Why move to Beverly

Beverly is the perfect combination of commercial city life and quiet suburban living. Here you will find that there are many people, businesses, and great places to visit. It is also one of the safest places to live which makes it the perfect place to call home.


Beverly was one of the first places to run a cotton mill, for this reason, it was said to be the place where the American Industrial Revolution began. This was one of the biggest cotton mills of the 1700s and opened for business in 1787. In 1810 Beverly also started one of America’s first-ever Sunday Schools. Just over half the population is still Christian.

The first US military ship – Hannah – began its first voyage from Beverly Harbor. A model of this ship can be found at the police department.

Built in Beverly in 1902, the United Shoe Machinery Corporation was one of the first buildings to use reinforced concrete. Unfortunately, the factory has since closed down but many other companies now run from this same stretch of land. One such company made the world-famous board game Monopoly. Another world-renowned establishment that is a major part of Beverly is the Landmark School for those with learning disabilities.


Beverly is made up of just under twenty-three square miles, thirty-three percent of which is water. Two small islands also make up part of this city.

Many rivers run through the city The Bass River flows into Danvers River which runs into the harbor. Wenham Lake also forms part of Beverly and has many little streams which flow into it. Aside from the water, Beverly also has a lot of natural lands which make up the forest and reservation area.


There are over forty-one thousand people who live in Beverly making it one of the more densely populated cities in Massachusetts.

Most people in Beverly earn just under eighty thousand dollars and own homes. Most families in Beverly own two cars. They drive an average of thirty minutes to get to work.

Although Beverly is significantly larger than other neighboring towns it is still one of the safest places to live in, with a crime rate of under one percent.


Beverly is home to only one public middle school and two public High Schools (one of which offers alternative education. There are many private schools in the area though, some of which are internationally acclaimed.

There are two large universities in Beverly – Endicott College and Montserrat College of Art.

Things to do in Beverly

The western part of Beverly is urban while the east is less built up. There are many parks, beaches, and sports clubs to visit in Beverly.


Beverly has five beaches.

Dane Street Beach

This is home to one of the best play areas for children. It also has grass fields to sit on for those who do not want to tan on the sand.

Independence Park

This beach is rich in history and is the perfect picnic spot. With grass growing almost to the water’s edge you get the perfect combination of park and beach all in one spot.

Lynch Beach

Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect place to take a walk while you take it all in.

Woodbury Beach

Located near Lynch Beach, Woodbury is a slightly bigger beach. During the summertime, you will find lovely takeaway restaurants. And when in season you can visit the Rose Garden.

Beverly David S. Lynch Park

From the lush lawns of Beverly David S. Lynch Park, you have access to two beaches. You can even bring your fur child for a walk too if they are on a leash. A Rose Garden which is hired out for events also forms part of the park. This rose garden in Lynch Park Rose Garden and is one of the other parks in the area.

Obear Park and Lyons Park

Both of these parks are perfect for a day out with your children. They are filled with jungle gyms and plenty of space for children to run and have fun.

Sports Clubs

There are also Clubs to join Beverly. There is a Golf and Tennis Club which began in 1910. Then at Beverly Harbor, there is the Jubilee Yacht Club and beside the Bass River in Bass Haven Yacht Club.

Historical Sites

There are many old homes, buildings, and theatres in Beverly and it would be a great idea to take time to visit each of these landmarks.

Balch House Museum

Balch house is one of the few houses which was built during the 1600s that still stands. The house was built in approximately 1679 according to researchers. The land was given to the Balch Family to develop in 1636. They resided there for many years and it is now home to a museum. Unfortunately, it is not open year-round. Therefore, it is advised that you check the website before visiting.

North Shore- Music Theater

This is one of the last theatre-in-the-round stages in America. It is privately owned and often airs musical productions or concerts by famous artists.

Pros of living in Beverly

Beverly is the perfect combination of city and rural life. Some parts of Beverly are more built-up than others. This means that no matter what you look for in a home Beverly has it.

There are also gorgeous beaches and parks for outdoor fun all year round.

Beverly is one of the safest cities in the world with less than a one percent chance of being a victim of crime you will always feel at ease in Beverly.

Cons of living in Beverly

Beverly is not very diverse in terms of race or culture. However, because of its growth and the fact that it is a holiday destination, there are times when diversity visits the city.

Environmentalists also worry about the potential harm that a former missile site may have on Wenham Lake. However, after over fifty years there has yet to be any chemical pollutant found.

Moving to Beverly

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