Newton: The wealthiest city in Massachusetts

A recent study, which looked at four hundred cities across the United States. In the northeastern region, it was found that Newton came out on top!

Wealth analysis

When looking at whether or not a city is wealthy there are many things that are considered. Firstly, credit- how many people own their homes? Secondly, what is each of these homes’ worth?  Then, have they finished paying them off? If not, this needs to be compared to average income to discover if the debt that people have, they can actually afford. Lastly, what is the average credit limit for the people in the city?

The data was collected from over four hundred cities, totaling over sixty-five thousand people. So, what are the answers to these questions (for the people of Newton of course)?

Just over seventy percent of the people in Newton are homeowners (the national average is under sixty-five percent). Of these people, thirty-five percent have paid off their mortgages. Of course, this is proof enough that the people of Newton can pay their debt. This is important because American citizens have more debt than those of any other country. But that is not the only debt that people incur, the average credit limit for people in Newton is a little over seventy thousand dollars. The average income per household per year is a whopping one-hundred and two thousand dollars.  This means an average of over sixty-thousand dollars per person. That is almost forty thousand more than the national average.

What work can you find in Newton?

Most people in Newton have “high power” jobs that bring in all this cash. But advertised online are all kinds of jobs. From sales to schools, you can definitely find something that will suit your qualifications and skill set. Just be sure to check that jobs advertised online are legitimate (I have been caught out more than once).

Education (to get those jobs)

There are twenty-two schools in the Newton District. Fifteen elementary schools, four middle schools and four high schools’ two of which run alternative programs. Many of the schools in Newton place great emphasis on the children’s well-being. In fact, they run extra programs that ensure this.

On average mathematics and reading proficiency of students in Newton is almost twenty percent higher than the rest of the state and stands at seventy-four percent. This allows for a graduation rate of ninety-six percent (ten percent higher than the rest of Massachusetts).

Looking at these statistics it is no wonder that the city does so well financially.  Schools in Newton prepare students for success.

Things to do…with that hard-earned cash

There are a number of beautiful places to see in Newton

If you would like to take a stroll in nature and enjoy the beautiful green lawns, giant trees, lush gardens, and old bridges there are plenty of places to see.

Hemlock Gorge and Hammond Pond Reservations, Newton Reservoir, and even Newton cemetery offer a place of peace amidst the busy city life. You can walk, cycle or picnic with your family and forget the chaos of the workweek.

There is also the famous Bullough Pond. It was once a millpond but became a beautifully landscaped park in the 1800s. Two books also mention Bullough Pond. It even features in the title of both books. One non-fiction by Historian Diana Muir titled Reflections in Bullough’s Pond: Economy and Ecosystem in New England. As well as a work of fiction by Douglas Worth titled Once Around Bullough’s Pond: A Native American Epic. What may be even more intriguing (especially in a time when audio-visual works rule the world) is the fact that it is featured in a movie.  The 2008 version of The Women was shot here.

There have also been two other films that showcase parts of Newton. Also filmed here was the movie 2013 movie Sex Tape and the 2016 Patriots Day

There are also plenty of museums and historical sites to visit

Jackson Homestead and Museum

Here you can learn about the history of Newton. This house which dates back to the 1800s has been made into a museum. Throughout the year. And for the younger audience, they host online storytelling sessions.

Longyear Museum

Eight homes make up this museum. It pays tribute to the former owner and one of the most famous American women- Mary Baker Eddy. In 1866 Mrs. Eddy developed Christian Science and for forty years she studied and taught these findings through her writing and her healing processes.

Mary Baker Eddy Historic House

This home-like Longyear Museum belonged to Mrs. Eddy. It was here that she last resided while continuing her studies in Christian Science.

Art and eat

Now that you know where to take a walk and take in the rich history you need a place to express yourself. Newton has The Paint Bar for that. Here you can do pottery or painting. There are step-by-step guides for those who need it and peaceful music for those who like to get into the zone.

Galit’s Treats Café & Bakery

Here you can find delicious sweet treats and healthy options. And they don’t just serve mouth-watering food they also have brilliant service. In fact many rate this café five stars.

Pátzcuaro Taqueria & Bar

Another five-star place to eat is Pátzcuaro Taqueria & Bar. You will need to book a table here. They serve tacos and burritos with a multitude of fillings to choose from.

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates

For a sweeter type of art visit this chocolate shop and café. This is just a short twenty-minute drive from Newton to Cambridge. Given that you can find anything chocolatey, from hot chocolate to chocolate mousse here, it is certainly worth the trip.

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