If you are one of those people that are considering making a move to Natick, you might want to learn a few more things about this town first before calling the movers in Natick and packing your things.

The town of Natick has a few claims to fame, one of which is that it contains the eighth to the twelfth mile of the race route for the famed Boston Marathon. It is also the hometown of singer Jonathan Richman, and baseball players Walt Hriniak and Peter Smith. But more importantly for families looking for a nice place to call home, Natick is an ideal location for raising children or spending one’s retirement years.

Movers in Natick have been busy in recent years as more and more people are flocking in to settle down in this prosperous Boston suburb. Developers have also been quite busy putting up new apartments and condo units to accommodate the influx of new residents from other parts of Massachusetts and even from other states.


The town of Natick is part of Middlesex County in the MetroWest region of Massachusetts. It is located approximately 18 miles to the southwest of Boston. It has a total area of 16 square miles.


In 1651, Rev. John Eliot traveled from Widford in Hertfordshire, England all the way to the area of Massachusetts that was then just established as the town of Dedham. He converted the Massachusetts Indians who were living along both sides of the Charles River into what was eventually known as the Praying Indians. Natick continued to be the center of all praying towns in the area for several years. In 1834, railways were built across the town, turning it from a rural community to a busy commercial town.


According to the most recent count, the total population of Natick is at 35,763. The last two censuses show that this Boston suburb is actually the center of the population of Massachusetts. It has quite a rapid population growth rate compared to other towns and cities in the entire state.

Perks of Living in Natick, Massachusetts

We all know that real estate is all about location and with Natick, the location is just amazing. But other than that, there are many other great things that Natick has to offer.

Diverse Residential Options

Most of the people who wish to live in Natick primarily show their attractions to the town because of the grand residences that are for sale. A large number of these homes come in different variations of the British colonial style, with their symmetrical rectangular design, gabled roofs, exterior shutters and majestic chimneys.

If you prefer a more modern style of the house, there are also numerous options downtown when it comes to apartment units. There are a lot of condos as well, especially following the active real estate developments that took place in the last few years.

On the other hand, if you want to really experience the culture and heritage of Natick, you might consider purchasing a home in one of the historic districts in the town. These homes are packed with heritage and value, but of course, they also come with a much higher price tag.

Excellent Downtown

There are numerous things to do in Natick’s fascinating downtown, with all kinds of shops, restaurants, cafes, boutiques. No matter what you want to buy or eat or do, it’s likely that you will find it in downtown Natick. The streets are also broad and there is no shortage of parking spaces. The remarkable brick buildings in town are also quite a sight to behold. These buildings were actually the product of a major renovation that took place following the massive fire of 1870 that basically took out the town center.

Arts, Culture and Recreation

The town of Natick is very active in arts and cultural events. There are several establishments and organizations in the area that support local artists and promote arts in general, such as the Center for Arts, the Morse Institute Library, and the Museum of WWI. For those that prefer outdoor recreational activities, a couple of excellent options are the Belkin Family Lookout Farm which is almost as old as the town itself, and the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Excellent Schools

You can be sure that your children will experience the highest quality of education in Natick. All the schools perform well on national tests but there are two that score a perfect ten in the Rating Scale of Great Schools. These are Johnson Elementary School and Brown Elementary School.

Cost of Living

The perks are very tempting but before you call the movers in Natick just yet, you have to know that the cost of living is on the steep side. The average home in Natick costs a little over half a million dollars so you can just imagine the mortgage. It is definitely higher than the national average but living in Natick is not nearly as expensive as living in some of the neighboring towns like Wellesley, where many homes cost upwards of a million dollars. Rent is relatively expensive as well.

Homes and commercial establishments in this town are not that close to one another so it would be necessary to own a car in order to get around comfortably.

The expensive cost of living is only to be expected of an affluent neighborhood. Luckily, there are a lot of excellent job opportunities in the vicinity to help with the upkeep of a posh lifestyle. Being so close to Boston means unlimited employment options for all kinds of specializations.

Moving to Natick

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