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Massachusetts has received acclaim as one of the best states to live in. The lower crime rate, in general, has made it appealing, along with beautiful towns and scenic open spaces. In a world full of built-up cities, wide-open spaces are a welcome change, especially if you have a family.  Even the bigger cities have an old-world charm about them, with all the modern luxuries that you could possibly need.

Today, our article will take a closer look at the city of Framingham, which was known as Framlingham before its incorporation into a town in 1700. This city has a population of an estimated 77 430 people. Framingham was home to several notable people in all fields. People such as Jack Patrick Lewis, the state representative for the 7th District, Pie Traynor a former Major League Baseball player, actress Nancy Travis and so many more; all at one time or another called Framingham home. Finding good movers in Framingham when you are moving to the town may seem complicated, but if you call Stairhopper movers, they will simplify it all for you.


If you are considering a move to anywhere, you need to know about the quality and location of healthcare. From General Practitioners to Dentists, from specialists to hospitals, you need to know about them. Of course, no one wants to think of needing healthcare, but it is a reality.

The Metro West Medical Centre is a hospital in Framingham, with advanced diagnostic and treatment, by experienced health care professionals. Not only does Metro West provide caring and excellent healthcare, but they also have training programs for EMTs, the front line for emergencies. With this training program, they create jobs in the community, while providing necessary health care in the community.

Real Estate in Framingham

Before you pick up the phone to call movers in Framingham you will need more information on the real estate market in the city. Framingham is split into 8 villages: Downtown Framingham, Lakeville, Coburn Ville and Salem End Road make up South Framingham.  North Framingham is made up of Pinefield, Nobscot, Ridgefield, Saxon Ville and Framingham Centre. The real estate market in Framingham is as diverse as its people. With condominiums that are available for less than $100 000 to houses that go for more than a million.  There is housing for single professionals and families alike. Speak to your movers in Framingham about the various areas and they can offer a lot of relevant advice prior to your move.


14 Schools make up the Framingham public schools system. There are three middle schools, nine elementary schools, a pre-school and the Framingham High School. The community takes good care of the schools, even undertaking renovations to make the schools more modern. Framingham has three colleges which include Framingham State University and Massachusetts Bay Community College.

Eating and Entertainment

Framingham has an eating establishment to suit every palette. With foods from all four corners of the world, and every budget is catered for. If you are not in the mood to cook you will definitely find a place for yourself and your family to enjoy. There are fun breweries and fine dining establishments sharing downtown Framingham.

In the mood for a scenic and educational hike through spectacular gardens; try the New England Society garden in the woods. There is Callahan state park if you are a little more adventurous. The park has many hidden treasures to discover and is a photographer’s dream. Make a day of it with barbeque areas to take a break.

For a more cultural experience make your way down to Framingham University to see the Danforth Art Museum. The educational exhibits at the museum include a collection of American arts as well as changing contemporary art. The museum offers a variety of courses in the arts. Visual arts are not the only art forms represented in Framingham, performing arts are available for you to enjoy in the Framingham community theatre.  Dinner theatre that provides a great night out, gets lost in one of the original scripted works.

With boundless adventures and memories to create Framingham is a wonderful place to call home. There are outdoor and indoor activities for everyone.  Entertainment centers, amusement parks and craft beer tours. Your movers in Framingham can also give you some insight into the local culture and eateries.

Moving to Framingham

We hope that our article has helped you in your decision about moving to Framingham, Massachusetts. This charming city has so much to offer. The cost of living in Massachusetts is generally higher than the national average. The average income is significantly higher than the median for the rest of America. Housing costs in Framingham are higher than in some other areas, but there is housing for almost any budget, depending on size and area.

The small-town humility of a city of 77 thousand is heart-warming. With a crime rate that is below the national average, it is a good place to raise a family. It is always good to be vigilant no matter where you live. When you are ready to make the move to Framingham there are professional movers in Framingham that can help you have a move that is not as stressful as you may think. Whether you need advice or a packing service there are moving companies that can assist.

Deciding to move can be difficult, whether it is for work or educational requirements. To make it easier it is a good idea to research the neighborhood you will be moving to. Grocery stores are a requirement for any person. Find out where your nearest grocery store is, along with all the other things you need to know.


Moving to a new town is tough; Massachusetts people, in general, are friendly people. Community is important to them and when you become a part of their community you can rely on the people to support you. The Massachusetts police make it their aim to work with the community to keep the residents safe.

There are a lot of local businesses to support in Framingham. Opportunities are available to create new businesses in the town and the community work towards making the local businesses successful. Local businesses create work for the residents, which contributes to the low unemployment rate in the town. Movers in Framingham such as Stairhopper Movers can help make the transition easier whether it is within the town itself or from a completely different state. We hope that our article has given you some useful information on Framingham.

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