Brighton is a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. A town that used to be its own town, but became a part of Boston in 1874. Allston and Brighton used to be one but they were separated though the area is still called Allston-Brighton.

The streets of Brighton are modern and wide. Your drive down these lovely roads will take you on a journey, a journey to a time when buildings were period based works of art. The aesthetic of these buildings is like going to a time gone by.

Brighton is a town full of college students. This is both positive and negative. The tenant turnover in the town is high. Though most people are respectful of other people’s property, there are exceptions. At times this can cause frustrations, but the students are a big part of the business income in the town.

Festivals and events

Brighton is a bustling suburb, where there is always something going on. The Main Street district is the place to be. The vibrant commercial center of Brighton is a good place to take a walk, it is pedestrian-friendly. It is safe to take an evening stroll down the street to see the storefronts and local businesses.

When it comes to festivals, they are mostly near Brighton, in Boston itself. You will be only minutes away from some spectacular events.

The Boston Calling Music Festival is an annual music festival.  Harvard Athletic Complex is home to this festival that has hosted some incredible artists. Artists like Major Lazer, Kendrick  Lemar, Twenty One Pilots and Ben Harper and so many more have graced the stage; during the three-day festival.

The Boston Marathon is one of the world’s oldest marathons that is held annually. The race is a 26-mile marathon that draws contestants from all over the world.

Boston’s harbor fest is a celebratory festival; which is held to remember the area’s history. The family-friendly festival has a whole host of activities that makes it a Fourth of July must. Live music, art displays, food for every taste and a parade with fireworks and lights.

Pros of living in Brighton

Brighton is full of young professionals, and young families. The suburb is diverse and the different ethnic groups and cultures live together in this great place.  The nightlife in Brighton is fun and vibrant, with a spot for every kind of person. The main streets are full of pubs, restaurants and coffee shops.

The architecture in Brighton is attractive and charming. These charming buildings have been home to some interesting people. Dennis Lehane, author of best-selling novels that are set in Boston; Aidan Thaggard, an infamous 1930’s bank robber and John Krasinski, an actor and director all called Brighton home.

Brighton and the surroundings have some of the best schools and colleges in the country. There are both public schools and private schools in the area. Brighton houses many of the Boston and surrounding college students and faculty from the various schools and universities.

Brighton is a safe place to live. This makes it ideal for students, professionals and shop owners. Everyone wants their neighborhood to be safe.

Cons of living in Brighton

There is a lack of parking available in Brighton. There is a decent and reliable public transport system, which means that you do not need to have your own car. With parking being as it is you would probably be better off without a car.

The cost of living is pretty high, though it is more affordable than some other areas.

Brighton has seen a lot of development recently, and not only does this create more of a traffic problem, not all the developers are not maintaining the aesthetic that is what makes Brighton beautiful.

The bustling nightlife is great, there is always something to do. Fun to be had by all. The problem with this is that sometimes it is a bit loud, if you are looking for a quiet night in and you are close to Main Street, it may only get quiet much later.

Crime rate

Before anyone moves, they need to know the crime rate. Our article is going to have a look at the crime rate in Brighton before you make contact with movers in Brighton. Brighton is a relatively safe town, it is still beneficial to know just what your chances are of being a victim of a crime, and what types of crimes are the most common.

The overall crime rate in Brighton is a staggering 75.11% lower than the national average. Violent crimes are almost 80% lower than the average United States statistics. Murder is a full 100% less than the average, along with rape. Robbery, aggravated assault, property crime, burglary, larceny-theft and vehicle theft are all significantly lower.

The district police department works with the community to keep the neighborhood safe, with various programs to include the community in their work. Integrity and professionalism are how the police uphold the law and community rights.

Moving to Brighton

Brighton has a variety of homes to choose from. There are apartments and houses, depending on your needs. The community is friendly and supportive. Brighton is near enough to the city for professionals that work in Boston to commute with ease. There is a lot of development going on in Brighton, both commercial and residential.

New residents to Brighton will be spoilt by choice when it comes to activities and restaurants. When you are ready to make the move to the diverse town you should find a company of movers in Brighton. Furniture and belongings all packed into your new home, now the fun starts. There are charming Irish pubs and fragrant Italian coffee shops. You could easily spend an entire day finding the right food for every meal.

The art museums are filled with local and national arts. The culture in this town is diverse. The people from Brighton have ancestry from all over the globe. The influences of all these cultures create a great environment for inspiration.

Great nature walks and trails will satisfy the adventurer in you. When you are ready, it is always a great idea to have professionals move your belongings with professional movers in Brighton. So find your movers in Brighton and make sure you read the reviews on their site. Give Stairhopper Movers a call for a comprehensive quote that meets your specific needs.

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