There are plenty of movers in Sharon, Massachusetts and what a great place it is to live! This small town occupies a total area of 24.2 square miles with just over 3.5% being water.  One of the town’s great features is Lake Massapoag, which is a popular site for boating and swimming. It is thanks to this lake that Sharon became widely popular as a summer resort. The current population of the town is 17,000 people making it a great size to have a real community feel to it. To the south, there is the Canoe River and to the north, Massapoag Brook. Sharon is home to several picturesque trails thanks to its high amount of conservation land. There is the Warner Trail, the Massapoag Trail, the Bay Circuit Trail (also known as the Beaver Brook Trail) and finally, King Phillips Rock Trail.


Sharon is found in eastern Massachusetts and has many adjacent towns. To the north, there is Canton, Norwood and Walpole. To the east we find Stoughton, the west is home to Foxborough and the southeast has Easton and Mansfield. Transport-wise, there is a commuter rail service that stops in Sharon on the Providence/Stoughton Line. The Interstate 95 also runs through Sharon as well as Massachusetts Route 27. There are no bus routes through Sharon, nor subway lines.


Sharon has a long history and was first a settlement in 1637. It wasn’t until 1783, that it was given its current name, which it took because of having high levels of forestation that were reminiscent of the Sharon plain in Israel. There were several New England towns with the same name. Notably, Sharon’s townspeople were charged with making cannons and cannonballs during the American Revolution. These were for the Continental Army and were made at a foundry close by. A notable person of this era is commemorated as a statue in front of the public library. This statue is of Deborah Sampson, who is known as the town heroine due to her disguising herself as a man so she was able to fight during the Revolutionary War.

Income and demographics

The average household income in Sharon is higher than most areas of the United States and only 1% of families are said to be below the poverty line. The town’s demographic make-up shows over 82% of Sharon’s population to be white. The population of Sharon has a high level of education, with 72% having achieved at least a bachelor’s degree. This town is also home to the state’s greatest proportion of Russian immigrants, who make up around 14% of the population. Due to being so close to Boston, there are many notable athletes from Sharon including NFL player Tully Banta-Cain, baseball player Tommy Harper and MLB player John Brebbia.

Pros of living in Sharon

Sharon has been included in CNN Money’s list of best places to live in the U.S. numerous times. In 2011, the town was 11th on the list, in 2013, it ranked in the first place and in 2015, it was 3rd.

Sharon has a sparse, urban feel to it and the majority (88%) of residents are homeowners. There are lots of attractive elements for movers in Sharon, including some nice parks and coffee shops. Sharon’s public schools also rate highly.

Sharon lacks some of the well-known popular businesses like McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts, which really adds to its small-town charm.

Property prices in Sharon are high and the average home here costs $560,000, which is more than double the national average. In terms of rent, the costs are also high at $1,641 on average, which is almost $600 more expensive than the national average.

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Cons of living in Sharon

Aside from the cost of homes here, Sharon isn’t particularly diverse in terms of its workforce and most of the workforce (94%) are white-collar workers who earn above the national average. For people who want frenetic nightlife, Sharon doesn’t offer this.

Sharon town services

Sharon has curbside recycling services and waste removal.

The Public Library offers over 80,000 books and also has audiobooks, CDs, magazines and computers. Sharon’s Community Center is a former hotel, which offers a whole range of activities for varying age groups including karate, dance, yoga, chorus, language lessons, sports club, chess, theater, fishing and swimming.

The Town Treasurer is located on South Main Street, which is home to Sharon’s departments such as the Finance Department, Civil Defense, the Health Department, the Town Administrator, Town Clerk, and the Treasurer as well as many others.

Sharon is primarily a suburban community that has cultural, educational and recreational appeal. The town has a residential feel with the majority of homes being single-family occupancy. It is a place that is appealing to families of all ages and is an ideal place to get away from the busyness of city life.

Sharon really does give you the best of both worlds – you’re close enough to the city and its offerings but movers in Sharon love its charming, small-town feel.

Moving to Sharon

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