Massachusetts has so many lovely residential areas, and movers in Wilmington will tell you for a fact that Wilmington is one of such places. Over the last 3 decades, the population of the area has skyrocketed. The town that once had a small population now has more than 23,000 residents. In this article, we will show you why Wilmington in Middlesex County, Massachusetts is a top draw for singles and families looking for a safe and habitable place to live. We will also let you know more about one of the best movers in Wilmington.


Wilmington is a town situated in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, US. The town has a thriving population of more than 23,000 people. It has a total land area of 17.2 square miles, out of which most of it is land with just about 0.1 square miles of water. The town shares common boundaries with Reading, North Reading, Andover, Woburn, Billerica, Burlington, and Tewksbury. Within Wilmington, there are also distinct areas such as North Wilmington and Silver Lake.

Close by is the Ipswich River that flows from the town and there is the Shawsheen River, which forms a border not only with Wilmington but with Billerica. Its proximity to water makes a significant part of the town a wetland. For instance, within the town is Silver Lake that was formed by ice glaciers during the last ice age. The water freezes for most of the year, but it becomes warm and suitable for swimming during summer.

History of the Area

The first person to settle in the area was said to be Will Butter. Other accounts say it was Abraham Jaquith or Richard Harnden. However, what is not in doubt is that the area witnessed its first settlers in 1665, but it was not until 1730 that it was finally incorporated with adjoining areas cut from Billerica, Woburn, and Reading.

Ethnicity of Wilmington

There are currently more than 23,000 people living in the town, out of which close to 6000 of this population are family groups. This is a positive for those who have families and are considering the possibility of raising their family here. As for the racial makeup, Wilmington is 96.31% White, 0.41% African American, 2.03% Asian, 0.08% Hispanic or Latino, and 0.95%, Native American, 0.42% for other races. People who have two or more racial ancestry are about 0.95% of the entire population.


Wilmington is a middle income town with residents making a household income of more than $70,000. The median income for families stands at $76,760 at a ratio of $50,446 for men and $36,729 for women. The per capita income stands at $25,835, with less than 2% of the family and general population living below the poverty line. When you consider the income bracket of all the residential areas in Massachusetts, Wilmington is the 134th richest place to live in the state.

Famous Landmarks and Sites

There are a few major landmarks in Wilmington that attract residents and visitors to the area. In fact, movers in Wilmington believe that one of the major attractions to the area is the sites and tourist landmarks in the town. Some of the notable ones include

  • Wilmington Town Common and Rotary Park
  • Silver Lake (contains Fullerton Park, Children playground, Landry Park, Town Beach)
  • The 2,650 indoor Shriners Auditorium
  • The Baldwin Apple Monument
  • Ristuccia Memorial Arena
  • Wilmington Memorial Library
  • Yentile Farm Recreational Facility

Education in Wilmington

The schools in Wilmington are very good for a town of its size. There are the Wildwood Street and Boutwell Street schools for children in Kindergarten. Woburn and Shawsheen are for Grade 1-3 students. North and West Immediate Schools are for Grade 4 and 5, while Grade 6-8 pupils attend Wilmington High School. There is also a private religious Pre- Kindergarten to Grade 8 School in the town called Abundant Life Christian School. The town also has an above average academic performance level. For instance, about 66% of pupils are proficient in maths, and about 62% are proficient in reading which is above the national average. School enrollment is also high and has remained so for years, with more than 3,000 students registered in schools across different grade levels.

Benefits of living in Wilmington

Living in Wilmington, Middlesex County comes with its own perks. For starters, the town is not overly populated, with 23,000 residents being a moderate number. The rate of gainfully employed residents is quite high, with more than 13,000 of them active in the labor force. The recreational facilities here are top-notch, and the schools are great. Living here as a spinster or bachelor opens you up to new possibilities because Wilmington has a young population with less than 3% above the age of 65. If yours is a family unit, we are sure you will want to raise your family in a crime-free area. That is exactly what Wilmington is.

Moving to Wilmington

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