Home to one of the oldest trees in the state is one of Middleton’s claim to fame. And more impressive is the oldest house which still stands strong. Once a tavern, the house is now over 320 years old. This was at the time when Middleton was a holiday destination for those in nearby Lowell and Lawrence. These landmarks are a reminder of the wealth of history that lives in this town along with the small population of only ten thousand people. These ten thousand are more spread out than in other neighboring towns. Middleton is over fourteen square miles so you can expect plenty of space between homes. This town may be rooted in history (pun intended), but it is a fast-growing community. Please consider choosing the best movers in Middleton while you move to Middleton.

Historical landmarks

Middleton has its very own Historical society. Members of this society receive newsletters about Middleton’s rich past. Becoming a member also helps to keep the historical sites running and well maintained. There are many that you can visit in the area.

Rowley House Museum

Dr. Newman C. Rowley built and stayed in this house. Thereafter it was passed down for generations. The Rowley family for 120 years. Then in 1989, it was donated to the Historical Society. Now it serves as the home for the Historical Society and is open for public viewing as many of the original artifacts still call the place home

The Bray Wilkins House

Bray Wilkins was a Welsh immigrant who founded Middleton in the 1630s. During the Salem Witch Trials, the Wilkins family were prominent figures. Their house now stands as a landmark in Middleton and is one of the families Lura Woodside Watkins came to study.

Lura Woodside Watkins Museum

The people who lived in Middleton and the way they lived is the focus of this museum, rather than politics. This is unlike many other historical landmarks. Rather it houses the many artifacts which showcase the way in which the people of Middleton once lived. It, like Watkins Way, is named in honor of the historian Lura Woodside Watkins. A great place to visit if you want to get to know the town’s history.

Middleton Congregational Church

The building you see today was constructed in 1859. However, the church was first established in 1729. At this time in order to construct the church, it needed to be able to support a school as well. For this reason, pews were rented out to families. This was also used for town meetings so as to make the most of the building.

Natural Land

Middleton has beautiful natural land including forests, ponds, rivers, and conservation land. Much of this land is part of forests which are part of neighboring Andover and Boxford. There are also two reservations namely Peabody and Sanford. Then Middleton has its own conservation land as well.

Having this much open space means there is plenty of outdoor adventuring to do. For land lovers, there’s a place to cycle, walk or run in the forests. And for the water babies, there’s canoeing along the Ipswich River.

Cute Cafés and places to go

No matter where you live a caffeine fix is a must and finding a great place to get your morning cup will certainly help make it feel like home.

Sol Bean Café

If you are health conscious or trying to watch what you eat Sol Bean Café is perfect. They offer delicious healthy food like smoothies made from fresh fruit, wraps, fruit bowls, and salads. Not only is the food healthy, but it’s also delicious too.

Nan’s Center Café

This is the perfect breakfast spot for everyone. They have decadent chocolate-coated meals and waffles for the sweet tooth. Then there’s full breakfast with egg, bacon, and all the sides for those craving the traditional English breakfast – of that with literally any twist. And of course one cannot forget the rest – there are vegetarian and even gluten-free options.

The Topsfield Bakeshop

This is heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth. For any dessert or cake, this is the place to go or to order from. Here you can get delicious pies and cake that you can devour in the comfort of your own home.

OptiGolf, Paradise Family Golf, and The Clubhouse Golf

If you love golf then Middleton has you covered. There’s OptiGolf for those rainy days. Here you play golf with a golf club and a big screen. Then there’s Paradise Family Golf which offers mini-golf perfect for the whole family or a lovely date. And lastly, there’s The Clubhouse Golf and Entertainment which is home to a massive indoor green as well as an entertainment area.

Pros of living in Middleton

Middleton is a great school district. Not only this but there are lovely free kindergartens that offer care outside of school hours.

There is also very little crime in Middleton and the police are very involved in the community. This may well be the reason that crime in Middleton has been decreasing over the last few years.

Middleton community is close-knit, and neighbors can rely on one another in times of need (or I assume to hear the latest town gossip).

Cons of living in Middleton

Given the lack of Highway access, Middleton is not the quickest town to commute to or from. Also, it is rather small and there is not that much going on. However, if you’re looking for a quiet place to live these may well add to your pros list. And you can always create adventure in the vast outdoors.

Moving to Middleton

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