Must visit places in Reading

Reading has a rich history. Reading was once a base during the French and Indian war. Then it became the best way to transport bulk cargo along the canal. Each tale, each century, and many families – all leave their mark. You can visit the many museums and old homes turned museums. Of course, a few of these places will be mentioned but we need to go further than that to become a local.

Often we take the place in which we live for granted. When we move to a new city this is less likely because we usually do research about places to go and things to do. When we first arrive in a place we do all the things any tourist would, those things are great. But to become a real local we need to go places locals go; we need to visit small cafes and see the hidden treasures as well.

That said, what things you have to do so you’re no longer one of the new residents, but rather a local. Your local movers in Reading can probably fill in on local hotspots and some of the places known only to locals.

Tourist attractions

Yes, you still have to visit the tourist attractions to get a good feel for Reading. You need to really get to know the place (perhaps better than the locals).

The Pagoda

This is a Japanese-style building that overlooks Reading from the South end of Mount Penn. It has become one of the city’s main attractions. When you visit you can go to the café or the gift shop. The fact that they run an NPO which restores other buildings just like it is what is most impressive.

Mid- Atlantic Air Museum

If you haven’t guessed this is a museum of aircraft, including warplanes. Here you can see all types of aircraft from history. There is a wealth of information and special weekends celebrating these grounded beauties.

GoogleWorks Centre for the Arts

Talk about an incredible place! The Google Works Centre for the Arts hosts classes, events, exhibits, and more. Because this is a community center. It aims to uplift the community through arts. This is a great place to start planning your calendar around. Movers in Reading such as Stairhopper Movers can often tell you more about the ins and outs of the arts and culture in the area as well. Check out the GoogleWorks website for more insight.

Outdoor wonders

Union canal bicycle and walking trail

One way to get to know someone is to walk in their shoes…seeing as that is tough why not walk in their footsteps. For years this has been the place people of Reading have walked and adventured. Therefore this great park is filled with History. Those who lived here years before made wagons (the original movers in Reading before there were cars and trucks) these can be seen in the park. Also remembered here are men who passed away while creating this canal.

Neversink Mountain or Nolde Forest

This is a brilliant place to go if you’re looking to hike, bike, or bird watch with your children (human or four-legged). Hike a trail or walk through the forest. Here you will do it beside the streams and become more than one with just the people of Reading. If you need some fresh air and tranquillity this is the perfect spot, right on Reading’s door.

Reading Treasures


This is not for the faint of heart. Although, we all know moving can be scary. This Haunted Scream Park is unbeatable. If you are afraid of the dark this might not be for you. However, you will love this place if you need to get all that energy out in a scream, or you want to get your adrenaline pumping. Just be sure to check their website or you may miss out.

City Park Bandshell

Summer loving can be for an event too right? Each summer you can visit the City Park Bandshell and watch concerts while picnicking. This might be a great place to go on a date or calm down after a trip to Shocktoberfest.

Fairgrounds and Farmers’ Market

The best place to get fresh local produce and maybe bump into a new neighbor is a market. Reading’s Farmers’ Market is no different. This is a great place to support and meet the locals and hopefully feel like one too.

Cute Cafes

Movers in Reading can advise you on many great little coffee spots to visit after a move. Reading has plenty of cute cafes to check out and sit amongst the locals. Two that stand out are:

Wild Sage Coffee and Kitchen

Not only is this a great spot to get your caffeine fill in town, but you can also find them at the local market. With fresh baked goods for pre-order or to sit and enjoy, this is a must for those looking to be local.

Benchwarmers Coffee and Doughnuts

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Get stuck into the delicious treats Reading has to offer. Fed up with looking for great coffee while at a baseball match the founder of this cafe opened his doors. Talk about a home run!

Pretzel City

And of course, you cannot say you’re from Reading if you haven’t tried the best Pretzels in the city. They are what Reading is known for after all. Pretzels originated in Europe. Children were rewarded with these doughy treats for learning their prayers in years gone by. The pretzel is shaped like arms folded for prayer for this reason.

Stoltzfus Homemade Pretzels

Currently, Reading’s favorite Pretzel shop is a must! Here you will find every flavor of soft pretzel you can imagine. They also have pretzel logs. These are made from meat wrapped in pretzel dough. And some great milkshakes to have with your local delicacy. You can even become a frequent customer for weekly specials.

And if all this isn’t enough there’s a “Best Kept Secrets tour” which is a great idea for new residents. Speak to your movers in Reading such as Stairhopper Movers to give you an idea of even more places to visit.

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