Hamilton is a small, peaceful town in eastern Massachusetts. It sits at the eastern side of the middle of Essex County. Among the many attractions of living in Hamilton is its close proximity to the Atlantic coastline. Here is where tourists and residents go to enjoy the beach or to go boating.

The ambiance in Hamilton is one of a traditional, rural suburban neighborhood. Tall trees line the roads and stone walls mark property lines. Many of the houses have a rich historic significance and are wonderful architectural sites to behold. The downtown has a number of family friendly shops and restaurants, as well as a few parks, including the well-known Patton Park.

Equestrian events play a huge role in life in Hamilton. There are several old horse farms that have been in the town for centuries. Myopia Hunt Club, a renowned private foxhunting club in South Hamilton, regularly holds equestrian events such as polo on the weekends. In fact, horseback riding is quite common in Hamilton. It is not uncommon to see riders sharing the roads with cars.

Together with its next door neighbor Wenham, also a town in Essex County, Hamilton was recently named one of the Best Places to Live by Boston Magazine. But before you uproot your family from your present home and start looking for movers in Hamilton, here are some things you should know about the town.


Hamilton has a total area of 14.9 square miles, most of which is land. Water takes up less than 1 square mile of the town’s coverage. This includes portions of the Ipswich River and the Chebacco Lake, which border the town on the east and west sides, respectively.

To the north of Hamilton lies Ipswich and to the south lies the town of Wenham. To the east is Essex and a little further down is Manchester-by-the-Sea. The town of Topsfield completes the western boundary. Hamilton is approximately 37 kilometers northeast of Boston.


As of the last count in 2018, Hamilton had a population of 8 098. Interestingly, this shows a decline in total population which was already at 8 251 back in 2009. A large majority or 94.2 percent of the total population is white. Asians make up about 4.3 percent and blacks make up about 0.5 percent. The rest of the population is a mix of Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and other people of other races.


It was back in 1638 when settlers first arrived in Hamilton. Originally, Hamilton was just a part of the coastal town of Ipswich. People referred to it as The Hamlet. The first official land owner in Hamilton was Matthew Whipple, who owned and developed the Whipple farm.

In June of 1793, the town was formally established and named after Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the US. In 1839, the Boston and Maine Railroad was built, drawing more people to the area. The relocation of the affluent Myopia Hunt Club from Winchester to South Hamilton was also a major factor in shaping the residential community in the town. Club members put up sizable homes in the farm village. The Club also donated the land which would eventually become the General George S. Patton Memorial Park. To this day, the park serves as the main recreational hub for residents of Hamilton.

Pros and Cons of Living in Hamilton, Massachusetts

Hamilton is mostly a residential community, which is one of the reasons why it is a very peaceful and quiet place. Most of the residents own their homes while a few are renters. It is not very crowded and there are very few noises due to traffic. This peace and quiet is one of the main reasons why movers in Hamilton have been quite in demand recently. More and more people are attracted by its tranquil surroundings, which is ideal for retirement or raising a family. Movers in Hamilton often find themselves bringing in young families to the town, precisely for this reason.

Aside from the notable absence of noise and pollution, Hamilton also has a very low crime rate. Children can play outside the homes or in the parks and the parents will not have to worry for their safety. There are abundant job opportunities with good pay. Although there are just a few schools in the area, all of these have very high standards of education.

The downside is that shops, restaurants, schools and other establishments are quite sparse. It is not very advisable to do your errands on foot. You will need a car to move around easily. The cost of living is also rather high. Hamilton homes have an average value of $569,100 and the cost of daily essentials is also much higher than the national average.

If you have the means and resources, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t start looking for movers in Hamilton right away. It might be a bit more expensive to live in Hamilton but the perks far outweigh this one drawback.

Moving to Hamilton

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