Essex is a small town that is perfect for raising a young family or spending your years after retirement. It is also a wonderful place to visit for vacations to serve as a respite for the busy urban life. In recent years, many movers in Essex have been bringing in families, young professionals and retirees from all over the country to build a new home here. It may be quite small but you will certainly want for nothing in Essex because it has so much to offer. By the time you finish reading about the great things about this town, you will want to start looking for movers in Essex because it is indeed the perfect place to live.


Essex is one of the coastal towns that make up Essex County in Massachusetts. It sits 26 miles to the north of Boston and 13 miles to the southeast of Newburyport. This small town is made up of 14 square miles of land and 2 square miles of water. Although there is no direct access to the Atlantic Ocean or Ipswich Bay, there are a lot of bodies of water inside the area of Essex. These include a number of creeks such as Soginese Creek, Hardys Creek and Walker Creek. The middle part of town is on marshes while the southwest portion is mostly occupied by Chebacco Lake. Essex has many protected areas and sanctuaries like the Allyn-Cox Reservation, the Stavros Reservation and the Crane Wildlife Refuge that includes many islands in Essex Bay.

To the north of Essex lies the city of Ipswich and to the south is Manchester-by-the-Sea. On the west is the town of Hamilton and on the east is the city of Gloucester. Although no major highways traverse the town of Essex, there are several ways to navigate the town. The Ipswich Essex Explorer bus serves the town during weekends and connects people to the Commuter Rail service and to major tourist sites.


Essex is one of the smaller suburbs of Boston. As of the last count in 2020, its population was 3,845. There is not much diversity in racial composition since 99% of the total population is made up of whites. The average age in years of people in Essex is 46.6 for males and 45 for females. Almost all residents or 82 percent of the population live in houses that they own.

Pros and Cons of Living in Essex, Massachusetts

There are three main points that make Essex one of the best places to live in, not only in Massachusetts but in the entire country. These are its peaceful ambiance, the excellent opportunities for educational and career growth, and the abundance of outdoor activities.

Peaceful Ambiance

The environment in the town of Essex is very peaceful, with its sparse rural suburban feel. Most of the residents own their homes and only 18 percent are renters. The violent crime rate is basically zero, and the incidence of burglaries and thefts are way lower than the national average. The chance of being a victim of a crime is 1 in 262. Residents consider the town to be a very safe place to live in.

Excellent Education and Career Opportunities

The school district of Manchester-Essex is consistently one of the most highly rated in the entire state. Both Manchester Essex Regional High and Middle Schools rank way above average in terms of the scores of their students on national standardized tests. The high school graduation rate is almost perfect at 99 percent.

As well, the employment rates are very good. The median household income is also quite high. At $109,185 it is 97 percent higher than the national average.

Abundant Outdoor Activities

Being very close to the shoreline, there are several outdoor activities that both grownups and children can partake in. The different kinds of boat tours are very popular for tourists in particular. There are also a number of water sports like surfing and paddle boarding. Golf is also a well-loved pastime, especially for the many retirees living in town.

When it comes to the disadvantage, the only main consideration might be the rather steep cost of living. Food and other basic needs are more expensive in Essex compared to the average US town. There is also not much diversity when it comes to demographics and lifestyle. If you like the nightlife, you might be a bit disappointed as well with the lack of options.

Despite these drawbacks, the pros of living in Essex do far outweigh the cons. So if you are keen on locating the perfect place to raise your kids or to spend your retirement years, it would be advisable to start looking for the best movers in Essex right away.

Moving to Essex

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