk who lived on the western side of the town, they had to risk their lives crossing the Sudbury River to go to town meetings and church services. At the time these were compulsory and the city hall was located near the river where the cemetery is now located.

One of America’s oldest inns is located in Sudbury. The Howe family once ran the Wayside Inn. There is even a book of poems about the place by Henry Wadsworth. In 1923 Henry Ford bought and restored the Inn. He then donated it to charity, they still run it as an inn. Henry Ford also added value to the property by adding a school for boys, a chapel, and a mill. In fact, the nursery rhyme ‘Mary had a little lamb’ is said to have been inspired by the Redstone School building that Ford had built. Ford also had other plans for the town which he was unable to fulfill.

Sudbury was, at a time, also home to members of the KKK. But luckily the police became aware of the KKK members in the area after a protest broke out between the KKK and Irish-American youngsters on Sudbury farm. This event which took place in August of 1925 led to the arrest and death of many KKK members and after that, the rest left the town.

It was only after World War 2 that Sudbury truly began to flourish. Many large companies developed in the area. Raytheon (an aerospace technology and development company) had built a research company in Sudbury. This facility was in use from 1958 – 2016. Sperry Rand (an electronic equipment manufacturer) was another company called Sudbury home. In 1970 Digital Equipment Corporation (a major computer company) had offices in Sudbury, filling the town with engineers. These larger companies were required to stay in the business center of town. This allowed Sudbury to remain largely suburban.

Sudbury wasn’t all about technology though, they were also home to millions of carnations and ensured the prosperity of the land through many greenhouses across the town. They also fought against the installation of powerlines across land which is now part of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

Things to do in Sudbury

The Wayside Inn Historic Site

This Inn was built by the Howe family and then restored by Henry Ford. Being one of the oldest inns in the country and given that they run for charity, this is a must. If you don’t need a place to stay you can even just go there for a great meal.

This is a great place to stay while looking at homes in the area and contacting Stairhopper movers, the best movers in Sudbury.

The Wayside Inn Grist Mill

Also built by Henry Ford on the Wayside Inn land. This is a working copy of the original grist mill which ran in and around 1740. Grist Mills grind grain and mills of this kind are still used to this day. You can take a lovely walk around the place and take in the historic and natural beauty of the place. You can even pack a picnic basket and bask in the sun on the lush lawns with family or friends. Be sure to also check the website for events.

Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge and Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge

This Wildlife Refuge focuses on migratory birds. They ensure that the birds have a safe place to breed and survive. The area is made up of forests, wetlands, lakes, and natural pools, all ensuring these birds have the best habitat.

They also have trails, some of which are open to cycling. This is the perfect place to walk and take in the incredible flora and fauna. It is very important to support places like this as well.

Invidia Salon and Spa

This is a five-star salon and spa that has won numerous awards. Indivia is a spectacular, huge place worth millions of dollars. They use only the most exclusive equipment and have incredible facilities.

This is reasoning enough for you to start looking for movers in Sudbury.

EveryBody in Mind and Wellness Center

This is also a five-star facility. However, it may not be for everyone. Here you can harness the energy of nature through crystals to find inner peace, or learn your future through a tarot reading. They even offer Zoom sessions.

Boston Paintball Maynard

This is fun for all. From the age of eight, you can come and have fun at this paintball course. You can also book for parties and group events with friends (or enemies if you’re good). There are also different types of paintball games available. It is situated on the Maynard Rod and Gun Club property.

Victory Cigar Bar

The atmosphere, staff, and drinks here are amazing. This is the place to go if you want to unwind and feel transported to a different time. It is not a restaurant but they do serve drinks and you can smoke with ease knowing the air is well ventilated.

Movers in Sudbury

Whether you have visited these places or still need to they are enough to convince you to find movers in Sudbury. With Stairhopper Movers you don’t have to worry about packaging, storage before the move because Stairhopper movers help with that and moving. This is what makes them the movers in Sudbury for you.

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