Looking for movers in Lincoln, Massachusetts? Let’s see what this town has to offer! Lincoln is a small town in Middlesex County in Boston’s MetroWest. MetroWest is a group of towns and cities that lie east of Worcester and west of Boston in Massachusetts. The name ‘MetroWest’ has existed since the 1980s when it was coined by a newspaper local to the area. Lincoln has a history rich in colonialism and has existed since European settlers arrived in 1654. The current population is around 6500 and a proportion of its population is made up of Hanscom Air Force Base residents. The town occupies 15 square miles, of which 4.26% is water.


To the north of Lincoln is Bedford, to the northwest, you’ll find Concord and to the southeast is Waltham. Just outside of the town’s eastern border is Cambridge Reservoir, which separates the town from the Route 95 highway. To the west, lies Sudbury River. Lincoln has its own railway station to the southwest of the town and its closest airport is Boston Logan International Airport.


Lincoln was originally a part of Concord and most of it came about as a separate town after a substantial area of southeast Concord was split off in 1754. The town separated because of residents being inconvenienced due to the distances they had to travel to places of worship and so there was a petition for it to be separate.  This new town was sometimes referred to as “Niptown” as it comprised of parts of adjacent towns that were “nipped off” at their edges. It is thought that Lincoln, Massachusetts is the only town in the United States that is actually named after the city Lincoln in England and not President Abraham Lincoln or Benjamin Lincoln, the Revolutionary War Major General. A large portion of the Revolutionary War’s first battle, the Battle of Lexington and Concord, took place in Lincoln.


The average income in Lincoln is higher than most areas of the United States with the median household income being $139,000 according to the most recent census, which is around $55,000 higher than the median household income for Massachusetts as a whole. Less than 1% of Lincoln’s population is below the poverty line.

There are some notable people who are from Lincoln or who have lived in the town. This includes Pulitzer Prize-winner David Herbert Donald and two musicians from They Might Be Giants John Flansburgh and John Linnell whose album Lincoln was also named after the town.

Pros of living in Lincoln, MA

Lincoln has a low population density with just over 400 people per square mile. The population of the town has decreased by 20% in the last 20 years, making it have a quiet, suburban feel. The median age of residents is 43.4 years, which is around 4 years older than the state median age, making this a suitable place for families and older generations to settle. Movers in Lincoln often enjoy the family feel of the local area.

In terms of crime rates, Lincoln fares well. In 2019, there were only 2 burglaries and 14 thefts. There were no auto thefts, robberies or murders. In fact, there has only been 1 recorded murder in the last 15 years. When compared to the whole of the U.S., Lincoln’s crime rate is exceptionally low. This is reflected in the number of full-time law enforcement employees there are per 1000 residents (1.91), which is lower than the state average by 0.5.

Lincoln is home to many scientists and artists. It has more designers, artists and media workers than 9/10 American communities, which really shapes its character. Many Lincoln movers settle here as families thanks to the low crime, good schools and college-educated demographic.

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Cons of living in Lincoln

One downside to this lovely, peaceful town is the reflection in its house prices. The average home in this town costs around $1,159,430. Over the past year, these have risen by almost 9%. Lincoln homes are not only among the most expensive in the state of Massachusetts but also in the whole of the United States so movers in Lincoln can expect to pay more for their new home.

The town is also a predominantly white-collar town and over 98% of the workforce have a white-collar job, which is well above the average nationally. Due to the army base, there are a number of people who are in military roles too.

If you’re after a busy nightlife and some hustle and bustle of the city, Lincoln probably won’t be the place for you.

Lincoln town services

Lincoln provides curbside trash collection and also has a Transfer Station. The town pays for the trash to be incinerated per ton and actually bans recyclables from trash including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, metal and yard waste.

The Town Office is on Lincoln Road and is open between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. The office is home to the Town Clerk, the Town Administrator, the Town Treasurer and the Town Moderator among others. Most positions are elected positions.

Moving to Lincoln

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