Ipswich is a coastal town located in Essex County, Massachusetts, with a thriving population of roughly 13,000 residents. This town has a very vibrant tourist economy that attracts thousands of people to the area annually. Ipswich is also the home of Sandy Point Reservation and Willowdale State Forest as well as the southern region of Plum Island. If you decide to make Ipswich your permanent residence, you are assured a peaceful life filled with all the fun you can imagine. The annual Ipswich Chowderfest is a popular festival in the town. Tourists also enjoy visiting Crane Beach. Relocating to Ipswich will require the services of movers in Ipswich, but before we get to that, let us provide you with more information about this thriving town in Essex County.

History of Ipswich Town

Ipswich in Essex County, Massachusetts should not be confused with Ipswich in England, UK, even though both go by the same name. This town is located in Essex County in Massachusetts State, US. John Winthrop the Young founded it and he was the son of John. After he was elected governor in England, he, alongside hundreds of colonists, sailed in a fleet of 11 ships from England to the new world in 1630. At the head of the fleet was John Winthrop’s flagship called the Arbella. On June 12, 1630, Aboard the Arbella, they met with the native chief of the area to the north of the Massachusetts Bay colony, Chief Masconomet.

The chief called the area over which he ruled Wonnesquamsauke, but the English colonists found it hard to pronounce the name, so it was anglicized to Agawam. From there, the colonists sailed to the south to settle temporarily in a new town, Charlestown.

Geography of Ipswich

Drainage transmits water from the town into the Plum Island Sound and the Ipswich River, with both areas connecting paths and transmitting water onward into a channel at the foot of a hill called Castle Hill. The path on this hill connects to Ipswich Bay which then joins the Atlantic Ocean waterway. There is another area within Ipswich called the Crane Estate with long lawns that overlook the Bay.

Transportation Routes

The transportation routes in Ipswich are very developed compared to what is obtainable in many other suburban towns in Massachusetts and other parts of the US. This is why movers in Ipswich rate the area very highly because of the quality of the transport routes. There is a station along Newburyport and Rockport Line at the MBTA Rail. This rail station services Newbury Port and North Station. Ipswich does not have an airstrip, but there are small airstrips in the nearby town of Newbury. It is not very far from Boston’ Logan International Airport. For road commuters, they can use the Ipswich Essex Explorer for summertime shuttling to connect the MBTA train station.

Tourist Sites and Landmarks

Ipswich has a thriving tourism industry which remains one of the best in Essex County. Due to the influx of visitors, quite a number of restaurants, bars, and fun spots have opened up in the area. Some of the popular landmarks and tourist sites in the area include

  • Castle Hill
  • Choate Bridge
  • Appleton Farms
  • Brown Stocking Mill District
  • Crane Beach
  • South Green Historic District
  • John Whipple House


Students in Ipswich have outperformed students in many other school districts. There are close to 2,000 students enrolled in PK and K-12 grades with a positive student-teacher ratio of 11-1. This stat is higher than the Boston average of 12-1. A closer look at the academic performance of Ipswich students shows that 66% are proficient in math while 73% are proficient in reading. This result is far above the national English and Mathematics proficiency average. Ipswich is indeed a town with very good educational standards.


Ipswich is a middle-income community with a stable and sustainable living standard. In 2018, for instance, the median working age was 47.8 years, and the median household income was $68,289. Between 2018 – 2020 the population grew by a few thousand residents. Over the last five years, movers in Ipswich have had to expand their network to cater to the needs of middle-income earners moving to the area to take up permanent residency.

Benefits of living in Ipswich

The benefits of living in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts are too numerous to list in this article, but suffice to say that the town has a good road network, lovely natural features, and a bustling tourism industry. Taking up permanent residency here will be a no-brainer as you get to enjoy all the luxuries of the area permanently that visitors pay to enjoy temporarily.

The schools are good, the community is safe, and the social amenities are up to standard. You also have easy access to all the parks and fun spots in the area.

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Moving to Ipswich

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