Are you looking for movers in Dover? As a small town in Norfolk County, Dover is the wealthiest town in Massachusetts. As a result, it is a highly sought-after place to live. It has a population of 6,127 in 2019 made up of 2,105 households. The median income is in excess of $250,000!

It is located southwest of Boston at a distance of around 15 miles away. Primarily it’s a residential town which is situated on the Charles River banks. It is a quaint place and only one and a half miles of the town’s roads are state highways. As a town, 75% of its town budget goes on snow removal each year.

To the north are the towns of Wellesley, Needham, and Natick, to the east is Westwood, to the south are Medfield and Walpole and to the west is Sherborn.

The History of Dover

It was 1640 when records report the first settlement at Dover. Later, in 1748, it became known as the Springfield Parish of Dedham and became a part of District Dedham by 1784. It became an official town in its own right in 1836.

The oldest building is thought to be The Benjamin Caryl House on Dedham Street which dates from around 1777. It was named after the town’s first minister whose son, George, was also the first town doctor. After the Caryl family moved out, the house has been owned by the town of Dover with great involvement of the Historical Society. The house reflects life in the 1790s when it was first inhabited by the Caryls.

Dover Geography

The US Census Bureau allocates a total of 15.4 square miles to the town of Dover, with only 0.1 square miles of this being water. As mentioned above, it is bordered by many other towns.

Interesting Facts

The town is unique in that it is famous for a sighting of a humanoid in the 1970s. The first sighting happened in the 1970s and there have been six unrelated reported sightings altogether. William Bartlett was the first to claim he had seen the creature on top of a broken wall. Other sightings followed also, from teenagers. The sightings spanned a couple of nights and followed a straight line over the course of two miles.

The sightings describe the creature as having a long and large head, skin without hair or fur beyond the feet, and hands that are long and fixed to the surface. One of the cryptozoologists who investigated the case named it the Dover Demon. Some people believe that the sightings are of alien origin, others believe it is an animal rather like a primate. In recent times, there have been no further sightings to report. Police believe it may have been a school hoax in the middle of the vacation period.

Movers in Dover

The population of Dover is growing. In 2000, there were 5,558 people living in the town, which is considerably fewer than the 2009 census data cited above. Indeed, Stairhopper Movers have helped countless people move into Dover in recent years. The town is made up largely of white inhabitants, at just over 95%. Asian people make up 3.6% of people, 1.19% Hispanic or Latino (equating to approximately 105 people), and the remainder of the population is black (0.41%), with very small percentages of Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, other races, and mixed race (0.04%, 0.02%, 0.05%, and 0.67% respectively). Most households (46%) have children and 77% of homes consist of a married couple.

Income in Dover

There is a distinct difference in the income of males and females. Males have a median income of $100,000 with females at $56,473. Around 2.3% of families here are below the poverty line, including 7.1% of the over 65s.

With the median income for a household being around $250,000, it is no surprise that people are attracted to living in Dover.

Politics in Dover

In the past, Dover had more Republican registered voters than Democrats, one of only a few communities in the Boston metropolitan area to do so. The most recent nominee to win the town back in 2012 was Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor. He beat Barack Obama with a vote of 56%. However, recently, the town has acquired more registered Democrats. In 2016, the town switched allegiance and Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump with 57% of the votes. Joe Biden has also improved this lead and in 2020 he scored 69% of the votes.

Pros of Living in Dover

Dover gives movers the best of both worlds in that it has rolling land encompassing farms and hills yet is close to Boston. It feels a world away from the city, however. But, for those who enjoy life in the fast lane and all the mod cons of city life, the nearby larger towns have all the stores you could want.

The people in Dover really care about the green spaces. These Doverites enjoy the rural community feels with many properties being maintained by the Trustees of Reservations and land preservation groups. The community also shows great care and consideration toward the family unit. Kids, babies in strollers, middle schoolers, and high school students all feel welcomed in the town and socialize around the town’s green. There is no age limit for feeling a part of the community here. Dover is also home to the 10th best school in Massachusetts.

Cons of Living in Dover

The town’s pluses most definitely outweigh its negatives, but there are a few things to consider before making the move to Dover. Movers in Dover face pretty high property prices. The median price for a family home in the town was $1,090,250 in August 2017. This makes Dover the 12th most expensive place to live in Massachusetts!

Moving to Dover

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