While there may be quite a few shakers and movers in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, it is better known for being a quiet, picturesque small town. Most residents in the area are home owners and the area is also hailed as being a great town for retirement. The town is only around ten and a half square miles with around 5% of that being water. The current population is under 13 000 people. The northern border is the Ipswich River. There are several brooks, ponds and lakes throughout the town. These include Reedy Meadow, Walden Pond, Suntaug Lake and Pillings Pond. In the southeast corner of town is a small portion of the Lynn Woods Reservation.  To the northwest is a portion of a National Guard base known as Camp Curtis Guild.


Lynnfield is bordered by the towns of North Reading, Reading and Wakefield as well as Lynn, Peabody and Saugus. One of the local traffic landmarks is the Lynnfield Tunnel which sees traffic from Massachusetts Route 129 as well as US Route 1. The nearest rail service is in Wakefield and the closest airport is Beverly Municipal Airport.  If you are looking for international flights, the nearest airport would be Logan International Airport in Boston. Lynnfield is in Essex County and is a suburb of Boston.


Originally Lynnfield was two villages South Lynnfield and Lynnfield Centre, but they had one governing body. The area was first settled in the year 1638 and was only incorporated in 1814.  At that time the town only had a granite quarry, two inns, a carbonated beverage bottling company and a few places to eat. Some of the attractions to this small town included ballroom dancing and horse shows. Rail service was only suspended in the early 1960s and prior to that people could commute via the Boston and Maine Railroad.


The average income in Lynnfield is higher than most areas of the United States. The area has also become the home base for many professional athletes due to the relative seclusion, while still being in close proximity to Boston.  Some of the athletes in the area have included Phil Esposito and Dwight Evans among a long list of well-known names.

Pros of living in Lynnfield

Lynnfield is a quiet suburban area which still has access to services and shopping malls nearby without being the centre for commerce itself.  There are limited shops in the suburb and businesses are mostly restaurants and similar establishments.

There are well rated Elementary, Middle and High Schools in the area. On standardized tests, the school system in this suburb scored consistently at one of the highest rates in the state.

Property values in the area are quite high with the average home being at around $550 000, which is close to $100 000 higher than the average in the nearby towns of Middleton and Reading. It also seems to be in a growth phase, showing a good increase year on year. This may also be a reason that people are moving to the suburb. While there are no movers in Lynnfield itself, Stairhoppers Movers provide an excellent service to move to or from Lynnfield.

Cons of living in Lynnfield

There is minimal cultural and ethnic diversity. Close to 95% of the residents of Lynnfield are white. Most homes are 2 parent, heterosexual families with some measure of wealth. Children have limited exposure to people from different backgrounds in general while growing up.

Lynnfield town services

Lynnfield provides curbside solid waste removal and recycling, drop-off recycling, hazardous waste clean-up, fire services, policing as well as snow removal. The Town Hall houses the administrative offices. The Town Administrator, Town Clerk, Town Accountant, Tax Collector, Board of Health, Department of Public Works, Recreation Department, Veterans’ services, Building/Zoning, Conservation and Planning are housed in these offices.  The Public Library, Council on Aging and the School Department all have buildings of their own. One of the services operated by the town includes two public golf courses of nine holes each. Government of the town as well as community groups rely heavily on volunteerism. There are a few elected town officials, with most being volunteers and only the Board of Assessors and members of the Select Board actually receiving annual stipends. Members of the community carry out most of the governance without compensation.

Lynnfield is a mostly suburban style community with recreational, cultural and educational appeal. Most of the business districts are located along the major highways and this quite suburb is largely a residential community only. While there are some apartments and townhouses, the area is mostly single-family homes. The suburb is well rounded when it comes to age groups. There are new families with small children as well as elderly people who retire to this quiet residential suburb. Many people will move to Lynnfield to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lynnfield offers the best of both worlds with its small-town charm but with easy access to all the big city offerings just a short trip down the highway.

Moving to Lynnfield

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