Why move to Burlington

Are you looking for movers in Burlington? People move for many reasons. Maybe for a change of scenery, more space, a less costly lifestyle, better schools, a job opportunity, a love interest, to be closer to family, or to be somewhere you feel safe. But with each move the place we move to is important and there may be more than just the above reasons that push us to make the move. There are certainly these and other things to consider. So, let’s talk about Burlington Massachusetts, and why people move there.

Home, work, and what you earn…

Burlington is one of the busier cities in Massachusetts. The city is just under twelve square meters and is home to approximately twenty-nine thousand people. This means that in Burlington you get the feel of dense suburban life with all the perks of small-town living.

What are these perks you may ask? Space and a great sense of community to start.

Most people in Burlington are homeowners. Most homes have three bedrooms and luscious gardens. A home like this costs between six-hundred-thousand and nine-hundred-thousand dollars. But do not worry, property tax here is one of the lowest in

Although Burlington is one of the most expensive places to own property in the states most residents still own homes. How is this you may ask? Most people in Burlington have high-powered jobs, they are either CEOs, accountants, or managers. If you there it’s likely you will be one of these. In fact, Burlington has more people employed in fields linked to mathematics and information technology than any other state.

If you don’t know anyone or you have a small business that you plan on starting in Burlington that’s perfect too. In fact, one of the events people in Burlington look forward to is Greater Burlington Patio Networking.  Here you can learn more about businesses in the area or network to build your own brand.

School and beyond

There are six schools in the Burlington district. There are four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Burlington’s mathematics and reading proficiency rates are higher than that of the rest of the state. If you are looking to move for a better school for your children then Burlington is for you.

Due to bigger businesses in Burlington, there is a lot of money coming into the city (in the form of business tax) that funds schools. This, along with the many successful fundraising initiatives, make the schools in the district well-financed.

Another sector which is well run is the department of recreation. They allow Burlington children to enjoy camps that are almost free. This means that even when your child is not in school there is plenty for them to do in the city.

Crime rate

Burlington is one of the safest cities in the United States. For every one thousand people, less than twenty people are affected by crime.  This makes Burlington safer than more than thirty-four percent of America. In fact, it is safer than many other cities in Massachusetts (with a crime rate of one in three-hundred and five) and Burlington’s crime rate is less than half of that (one in six-hundred and thirty-six).

Overall lifestyle

Burlington’s money doesn’t just fund the schools. The city has many events that locals enjoy. In fact, these events are so brilliant that they bring in people from all over the state.  There are also many restaurants and cafes to visit as well as great ways to spend a weekend out in Burlington.

I have picked just a few of the most well-supported events – those everyone in, and around Burlington – looks forward to, as well as some great places to eat out.

Concerts on the Common

This is fun for the whole family. These concerts are (for the most part) free. You can pack a picnic and mingle with the Burlington community while enjoying a wide range of music. Simply check the upcoming events on their website.

There are many other less common events at the Common (yes that was intentional). Sometimes they also have outdoor movies. Once a year there is a Municipal Truck Day at which children (and parents) can check out an array of different vehicles.

National Night Out

Burlington and their exceptional Police Department host an annual Night Out. People from all over the city come out for some delicious food and just get to know each other and mingle with those fighting crime. Even though this isn’t really possible with the pandemic they still have the event online. Talk about a community that knows how to come together.

Eating Outside

Burlington has a wide range of restaurants, some of which allow you to enjoy the fresh outdoors.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

As the name suggests this is a seafood restaurant. Here you will get brilliant service and delicious food. If you don’t eat seafood don’t worry they have a wide range of food including vegan and gluten-free delights.

Mitho Restaurant

This is an Asian-inspired, gluten-free, health-conscious restaurant. They do not use artificial colorants, MSG, or even peanuts. But they are not only aware of what they serve they serve with great pride earning themselves a five-star rating.

The Brickyard

If you are a fan of red meat and all-American food this is the place for you. They offer some of the best steak and burgers in the city.

True North Coffee

If you don’t need a snack or a sweet treat there are also great coffee shops in Burlington. This is one of the most popular coffee shops in Burlington. This allows for a warm and upbeat atmosphere. Not only that but their cakes and sweet treats are delicious!

Making the move

There are many reasons why people move to Burlington and now that you know why all you need are movers in Burlington to help you with the process. Movers in Burlington will make the process so easy. Simply contact Stairhopper for an obligation-free quote. You can even get them to help with packaging and storage. They really are the best movers in Burlington.

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