How Much Does It Cost to Hire Wilmington Movers?

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful suburban neighborhood that is ideal for raising a family, Wilmington is an ideal choice. Consistently touted as one of the best places to live in the entire state of Massachusetts, this Boston suburb lies in Merrimack Valley in the country of Middlesex. As one of the more expensive cities in the state, it is only expected that relocating here comes at a steep price. If you do your research though, it would be easy to locate the top quality mover in Wilmington that can give you a high quality move within your budget.

If you want to know how much you would have to pay Wilmington movers, the first thing to understand is that each company computes its fees differently. As you will see, rates can vary widely. The reason for this is that the inclusions also vary. Low rates typically only include moving labor costs. The higher prices, on the other hand, are likely to be inclusive of all the moving services. Don’t hesitate to ask the movers in Wilmington about their fees and what they include.

Is It Really Costly to Hire a Mover in Wilmington?

Most residents immediately assume that moving in Wilmington is expensive, just based on the high cost of living in this city. It’s a reasonable assumption though, and has truth to it. Compared to moving costs in other parts of the country, the rates in Wilmington are indeed higher. A single mover might charge as much as $100 per hour. Most moves require at least two movers, which means you need to pay as much as $200 per hour just for labor.

Fortunately, there are many deals offered by a mover in Wilmington that would add up to a lower overall cost. Rather than it charges you an hourly rate per mover, they have competitively priced package deals of various sizes.

In Wilmington, the most popular package is the 3-mover crew which also includes the use of a moving truck. At an average rate of about $200 per hour, this is not the least expensive deal but it is the one that is most suitable for the majority of homes in the area. Let’s say you choose this package for moving your 3-bedroom home, a task that would take around 4 hours. At the $200 hourly rate, the total cost would add up to around $800.

Does a Mover in Wilmington Include Packing and Storage Services in the Estimate?

In giving you an estimate, moving companies will only include the services that you want to avail. If you ticked the boxes for packing and storage, they will include this in the price. Otherwise, the estimate will only cover the moving labor and trucking expenses.

The best way to get the most accurate estimate from a mover in Wilmington is to fill out the form as completely as you can. They can only work with information that you provide so make sure to enter the details correctly and completely. The most important pieces of information are the location, the date, and the kinds of items that you have.

How Much Do Wilmington Movers Charge for Other Services?

Each extra service that you check on the list has its own cost. Again, moving companies might charge differently and the prices we mention are just average rates. You need to ask them for the actual price.


Packing is a very useful service that is worth paying for. In Wilmington, the cost of professional packing services is in the same neighborhood as moving rates, which is about $50 to $100 per hour. This hourly rate typically applies to partial packing services. If you choose full service packing, the moving company will give you a flat rate for packing your entire house, which is inclusive of packing supplies.

Packing Supplies

To save money, you can collect large boxes prior to your move and use this for packing your belongings. You can also buy boxes from the movers for $5 to $20 each, depending on the capacity of the box. In this case, they would typically bring a set of packing supplies to you prior to moving day. They will count everything that you use and charge you accordingly on your final bill.


If you need to place your belongings somewhere temporarily, you can ask the moving companies about their warehousing service. The cost of renting storage units in Wilmington begins at $50 per month for a small room. The price increases as the storage units get bigger or if they have extra features like climate control, and so on.

How Much Are Long-Distance Moves by a Mover in Wilmington?

You have two primary choices for interstate moves. One option is the van lines, which can bring your belongings to any point in the US at the most affordable rate. For a Wilmington-LA move, you might only have to spend $2000. The problem is that van line services can take a long time. They have to fill up large trailers with combined moving jobs before starting on the trip. This can take months.

If you cannot wait that long, it is more practical to take the second option. That is, you can hire a local mover in Wilmington to take you to wherever you need to go. This is considerably more expensive. Depending on the amount of stuff that you have, this can cost you close to $10000. But the main advantage is that you will be able to finish the move in 4 days for a coast to coast move, and much sooner for a shorter distance.

How Should You Tip Movers?

A lot of hard work goes into moving and if you are satisfied with the outcome, it is a good idea to tip your movers as a thank you. As to how much, you can simply follow the general rule of thumb for tipping waiters or cab drivers, and give them about 10% of your total bill.

If you plan your move carefully and do your research, you can save a lot on your Wilmington move. It will be extremely helpful if you find an excellent mover that can handle your move perfectly at affordable rates. For more than 20 years, Stairhopper Movers has been one of the most reputable movers in Wilmington and other Boston suburbs. Give us a call and find out why hundreds of clients continue to trust us over the years!

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