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Small town living in Newbury

Massachusetts is full of hidden gems, if you like small towns. The community in these small towns is like family. You will always feel at home and feel safe. Low crime rates keep families safe. If anything does go wrong you are surrounded by people that take pride in being there for one another.

If you are not sold on small towns, and you are not ready to call movers in Newbury just yet keep reading. Our article will cover everything you need to know before making an informed decision.


Newbury is a quaint town in Essex County. The less than 10 thousand population is split into three districts. Each one of these villages is a separate voting district. Old Town, Plum Island and Byfield.

Newbury is a coastal town which is located along the Atlantic Ocean. 32 Miles from Boston it is still a drivable distance for a day or evening out in a bigger city. Newbury has large portions of marshlands and wetlands which are protected lands. Agriculture is the main source of income for Newbury locals.

The surrounding nature of Newbury is beautiful. The charming town is postcard perfect with clean streets and well-maintained buildings. Lovely stretches of beaches make for great days out.

There are several businesses and stores in towns. You could spend some time walking along and seeing all the wares the local businesses have to offer.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Newbury is somewhat higher than other cities. Massachusetts overall does have a higher cost of living. It is a truth that you cannot shy away from. You get what you pay for. Newbury is clean and tidy, well maintained and safe.


Though the cost of living is higher than the median in the United States of America, it is balanced out by a higher income bracket. The people in Newbury earn significantly higher than the national average. Newbury’s job market has been steadily increasing through the years. An employment growth projection over the next 10 years is sitting at around 38.7 percent.

Education in Newbury

Your children’s education will be in good hands at the Newbury schools. The Newbury district has been celebrated for their educational facilities and staff. Your children will gain the knowledge they need to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. The Newbury schools strive to make this happen through intellectually stimulating learning.

Newbury has a lack of diversity, both ethnically and culturally. This lack of diversity can lead to a gap between Newbury and the rest of the United States.


Newbury has four distinct seasons. The summers are hot and humid; July has an average temperature above 80 degrees. There is a big difference between the summer and winter temperatures. Winter gets to a chilly 15 degrees.

Massachusetts overall has a pretty high rainfall, it is 12 inches a year more than the national average. The fact that Newbury has a high snow and rain average should not deter you from calling movers in Newbury. There are enough warm and sunny days so that you can enjoy a number of beach days, and other outdoor activities.

Things to do in Newbury

Newbury; a small town that has several attractions that are not to be missed.

For birdwatching, there is no better place to go than Parker River National Refuge. These wetlands have scenic hiking trails where you can see the migratory birds. The Refuge has received good ratings overall from visitors, and definitely worth a visit.

Think of a beautiful sunset; now imagine it over the Merrimack River. Paying a visit to the Maudslay state park will give you a wonderful opportunity to see a gorgeous sunset. Enjoying your hike can build up a healthy appetite. Visiting one of the nearby restaurants, like the Cider Hill Farm, or The Flat Bread Company will fill that gap.

The Pink House is an abandoned house at the Turnpike. Also known as “The Spite House” because of the legend of the house, this is a perfect setting for artists and photographers. A whole rose-colored structure. The structure and background lend perfectly to painting and photography, especially at sunset.

To learn more about the history of Newbury and it is waterways; go to the Custom House Maritime Museum. There are knowledgeable guides to take you through all the interesting exhibits and how they fit into the town’s history.

The Riverwalk Brewing Company is a perfect place to get delicious craft beer. With friendly staff that are waiting to serve you. There are a number of art museums and wildlife education centers in Newbury. Newbury is a small town with a lot to offer.

Cons of Living in Newbury

Newbury does not have much nightlife. It is a small town; you may have to do some driving to find some things that you are looking for. The majority white demographic means that you will not encounter much different cultural ethnic diversity. This could hamper the knowledge and growth of the youth.

Moving to Newbury

When you are ready to call movers in Newbury you have to make sure that you have done all your research. You need to know your neighborhood so that you know where the schools are, where the grocery stores are and where to find your favorite coffee shop.

The community-oriented town has plenty of hidden treasure stores that you can enjoy getting to know. Supporting local businesses will be fun to enjoy while uplifting the community by buying local. If you are moving from outside Massachusetts the climate may take a bit of getting used to, and if you are from a city you will have to acclimatize to the smaller town culture. Your family will find living in Newbury a rewarding experience. The low crime rate in Massachusetts and Essex County make it a perfect place to raise a family. Clean surrounding and open spaces are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails and nature walks are a must for tourists and residents.

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