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Massachusetts is overall a great US state to live in. It is one of the smaller states in America but has a lot to offer. In this article, we are going to focus on Andover, a medium-sized city in Massachusetts. This city has nearly 32 000 people that share the 32.1 square mile area. The Shawsheen River which runs through the town is one of the most significant bodies of water, along with Haggetts pond which is the town’s water reservoir. Andover has a rich history that started with the first settlers in 1636.

Once your movers in Andover have delivered your belongings you can start venturing into the town and find your favorite attractions. You will find a range of things to do, there is Andover village for some retail therapy and a spa for pampering. If you are a golfer you should visit the Andover Country Club and round off the afternoon with a gallery visit or a trip to the Oak & Brewing Co.

Natural features

Andover is bordered by five towns and one river. The Merrimack River makes up half the northern border. Along with the Merrimack, the town of Lawrence is on the northern border of Andover. North Reading, Wilmington, Tewksbury and Methuen make up the other bordering towns. Andover has three nature conservation reserves, the Harold Parker State Forest, Harold R. Rafton Reservation and the Deer Jump reservation. Andover boasts a range of glacial features such as drumlins and eskers.

Interesting History

Historically a manufacturing town, the first powder mill was established in 1775. Known as the home of America and Andover’s independent secondary schools can brag about past alumni including previous presidents, a chief justice and renowned medical professionals. The Salem witch trials did not miss Andover with more accused coming from this town than any other in New England.


The average income in Andover is 18 percent higher than most other American towns. If you are looking to buy a home you will be paying somewhat more than you would in other states. When you do buy your dream home you will need to find movers in Andover to make sure your goods arrive safely. Stairhopper Movers is one of the best-known movers for reliability and value. The most celebrated secondary school in the country is situated in Andover.

Why live in Andover

If you have children, Andover has celebrated schooling with high pass rates and a very healthy student to teacher ratio of 14:1. The independent secondary state has had some legendary people grace its hallways. There are cultural and natural attractions that add a different dimension to educating and bonding with children. Locals in Andover are mostly families with children; so your child will have no trouble finding potential friends.

The average income in Andover is higher than in most other states. Andover proudly has a lower-than-average crime rate, so you and your family can feel safe in your homes. The reserves and parks allow for outdoor events and outings, especially during the pleasant June, July and August months.

Cons of living in Andover

Andover has a higher rainfall than the rest of Massachusetts which is great news for your garden; outdoor events may have to be limited during rainfall time. Diversity in culture and different ethnic groups is limited; this limits children’s exposure to diversity. There are only small communities of different ethnic groups.

Andover attractions

Small town charm from a medium-size city, Andover has more to offer than you would think. The Addison Gallery Of American art has a celebrated range of American art, they even have a free admission program. This museum of art is not as large as other museums and provides a new intimate perspective.

Pomps pond is a great family outing. A great natural adventure. Surround yourself with nature while you soak up the sun, the mild climate means it is never uncomfortably hot. You will find exercise here more rewarding with the natural beauty.

No matter where you live, you will experience stress at some stage. Visiting the local spa with your loved one is a fantastic way to destress while spending quality time with your significant other. After your relaxing spa treatment, you could pop into one of the charming local eateries like the Oak & Iron Brewing Company for a traditional craft beer.

Moving to Andover

We hope that if you are considering moving to Andover that we have helped your decision. Before you start packing you should contact movers in Andover to find out what services they offer. No one wants to pack up an entire household of furniture if there are professional people that can help.

A charming town with picturesque scenery and store fronts is only part of the reasons people move to Andover. Leaders in industry, as well as tech start-up companies, make their home here. This helps keep the low unemployment rate.

Andover locals are proud of their city and the friendliness of their fellow residents. The low crime rate makes this a perfect place to raise a family. Conservation reserves and stunning nature is offset but complemented by a modern city. Traditional homes which are well maintained greet you from beautiful surroundings and views. This aesthetic is thanks to the continuous hard work of the city council.

Andover may not be the biggest town or city in Massachusetts but this town attracts a lot of big names. Large corporations are commonplace in Andover such as Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, Raytheon and Phillips all having setups in this Massachusetts town. The unemployment in Andover is less than 3 percent, and the average income is higher. The family orientated community is welcoming and friendly and supports each other. There are fine dining restaurants in Andover for special occasions or date nights. The Luna Rossa Restaurant has a good yelp rating so this is one place you have to see.

There are many important people that have gone through Andover, one of these people is Samuel Francis Smith. Mr Smith is the writer of the patriotic song ‘’America’’ and he is the reason Andover got the nickname ‘’Home of America’’.

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