Moving to Rowley

Always make sure that you compare the best movers in Rowley and choose the best one while moving. With a population of under six thousand, Rowley truly is a place of small-town bliss. This small community is always ready to help. Everyone works together to make Rowley a great place. In fact, they don’t just help one another they help the environment too. The people of Rowley support local businesses to ensure the growth of their town. This grows their sense of pride. One of the things on the town’s agenda since 2018 has been to reduce energy consumption, especially in municipal buildings. They have been aiming to reduce energy consumption over the next five years by 20%.


Reverend Ezekiel Rogers, along with twenty other families first settled in Rowley in 1639 as a plantation. They had come from England where Rodgers was a reverend. The church (in England) suspended him because of his untraditional beliefs. Despite this Rogers still named the town after the place he once served as a reverend. He then became pastor of Rowley, Ma.

The same ship – John of London – which brought these families to America from London also brought the first printing press…pretty impressive (pun intended).

In the 1640s the town became known for its cloth (namely hemp and flax) and its cotton. They later built a dam in order to run the mills which produced the cloth and cotton. This dam and the keystone arch bridge which accompanied it was the first to be built by the colonies. In fact, the bridge was the first of its kind to be built in North America. It was chiseled by hand and made entirely of stone. Sadly the original structure no longer stands.

Then in 1669, the town built a sawmill. This does still stand…and in fact, still runs. Talk about old-school business!

Colonial homes line the streets of Rowley to this day. One of these homes belonged to Benedict Arnold who was part of the American Revolution.


Rowley is a coastal town, however, Plum Island serves as a barrier between the ocean and the mainland. This small island, along with Mud creek, makes up part of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

The town is only just over twenty square miles and has many areas which are protected. Some of this protected land is made up of Forests such as Willowdale and Georgetown-Rowley. As well as wildlife, and nature reserves namely – Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area, Arthur Ewell Reservation, and Bay Circuit Trail.

Over ten percent of Rowley is made up of water. There are three main rivers in Rowley– Mill River, Rowley River, and Mud creek. These rivers are fed by the wetland.

The closest airports to Rowley are Logan International Airport in Boston which is 40 minutes away. There is a smaller airport called Plum Island Airport, but this has only two runways.


The town of Rowley has under 2000 households and only just over 2000 actual houses. This means that one can expect to see spacious homes and lovely open gardens. Many of these homes are families with children. There are also a number of single-member homes a few of which are retired townsfolk.

The average income for a household in Rowley ranges from about 60 000 – 76 000 dollars. This means that each person in Rowley makes roughly 28 000 dollars. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone and there are a few people in the town who live below the poverty line. The majority of the poorer people are those under the age of 18 or over the age of 65.

Things to do in Rowley

Mill River Winery

Here you can do wine tasting and try out some unique food. You can even go on a tour of the winery and check out the way the place works.

Todd Farm Antiques and Flea Market

This is one of the best Flea Markets in the area. It ranges over two fields and has over 100 stalls. Here you will find almost anything from jewelry to kitchen appliances and tools, antiques to fresh produce. You name it they have it.

Winfrey’s Fudge and Chocolates

The finest confectionery in the area. The delicious chocolate and fudge can only be compared to the warmth and great service of this establishment.

Fun Facts

A number of literary works mention Rowley. In “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” by H. P. Lovecraft the main character finds refuge in Rowley when running from Innsmouth (a fictional location).

In the well-known American History textbook – “The American Pageant” – Thomas A. Bailey talks about Rowley. James Michener also mentions Rowley in “Chesapeake” which follows a number of families in the area so as to explore the history of the place

Rowley was also home to some notable people. One of the women hanged during the Salem With Trials – Margaret Scott – was from Rowley. Many famous sportsmen also come from Rowley like NASCAR driver Eddie MacDonald; Boston Red Sox catcher Jerry Moses; and NFL football player Bruce Kimball.

Pros of living in Rowley

This is a peaceful, quaint town where everyone looks out for one another.

There is very little crime in Rowley. In fact, Rowley is one of the safest places in Essex County.

Rowley is a great school district and there are many families with children. So, this is a great place to bring up kids.

Best of all, the cost of living in Rowley is low, so you will be able to do more for less.

The vast amount of open space and natural landscape make for lovely places to explore the outdoors. You even have the ocean on your doorstep while still being able to live the calm small-town life.

Cons of living in Rowley

Unfortunately, the town is not very diverse and much of the population is white. Therefore, children who grow up here are not exposed too much diversity. However, there are a small number of people from multiple other race groups in the town.

Moving to Rowley

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