What Not to Do When Moving

Moving is a stressful process. There’s endless information on what to do when moving, but what about the don’ts you should avoid. It’s important to know what not to do when moving, to make it a pain-free experience. This article will help those that have hired movers in North Andover for their move to find out all the don’ts of the moving process. Here are a few don’ts to avoid when moving:

Forgetting the Budget

You already broke the bank settling the deposit for your new home. Now, you need to consider all the other costs that come with the moving process. We all know that moving can be costly. To stay on track of your finances you need to create a budget that will break down all of your expenses for moving. Some expenses for a move include:

  • Packing and transporting your belongings.
  • Moving day expenses, such as food and traveling fees.
  • Storage units, if you have excess belongings that you don’t want to keep in your new home.

Although these costs may seem minor, everything adds up at the end of the day. Not using a budget will cause you to spend money unnecessarily, making you end up with bare pockets by the end of the move. Sticking to a budget helps you save money. When making a budget it’s important to view all plausible options and choose the best, cheapest option. There’s always a way to save a buck, so don’t pick your first option before exploring other avenues.

If you are hiring a moving company to package and transport your belongings, you might want to consider packing your own stuff. This will save you lots of money. All you need to do is start preparing in advance, stay organized and pack gradually. Why pay for this expensive service when you’re capable of doing it yourself, with the right planning? When finding a moving company, you must explore the different movers in North Andover. It’s important to look for an option that’s affordable and reliable. So you need to find out one of the best movers in North Andover. Check their reviews and prices and find what suits you best.

On a moving day, stress is high and everything feels chaotic. You can sometimes forget your budget and fling your money around to quickly resolve issues. By creating a budget for this day, you’ll avoid this problem. You need to thoroughly plan this day. What will you be eating? It’s best to buy ready-made food and snacks because you’ll be too exhausted to unpack your belongings and cook in your new home.

You must then plan how you’re traveling. If you’re moving within the town, traveling won’t be too costly. However, if you’re moving from another town or state to North Andover you need to organize the best way to travel. You can choose an option that’s affordable, such as going by car or bus; or you could choose an option which is time effective, like flying.

Remember not to choose the first option and do your research. When you create this budget, stick to it and avoid overspending. By finding ways to cut back on your expenses, you’ll save money that you could use to buy more items for your new home.

The Don’ts of Packing

Packing can sometimes be a painful process. This makes it appealing to hire someone to do all the work for you, but packing can be painless if you know what not to do.

Firstly, don’t start packing too late! Packing is tedious and stressful. When you start too late you end up increasing your stress as you don’t have enough time to get everything done on your own. Plan well and way in advance, giving you time to pack efficiently. It’s a good idea to start packing approximately a month before the move.

When you start packing early you mustn’t pack important items that you use daily. Make a list of these belongings and ensure that they’re not packed until your last day before moving. Do this to avoid having to unpack all your hard work just to retrieve one item. Pack the rooms with the least important stuff first.

There are many things you should avoid when packing your belongings. Ensure that you’re packing your different goods correctly. When packaging wooden items don’t use plastic as you could end up damaging your furniture. Don’t mix your valuable and delicate goods with your normal belongings. Put all of your fragile items in separate boxes that are labeled “fragile”, to prevent your belongings from getting damaged.

You also want to pack in a way to make the moving process as easy as possible or hire movers in North Andover to pack for you. Don’t use the wrong boxes to pack your different items. First, ensure that you’re using good quality boxes that won’t break when being moved. When packaging heavy items you must put them in individual smaller boxes, and when you’re packing lighter items you must put them collectively into big boxes. By doing this you make it easier for your movers to carry your belongings to their trucks. Don’t forget to label your boxes to make unpacking and placing boxes in your home easier. Stairhopper Movers can assist with packing as well as packaging material should you need it.

Don’t Attempt Moving by Yourself

You may think you’re capable enough to do the whole moving process by yourself,  but it’s a lot more work than you may think. Yes, you’ll have the benefit of saving money, but the money will be worth it for the extra help. Moving heavy boxes is difficult to do and should be entrusted to professionals. You don’t want to throw out your back and end up with medical bills that are more expensive than it would be to get a mover.

It’s important to take care of yourself during a move. Get friends and family to help you with packing. Don’t do it all alone. This will make moving a stressful experience, which could end in disaster. You can also hire movers such as Stairhopper Movers to pack everything for you.

Most importantly, enjoy it! It’s fun to move, view the change as something exciting to look forward to. Surround yourself with friends and family who are willing to help you. Try to do activities to stay calm and avoid putting too much pressure on. You got this!

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