Movers in Georgetown will tell you for a fact that this small town in Essex County, Massachusetts, is a place where couples looking for a serene environment to raise their kids will love. Not many small towns in Massachusetts and the US boasts of the living standards of this small town. Incorporated in 1838, with a population of more than 8,000 residents, Georgetown is a peaceful residential area with good road networks and social amenities. If you are interested in moving to Georgetown, we are sure that you will want to know more about the area. That is exactly what this article for.

Georgetown Geography and History

Georgetown has a total area of 13.2 square miles, most of which is land. About 12.9% of the town has a landmass, while the remaining 0.31 square miles is water. Located at the edge of hills and plains in the northeast of Massachusetts, this town is surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. If you like interacting with nature, you will definitely love the area. There are several brooks and streams and some major ponds. The notable ponds are the Pentucket Pond and the Rock Pond. Georgetown also has quite a number of protected areas, some of which include the Georgetown Rowley State Forest, The Crane Pond Wildlife Area, the Lufkins Brook Area, and the Boxford State Forest.

Population and Housing

The current population of Georgetown in the Boston Suburb stands at 8,695, but some other estimates peg the population under 10,000. In terms of homeownership, most of the residents in the area own their own homes, but there are rented apartments available.


One of the perks of living in Georgetown is the quality of its school. The public schools in the area have an above average performance level compared to the state and national average. There are about 1,404 students enrolled in the PK and K-12 grades with a student-teacher ratio meeting the 14:1 standard. As for student performance, 58% of the students are proficient in math, while 66% are proficient in English. Georgetown has its own school district and does not share any regional association with other municipalities. It also has three public schools in total, namely Penn Brook Elementary School, Perley Elementary School, and Georgetown Middle High School.

There are also private schools located in the area if you don’t want your child in a public school. One of the closest private schools is located in Newbury called The Governor’s Academy. There are also two vocational schools which are the Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School and the Merrimack Eastern Vocational School

Famous Landmarks and sites

Georgetown has a very vibrant tourist economy with so many sites and landmarks. The local economy relies on the entertainment and social economy to stay afloat. There are so many parks in the area and coffee shops for those who are coffee connoisseurs. Some of the most visited sites include the

  • Georgetown Rowley Forest
  • Dickinson Pillsbury Witham House
  • The Old Nancy Canon
  • Goodrich Massacre Sites
  • Adams Clarke House
  • Brocklebank Nelson Beecher
  • Peabody Library

Income for Georgetown

Georgetown in Massachusetts State has a relatively higher income average compared to the US average. The median household income in the town is $106,898, which is about 4 times higher than the US average of $28,555.

Benefits of living in Georgetown

Georgetown is one of the best places to live in Essex County. The location is safe and has a very low crime rate. The social amenities in this area remain one of the best in Massachusetts, which best explained why middle-class folks prefer to live here. The relaxation spots in the area also make it a very lovely place to reside. There are several coffee shops and restaurants in the town. If you love to be near nature, you will also like the parks in and around the town.

As you may already know, towns with a median income above the national average tend to have access to quality health care and education. School enrollment in Georgetown is at almost 100%, with the percentage of high school dropouts almost nil. Another major advantage of living here is the tranquil nature of the town. It is not overcrowded neither will you have to deal with the challenges faced by residents of big cities.

There are really no disadvantages to living in Georgetown. However, if you prefer the hustle and bustle of big cities, you may consider the town as being too quiet.

Moving to Georgetown

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