One can’t help but wonder how Scituate got its name. Settlers in the 1700s named it after the Native American word for ‘cold brook’ (because of the brook which can be found in the town), which is ‘satuit’. One of the best known movers in Scituate is Stairhopper Movers who can also offer advice about the town.

Interesting history

In the past, Scituate was a fishing community. There are many tales and legends about the men who fished along these shores and those who stood on the land and watched them. There are still a few fishermen (and women) in town today but Scituate is now mostly suburban.

It was here that the ‘American Army of Two’ tricked British invaders into leaving the area. In 1812, when the British navy stopped near this lighthouse. Abigail and Rebecca Bates, the lighthouse keeper’s daughters, saw this. They decided to play the drums while marching up and down behind the sand dunes. The naval officers thought the American Army was approaching and fled. To this day descendants of these two heroines live in Scituate.

Harbour town

Scituate is south-east of Boston Harbour and is a seaside town. It is just under thirty-two square miles. However, more than half of this space is water, there are approximately seventeen point six square miles of water and only fourteen point two square miles of land. People moving from nearby towns or even from other states can contact Stairhopper Movers, one of the top movers in Scituate.


Minot Beach

This is a small beach but has fantastic views- from here you can see Minot Lighthouse and Massachusetts Bay. This is a great place to picnic and swim. But you do need to be careful because there are no lifeguards here.

Sand Hills Beach

This is a small slice of paradise. The beach is not very big and most of its visitors are residents who live close by. During high tide, the beach becomes even smaller. But it is still a great place to visit. During summer there are lifeguards on duty and public toilets available.

Egypt Beach

There is parking near the beach from which you will follow a path through wild grapevines toward the beach. Instead of plain sand, this beach boasts beautifully colored stones. Egypt beach is also a small beach. However, Here you can swim, surf, and even kayak.

Peggotty Beach

This is one of the more popular beaches in Scituate. Although there is only parking for residents, there are many shops and restaurants within walking distance of the beach, so there are plenty of places to park and even more to do in the area. You can bask in the sun on the sand. Then this is the perfect beach to take a swim because it is protected.

Lighthouse Beach

This beach is located near a privately owned, historic, lighthouse. The beach is perfect for children because it is protected from the rip current. There are also peers along which you can walk, fish, launch a kayak, or a paddleboard. However, you do need to be careful because there are no lifeguards.

People of Scituate

There are just under eighteen thousand people living in Scituate. These people make up approximately seven-thousand-three-hundred households. Therefore, there is an average of three people per family (or household).

Over eighty percent of these families own their homes. The value of these homes is, on average, just under six-hundred-thousand dollars. Each of these families earns just over one hundred and twenty-eight thousand dollars.

Most of the population of Scituate are high school graduates and just over sixty percent of them have bachelor’s degrees. The most popular professions in this town are within the professional, scientific, technology, and health services fields. This allows the average income per person to be over sixty-six thousand dollars, which is almost double the national average. Should you be looking to relocate to Scituate, Stairhopper movers are one of the top movers in Scituate, contact them for a comprehensive quote.

Schools in Scituate

There are twelve schools in Scituate. There are approximately three thousand students enrolled in these schools. This allows for an average of twelve students per teacher. This is what allows the district to have a high proficiency in both mathematics and reading. As well as a ninety-two percent graduation rate. Scituate schools also pay their teachers well (in comparison to the national average. This makes these schools wonderful for all.

Things to do in Scituate

Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

This is the number one place to see aquatic life in the whole of the United States. The sanctuary is just under eight hundred and fifty square miles of ocean. In this area, you can see marine life, coral reefs, and even shipwrecks. As a visitor on one of their ocean cruises, you can expect to be able to watch the whales and birds, do fishing. If you are an experienced diver this is an awesome place to go diving.

Untold Brewing

This brewery is situated in what used to be a schoolhouse. Untold Brewing makes a variety of craft beers. Each beer is inspired by the lives of the men who own the place. On the weekends you can find food trucks and great drinks. What’s even better is that they allow dogs!

Maritime and Mossing Museum

This museum is not well known but has a lot to offer. From building ships to shipwrecks this is a hidden treasure. Just make sure you check if they’re open because the very knowledgeable volunteers who run the museum are not there all the time.

Lucky Finn Café

Lucky Finn Café offers great American-style food and an even better view. Here you can enjoy the best lobster in town, treat yourself to something from their bakery, or simply grab a coffee while looking over the Scituate Harbor.

Mill Wharf

Mill Wharf boasts a panoramic view of the ocean. You can enjoy a delicious seafood meal while watching fishing boats or looking at a legendary lighthouse. The Mill Wharf is actually located in the exact spot of the original mill.

Movers in Scituate

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