Newburyport is a quiet coastal city that lies 35 miles northeast of Boston. Although they’re practically right next to each other, Newburyport can’t be more different from the fast-paced and bustling city of Boston. It is a quaint and picturesque town rich in history and culture. The downtown does have its busy time but the ambiance is basically still laidback and very relaxed. Many interesting local shops and restaurants line the streets. The houses in the residential area are mostly Federal style. There are other diverse architectural styles as well, such as First Period, Georgian and Greek Revival. Fishing ports and beautiful views of the waterfront attract tourists to the coastline all year round.

In the last few years, there has been a notable increase of individuals and families that have moved to Newburyport. They come from other parts of Massachusetts, some even from other states. Movers in Newburyport have been helping people relocate into this coastal city, which they have chosen to be their new home.


Located in Essex County in the north eastern part of Massachusetts, Newburyport sits right on the south bank of the Merrimack River. It takes up the area between the river and the Newbury marshes.  The total area of the city is 10.6 square miles. Land takes up 8.4 square miles of this area while the remaining 2.2 square miles is all water. Being so close to water, people in Newburyport have naturally taken to fishing and building boats. These have been the primary industries in the city since its early years.

Population and Demographics

As of the most recent count, the city has a population of 18,481. This number has increased by about 0.52 percent since the last count in 2010. The average age in Newburyport is about 49 years. This reflects a population that is older than most of the other cities in the US. There are more females in the city at 54.5% of the population, compared to only 45.5% for the males.

The city of Newburyport today is a mostly white community. More than 94% of the population consists of whites. Asians make up about 2.2% and blacks make up 1.7% of the population. The rest of the people are of other races. The residents of the city are highly educated. More than 70% own a college diploma. Also, 28% of these also have graduate degrees. A huge majority of the population or 77% own their homes while 22% are renters.


European first came to the area in 1635 when it was still a part of the Newberry plantations. In 1764, it officially became a town when the General Court of Massachusetts approved its independence. It then became the smallest town in Massachusetts. It gradually prospered, mainly from the industries of whaling, fishing and shipbuilding. Locals also took to the manufacturing of silverware and textiles. It took 87 years before it finally gained cityhood.

Slavery was a huge part of life in Newburyport, especially in the more affluent parts of town. The population in general, though, did not condone the practice. A lot of citizens, including American Anti-Slavery Society founder William Lloyd Garrison, took part in the abolitionist movement. They actively contributed to the Underground Railroad. Garrison’s statue stands in Brown Square, as memory of his massive contributions to the anti-slavery crusades during the Civil War period.

Newburyport suffered two major fires that greatly changed the look of the city. After the Great Fire of 1811, authorities required the use of brick and stone for the major buildings. To this day, the red brick buildings in downtown Newburyport give the city a distinctive look that adds to its quaint appeal. The Million Dollar Fire of 1934 was the second huge fire that dealt major damage to properties and livestock. There were no human deaths reported.

Perks of Living in Newburyport

Movers in Newburyport know all too well that this city attracts so many people from all over. After all, they are the ones that assist in the relocation of new residents into the city year after year.

Living in Newburyport comes with a lot of perks. It starts with the pleasant year-round weather and the proximity to nice beaches. The rich culture and historic architecture of the city also adds to its appeal. Newburyport is also an ideal place to raise a family since it has a lot of top-rated schools. The fact that the crime rate is practically zero does not hurt either.

The rather steep cost of living is probably the only thing that would make you think twice about living in Newburyport. In terms of cost of living, the average city in the US has a score of 100. With a score of 140, Newburyport is so much more expensive than the typical US city. Of course, if you have the means then there is no reason why you shouldn’t start looking for movers in Newburyport right away.

Moving to Newburyport

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