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Are you looking for movers in Salisbury? Salisbury is the perfect combination of small-town and beach life.


Originally Salisbury was home to the Native American tribes Pennacook. But was taken over by the British in 1638. At the time they felt threatened by the Naumkeag who had actually sadly succumbed to a plague. They were also worried, rightfully, about wolves who ate their livestock and stole bodies from their graves. For this reason, in the early years, there were always men keeping watch, and the town was established in such a way that everyone had access to the garrison in case of attack.

These original settlers developed the land. In and around 1640 they had to clear away forest areas in order to do this (not what we like to hear). Each family then received a house in town, land outside of town to farm, and a section of the beach to harvest tidal marsh hay.

It was only many years later – in 1866 – that Beach Road was built. This meant the town now had access to five miles of gorgeous coastline, therefore Salisbury began to thrive. Hotels, restaurants, shops, and theme parks began to line the beach.

The theme park included: a hand-crafted carousel made by Charles I. D. Looff called The Flying Horse; a roller coaster built by John Miller called The Skyrocket, and a Dodgem Car ride developed by Harold and Max Stoeher.

There were also concerts at the beach. One of the many great performers to entertain Salisbury was none other than Frank Sinatra!

Sadly, these original structures were removed thus making a place for new developments.


Salisbury lies on the northern side of Massachusetts. It is made up of fifteen and a half square miles of land and two and a half square miles of water.

A lot of Salisbury is wetland and there are also many small rivers running through the town. Along the north of Salisbury runs the Merrimack River. Then along the eastern border run miles of beach. These beaches, as well as part of Salisbury, make up part of the Salisbury Beach State Reservation.

Part of what makes up Salisbury are three little villages; Browns Point, Salisbury Plains, and Salisbury Beach.


There are approximately five thousand people living in Salisbury. The majority of these people are middle-aged and earn an average of seventy-six thousand dollars.

Approximately seventy percent of the population own homes. Each of these households has two cars and drive just over half an hour to work.

Things to do in Salisbury

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

Whether you like to walk, swim or this is the place to be. You can take a stroll along the beach (with your four-legged child) or take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Along the beachfront, you will also find lots of quaint shops and restaurants as well as an entertainment area.

This can be reached by one of the many trails in Salisbury…

Coastal Trails

There are plenty of places in Salisbury for you to walk or cycle.

There’s Salisbury Ghost trail. This is named after the trains that used to carry vehicle parts covered in cloth through the town. Old Eastern Marsh train runs along the Merrimack River and is one of the best places to do some bird watching. Last, but certainly not least is Beach Road Bike route which will take you from town to the beach.

Pettengill Farm

At the beautiful Pettengill Farm, there is plenty to see. You can take your children to see and pet the animals. Or you can go for a walk through the farm looking at the fairy gardens people have made. For those green fingers, there is also plenty more to learn from the staff who can answer all your gardening questions.

Blue Ocean Music Hall

For a night of dancing and great music, you can let your hair down at Blue Ocean Music Hall.

Willey’s Candy Shop

At Willey’s, you will find a wide variety of confectionery at great prices. If you’re a sweet tooth or just need a treat, this is a must!

Uncle Eddies

Pool, beer, and good vibes. That is what Uncle Eddies has to offer. This may not be the most classy place in town, but if you want to have a great time with some great people this is the perfect spot.

GroundSwell Surf Café

For a healthy food that tastes delicious, this is a must. If you are watching your weight or enjoy a healthy lifestyle there is still a restaurant for you.

Seaglass Oceanfront Restaurant and Lounge

Breathtaking ocean views surround this fine dining restaurant. Not only is the food great but the view is what truly sets this place apart.

Joe’s Playground

Joe’s is fun for the family. There is plenty to do for the kids including old-school games and more modern fun. They also sell carnival-type treats like cotton candy and fudge, and you can stay for seafood lunch too. They have been running for over a hundred years and so they know what they are doing.

Pros of living in Salisbury

Salisbury has all the benefits of being a small town. The community is very close-knit and always willing to help. And the benefits of being a coastal town – beautiful beaches, lots of activities and it’s a holiday destination which is great for the town’s economy.

Despite it being a holiday destination Salisbury is still very safe. For this reason, and because of the wonderful schools in the area, it is a wonderful place to raise children.

Cons of living in Salisbury

There is not a lot of diversity in Salisbury. This means that there is not a lot of exposure to different cultural groups. Luckily though, because this is a holiday destination, there is more diversity over the summer period.

Moving to Salisbury

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