A small group of men settled in Marlborough in 1657. John Ruddock, John Bent, Edmund Rice who later became a government official for the city, and John Howe a fur trader. Before joining the group John Howe lived with a group of settlers that made a home for themselves amongst the Native Americans. The Native Americans welcomed them because they came as a form of protection against enemy tribes. These settlers almost became part of these tribes – even speaking their language.

In later years, the Church arrived and reformed the people of the city. The settlers and the Native American tribes divided the land between themselves. Two years later war between the two almost destroyed Marlborough. The city managed to survive.

Then by 1711 a number of colonies h. As the city grew so too did the economy. By 1789 Marlborough attracted many travelers who stayed in the hostels, hotels and other such facilities in the city. Many of these travelers were on their way to nearby Boston.

Shoe Manufacturing

Marlborough became known for its shoe manufacturing. This was after Samuel and John Boyd founded a shoe manufacturing company. Because of this Samuel Boyd became known as the ‘the father of the city’. The city’s emblem has a shoe and a factory on it because of this. This became such an integral part of Marlborough that symbols of the factory and shoes make up part of the city’s emblem. The city held a celebration honoring these factories. Sculptures of shoes were even built as a part of the festivities. The Rockport Company, established in the 70s. This ran until 2017.

Monuments in Marlborough

One of the area’s oldest monuments is in Marlborough. It is a bell that once hung in the fire station. It was here that John Brown fought for the freedom of slaves during the Civil War. Elizabeth Snyder had the bell for many years. It was returned to the city in 1892. It now hangs in a tower.

Marlborough is also the first city to have a streetcar structure. Because of this the area’s trade and thus economy grew. It also drew in many immigrants with different skills.

After the construction of multiple interstates, the city was able to grow. This led to the development in the technological and electronic sectors. It also allowed the city to become a business hub. The city was granted three million dollars for the development of public roads and business property as recently as 2016.

Marlborough Today

From a settlement made up of only fourteen people, today Marlborough is home to almost forty thousand people. More than fifty percent of these people are between the ages of twenty-five and sixty-four meaning that most of the population contributes to the workforce. On average each of these people earns just over forty thousand dollars, this is almost then thousand more than the national average. This is a lot lower than other cities in the state, however, the number of homeowners is still high. How? Well, homes in the area cost significantly less than in other cities in Massachusetts. Most homes cost between two hundred and thirty and five hundred and eighty thousand. With an average household income of over eighty thousand dollars, this is certainly manageable. This is definitely reason enough to start looking for movers in Marlborough.

And if you think that low prices mean higher crime rates that is not at all the case. In fact, the crime rate is more than thirty percent lower than in the rest of the United States.

Another great factor is the brilliant schools in the District. Unlike many neighboring cities, there are also a number of schools to choose from.

Things to do in Marlborough

There is plenty to do in Marlborough:

MindTrek VR Marlborough

With an incredible five-star rating, this place is enough to make anyone who loves gaming and action start to look for movers in Marlborough.

This is a virtual reality arena. If you have ever wanted to jump into a game, this is your chance. Players can choose to fight off zombies in an apocalypse or step into space and fight robots trying to take over. For those looking for a way out of the chaos you can go ‘deep-sea diving’ and become the mermaid, or merman, you always dreamt of as a kid. Whichever world you choose you will feel like you have been transported to a different place.

Half Axe

This is the perfect place for a competitive group of friends. Here you can compete in ax throwing competitions and tournaments. This is a great way to get rid of all your frustration.

Breakout games

For those who like a thrill or a puzzle, this is the place for you. This is an escape room in which you need to solve puzzles and decode riddles to be set free.

Navin Skating Arena

Skate across the ice any time of year at this arena. There are many rinks here and sometimes they host ice-hockey games. So, if you can’t skate you can still watch the action.

Hop ‘n Jump

This is every child’s dream come true. Hop ‘n Jump is filled with fun activities like indoor jumping castles, painting stations, and space to run free. You can even book a space here for a party. And because it’s indoors, come rain or shine, kids have a place to get rid of all their energy.

Trombetta’s Farm

For some outdoor fun, you can go play mini-golf at Trombetta’s Farm. There is plenty to see and great food here too.

Movers in Marlborough

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