Hingham is one of the first places that was colonized. In 1633 it was settled and called Bare Cove. When they first arrived, this was home to a Native American tribe the Algonquin Nation. They taught the settlers about farming corn and ensured that they had food.

It was only two years later that this became a British settlement. In 1635 a reverend and his congregation moved to the area. It was then renamed Hingham because these new settlers came from Hingham in England. It then also became part of Massachusetts.

Thirty years later the Algonquin Nation and the Sachem Wompatuck tribe, were almost wiped out by disease and attacks from other Native American tribes. The dying tribe decided to hand over their land to the settlers. The tribe had called this place ‘the beginning of the world’. Today there is a park in Hingham called ‘world’s end’ and there is also a monument in the town hall commemorating these events.

The oldest wooden church in the whole of the United States is in Hingham. It was built in 1681 and services are still held there to this day. The town truly began to prosper after the American Revolution and the War. Fishing, milling, farming, and shipping. By the 1800s the fishing community was very successful and this made Hingham one of the main US ports.

Originally called Derby School, in years it became Derby Academy. Although the school itself has moved the school building still stands. It is in this building that you will find the Hingham Historical Society.

Civil War

Then came the civil war. By this time Hingham had grown significantly and over eight hundred men from the town joined the army. The Congressional Medal of Honor. This is one of the highest honors one can receive. Seaman Herbert Lewis Foss for his bravery and calm demeanor during the war.

World War 2

Then by the time World War 2 hit the town was home to a naval base. This facility now makes up part of Wompatuck State Park. The town also built many convoy ships in its harbor. At one point there were more than twenty thousand people employed at the port. This ensured maximum production.

After The Wars

After the wars, the men came home and the town grew significantly. They, therefore, needed more homes and schools. Many of these old buildings still stand and boast of the rich history of the town. This growth led to more infrastructure. The townsfolk decided that they also needed to ensure that there was natural land. Even today Hingham places great value on conservation areas and parks.

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Hingham today

Today Hingham is home to over twenty-four thousand people. Over half of the population is over the age of eighteen. Of these people, more than ninety-eight percent of these people are high school graduates, and more than seventy percent have a college degree.

Given these statistics, it is no surprise that most of the population work in professions such as healthcare, technology, education, and finance. This allows for the average income to be almost eighty thousand dollars per capita; this adds up to a household income of over one hundred and forty thousand dollars.

For those interested in moving to Hingham homes vary in price. The majority of the houses in Hingham go for between six hundred thousand and one million dollars. However, there are also more reasonable homes. Just over twenty percent of the property in Hingham is valued between four hundred and fifty thousand, and five hundred thousand dollars.

Given these prices, it is incredible to see that almost eighty percent of the people in Hingham live in homes that they own. This is a true testament to the wealth and prosperity of this town. To become one of the eighty percent you need to contact movers in Hingham.

Things to do in Hingham

Because of the rich history of the place, there are many historical sites to visit, there is also a lot of natural lands that the people of Hingham hold dear. All of these places are great places to visit.

World’s End

This is one of the town’s conservation areas of over two hundred and fifty acres. Here you can take a walk through the trees or along the river. There are beautiful birds and butterflies filling the sky and plenty of places to sit and enjoy nature.

Bare Cove Park

This park bears the name the town originally had. Here there are trails for walking, running, or cycling. There is also a river and plenty of places to enjoy nature.

Paragon Carousel

Just five minutes from the center of Hingham is this historical gem. This Carousel made up part of Paragon Amusement park. It is the only ride that survived all these years. For this reason, in 1999, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places

The Old Ship Church

This church was built in 1681 and is now a Landmark. It is the oldest church in the US to still hold services. The church got its name from the architectural style of the building. The huge oak beams which make up the ceiling look like the outer frame of a ship.

The Old Ordinary of The Hingham Historical Society

This is one of the many museums in the state of Massachusetts that was once home to European settlers. Hingham Historical Society. Like many of the museums owned by Historical Societies in the area, it aims to preserve history and display it in a way that helps us understand the way that early settlers lived.

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