How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Move

Moving can often generate a lot of waste. It’s something people don’t think about during this stressful process. However, it’s our duty as consumers to be mindful of our waste, to protect our environment. This article will help people who have hired movers in Rockport for their big move to learn tips to make their move as environmentally friendly as possible.


When packing for the move declutter your home. This is an essential task to do, to make the moving process smoother. However, when you declutter, you must be environmentally friendly. You can create 3 piles for your belongings: Reduce, reuse and recycle. We’re all familiar with the three Rs. They’re important to use when trying to be environmentally friendly.


You must reduce the amount of waste that you produce. You can achieve this by limiting the amount of packing material that you buy. Look for plastic containers or boxes that you have around the house. Use these containers to package your belongings. Cover your furniture with soft fabric, instead of using wasteful plastic.


When you’re decluttering your home, make a pile of items you want to keep or reuse. It’s common to want to throw out most of your “useless” belongings because you don’t want to bring clutter into your new home. Consider looking at these belongings again and determining whether you have another use for them. If you can’t find a use for them, donate the items to people who can reuse them. You could even have a  garage sale and sell all of the belongings you don’t want to use anymore.


When you’re done decluttering your home you’ll probably be left with a huge pile of old paper, plastic, cardboard, and tin cans. This is all the junk you’ve accumulated from the years living in your home. Don’t just throw it all away in your garbage. Take the time to separate it into separate groups. These groups will be metals, glass,  paper and cardboard, and batteries. Once you have separated all your junk properly you can take them to a recycling facility.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

To stay environmentally cautious, it would be a good idea to invest in eco-friendly packaging. Using bedding and fabric is a great way to wrap up your belongings, instead of using plastic bubble wrap. If you’ve run out of those resources, you can purchase Green bubble wrap or Green peanuts. This is a biodegradable form of bubble wrap.

If you know that you’re moving from an early stage, you can start collecting boxes up to the move. You can collect from friends, family, and neighbors who have boxes lying around. You could even approach shops and grocery stores, as they throw out hundreds of boxes daily. Ask them for any boxes they aren’t using and they’ll probably give you more boxes than you need.

If you’re battling to find any of these resources and you want to buy your packaging material, invest in plastic bins. These containers are perfect for moving as they have lots of space. The best benefit of buying them is that they’re environmentally friendly. You can reuse them again and again! You can use them when you move again. They’re even good for general household use, for storing and holding your goods.

Having an Eco-friendly Moving Day

The moving day can be chaotic and stressful. This can make being environmentally friendly difficult because you’re too busy stressing about everything going smoothly. It’s important to plan your day. Think about how to make the day as eco-friendly as possible.

The Moving Company

Find a green moving company that prioritizes the environment’s safety. These companies use biodiesel fuel instead of normal gas. This is a big help to the environments especially if you’re from another town hiring movers in Rockport. You can limit the amount of air pollution you give off if you’re moving a long distance.

These green movers in Rockport may also be able to provide reusable boxes for you to use. Meaning you don’t have to go through all the stress of finding your boxes in an environmentally friendly way. It’s also a good idea to back your boxes well, to limit the number of boxes the movers have to move. This means they will take fewer trips, furthermore limiting their fuel consumption. Speak to Stairhopper Movers for more suggestions on environmentally friendly moving.


If you’re movers in Rockport moving within your town, you don’t have to worry about your traveling contributing to unfriendly environmental practices. However, if you’re traveling from far, the best way to travel is by public transport. You could go by bus or plane. Traveling by public transport is eco-friendly because you’re limiting the amount of air pollution being released, by sharing transportation.

Being Eco-friendly in Your New Home

If you’ve followed all these tips during your move, you’ve been a good citizen by contributing to an environmentally friendly future. But, you must keep this same energy in your new home. Carry on using eco-friendly techniques in your everyday lives.


When you get to your new home and unpack all your belongings, don’t forget to make piles to recycle your used plastic and cardboard boxes. Find the recycling facility in Rockport and ensure to do your duty as an eco-friendly citizen.

You must continue this routine of recycling in your home. Get four different bins and label them: metals, plastics, glass, and cardboard or paper. By doing this you’ll reduce your waste and make good habits for you and your family.

Reduce Electricity Use

Ensure that you switch off lights when you’re not using the room. Unplug and switch off appliances when they’re not being used, as some appliances consume power even when they’re not in use. Switch all your light bulbs to LED light bulbs. These light bulbs help to conserve energy and are more environmentally friendly. This will not only help the environment by reducing the amount of electricity you consume, but it’ll also decrease your electricity bill.


There are many ways that you can make your move environmentally friendly. We all can take these small steps to save our environment. Don’t stop at making your move eco-friendly, also make your new household green. It’s time for a change in the world, so do your part by taking the small steps necessary.

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