What to Know About Moving Somewhere Coastal

We all dream of owning property near the scenic ocean, but does this location live up to its standards? Like every new place you move to there are things, you’ll need to adjust to. This post will help new residents after movers in Manchester by the sea have helped them relocate so they can learn what to expect from moving somewhere coastal.

Benefits of living by the sea

Living by the ocean comes with many benefits. If you come from living in a busy city to a quiet coastal town, you’ll see the benefits drastically benefit your life. Here are some benefits to living coastal. Movers in Manchester by the sea can give you information of the possible benefits such as:

Health Improvement

Moving to a town by sea can have a positive impact on your health. Coastal towns have a relaxing and serene atmosphere. In the past doctors would prescribe trips to coastal locations for their patients. The escapism to a serene and relaxing environment helps free them of their ailments. Taking a break from the stressful, busy city can help cure anxiety, depression, and other illnesses.

Clean ocean air can be a contributing factor to an increase in health. We often forget the drastic effects air pollution could be having on our health. Cities are full of air pollution, whereas the coastal areas tend to have cleaner air. The fresh sea air could have long-term benefits for your health.

Living by the ocean also promotes a healthier lifestyle. When you live in a coastal location you’re usually surrounded by lots of nature. This acts as a great motivator to stay fit and healthy. You are more likely to go out for walks or runs if you have scenic routes to take. You’d feel more motivated to get up early to go for a jog before work if you could run by the beachfront while watching the sunrise.


Being surrounded by nature is a huge benefit of living by the sea. Getting closer to nature can improve your overall happiness. Nature has the power to de-stress and heal us. Stress can put a huge toll on our well-being, so if you’re moving to a coastal location you get the benefit of letting your surroundings relieve you of all your burdens. Not only does nature help us find ourselves but it also brings us closer to others. It’s been proven that living by nature makes people more helpful and promotes supportive and loving behavior.

Many people choose to go visit places by the ocean for their holidays, but you’re lucky to live in a holiday environment all year round. You get to access the beautiful ocean whenever you please and have frequent fun beach days! Along with the beautiful scenery of the ocean, you also get to see a wide variety of wildlife.

Raising children

Coastal towns are also a great place for raising children. Having children raised around nature helps to keep them down to earth. They learn to appreciate the little things in life and have gratitude for nature and wildlife. It’s also an atmosphere that promotes healthy lifestyles. These are great habits for your children to learn as they grow up. Not only does living by the sea positively impact your children, but it’s also a really fun and exciting experience for them.

Negatives of Living by the Sea

There are lots of benefits that new residents to Manchester have to look forward to. Movers in Manchester by the sea can also advise on what to look out for. With positives come negatives. Living by the sea isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Here are some negatives to look out for:

Unpredictable Weather

Just because you live by the sea does not mean that the weather is always sunny and breezy. Living on the coast means that your weather can sometimes be unpredictable. It depends on which coastal town you’re located in, some experience floods, others experience hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. Regardless of what weather Manchester by the sea experiences, you may want to get good insurance to protect your house, cars, and valuable belongings.

The bad weather can also result in home deterioration. Heavy rainfall, hurricanes, and floods can damage roofing and other elements of the home. If you live right by the sea you could experience even more damage to your property. The sea air can rust metals, the sand can get into the interior of your home and the sun can damage the finishing on the exterior. When the tide is high it could end up flooding your exterior and potentially cause damage to the interior of your house. All these impairments will become costly to repair, but leaving them will cause the value of your home to depreciate.

Everything is Slower

Moving from a city to a coastal town is a drastic contrast. Cities are constantly busy, whereas coastal towns are the exact opposite. If you’re moving to a location by the ocean, be prepared to experience a major slow down. Everything is more relaxed and nonchalant. Although this may be good for escapism from your daily stress, it may not be the best for a long-term change.

You reflect what you’re surrounded by, so if the atmosphere of coastal areas is constantly mellow this will rub off onto you. This could be seen as negative in the long run because it’ll make you demotivated. Other people being nonchalant about work, their careers, or their general lives, will cause you to care less about those things as well. This will potentially make you strive for less and settle for the bare minimum.


During Summer and holiday times you’ll see a surge in the town’s population. This could be seen as a positive or negative factor, depending on how you look at it.

It’s positive because holidaymakers bring more business and help out small, local businesses. Tourism helps the town financially. The energy of the town will also be more vibrant, as everyone is excited about their holidays. The negatives may be that the beaches will become too crowded and busy for your liking. Your favorite restaurants and places may be fully packed, negatively impacting your holidays.


Moving to coastal towns is a breath of fresh air. It’s an experience that can change your way of living and help you lead a healthier life. However, there are negatives to look out for, but I think it’s safe to say that the positives outweigh them by a large margin. Speak to Stairhopper Movers if you are moving to Manchester by the Sea for comprehensive quotes and local advice.

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