Why movers in Peabody love the town

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History and cool facts

We now know that the Peabody area was once home to the Native American Tribe of Naumkeag. It was only in 1626 that British colonies settled in the area. At the time it was considered part of Salem. In fact, some of those executed during the Salem Witch Trials lived here. John Proctor was executed in Peabody. A character in ‘The Crucible’ by Athol Fugard, was named John Proctor.

Where the name came from

Then in 1752, this area became part of Danvers. A church that can still be visited to this day stands in Peabody; it was therefore called ‘the South Parish’ at the time. In April of 1868, more than two hundred years after the first British settlers arrived, the city was named Peabody. The city takes its name from humanitarian George Peabody. Then in 1916 Peabody became an official city.

Why did people move there initially?

Initially, Peabody was a farming community, but over the years it grew to include mills because of the water available in the city. What made the city an international attraction was the leather companies. In fact, by 1919 there were more than ninety leather companies located in Peabody. These companies remained open until the late 1900s allowing Peabody to grow in wealth.

‘Ottoman Street’. The street got its name because of the many Ottoman immigrants who stayed in the inns and visited the cafes there. Back in those days there were no movers in Peabody and everyone had to settle in on their own.

This was in 1915 when there was a huge influx of people into Peabody in 1915. These people came from Russia, Ireland, and the Ottoman Empire. Because of this, there was a stage when signs of the city were in both English and Ottoman Turkish.

Peabody was the first place in America to pass a law stating that all community buildings had to have doors that pushed open. This law passed after an arsonist burnt down a school killing the students inside.

On a more positive note, one of the first millionaires in the United States owned land in Peabody. Elias Hasket Derby owned the land on which Northshore Mall now stands. The mall officially opened in 1958 and remains one of the largest in the area.

Another attraction is Centennial Park. But this isn’t a tourist attraction, rather it is a sought-after industrial area. There are many medical technology companies’ headquarters.

A place that is great for tourists and has been for many years is Brooksby Farm. This is now not only a farm but also a conservation area.

The US Women’s Open was held in Peabody in 1954 and again thirty years later. Then in both 2001 and 20017 Peabody hosted the US Senior Open. These golf tournaments took place at the privately-owned Salem Country Club. This club has its very own Professional course. Ask your movers in Peabody for more interesting information on this fascinating town.

Peabody business hub

Peabody is still a busy city. There are a number of great companies in the city many of which focus on bettering the medical field.


The mission of this multinational corporation is to use technology to innovatively improve the practice of medicine. They have approximately one thousand five hundred employees internationally, almost half of them work in the head office in Peabody. On average each of these people earns just over seventy thousand dollars a year.


Tru was founded in 1955. They specialize in radio frequency creating software for the military, ships, airplanes, medical technology, and more. Employees at TRU earn in the vicinity of forty-three thousand dollars annually.


Founded in 1949 this company is at the forefront of medical technology. They employ three hundred people and bring in over thirty million dollars a year.

People of Peabody

There are over fifty-three thousand people living in Peabody. Generally, these people are members of families of three. More than sixty percent of the population live in homes that they own. On average these homes cost about three hundred and eighty thousand. But for those who rent you can find a home for as little as one thousand dollars per month. This is only about half of what a mortgage payment might be, so if you can buy it is the best as you would then own your own home. If you decide to move from a rental to your own home or anywhere else, movers in Peabody such as Stairhopper Movers are available to assist from start to finish.

The Peabody community is very close-knit. There is always someone willing to volunteer to clean up or restore parts of the city. The city also has special days dedicated to collecting garden refuge. This is just one example of the way the community works together to better the environment. There are also many community activities and projects. There are even summer concerts that allow both young and old to get involved.

Things to do and see in Peabody

Brooksby Farm

This is one of the city’s oldest attractions. This is a great place to take young children. They will be able to pet and feed the animals, go on farm rides and pick fruit. There is also a farm store that sells fresh produce like fruit, milk, and jams as well as apple cider donuts and delicious pies.

Independence Greenway Bike Route

This is a great place for beginner cyclists, or for a family bike ride. The trail is not too long and is rather flat. Beautiful flora and fauna surround the trial.

The George Peabody House Museum

This museum explores the life of the philanthropist after whom the city is named. It also has a range of leather products that are displayed and interpreted.

The Little Depot Diner

This is a traditional diner-style restaurant. They offer real American food, but also have vegan and gluten-free options. Stepping into this diner is like taking a step back to a simpler time.

Just in Time Café

Just in Time Café is a family-owned business. This café offers fresh food and great coffee. It is conveniently located in the business hub of the city – Centennial Park.

James Street Eco-Campus Hub

Although this project is still in its discussion phase it is an example of the pride of Peabody. This project aims to create a recreational hub that gives people of Peabody a safe place to walk and have fun.

Movers in Peabody

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