How Much Does it Cost to Hire Swampscott Movers?

If you are planning to move houses anytime soon, the cost of hiring movers in Swampscott should be at the top of all your plans. The cost of transportation and logistics has spiked in recent times due to rising energy costs so families and businesses have had to plan their budgets carefully when hiring moving companies. If you wish to hire a top quality mover in Swampscott to handle your relocation the challenge will not be finding a good company you can trust but one whose rates you can afford to pay.

Despite the rate hike, you can still get a good deal but planning is key. Below, we review the cost of hiring a mover in Swampscott and the services and factors that may influence the final amount you will pay.

How Much to Hire a Mover in Swampscott

For starters, it is quite difficult to be sure of the hiring rates in Swampscott because there isn’t a general pricing policy adopted by all the movers in the area. Due to the absence of a general rate, getting an exact figure will not be possible. Secondly, rates tend to fluctuate due to the volatile cost of gasoline and the demand for moving services.

During peak periods moving companies tend to charge more for their services due to increasing demand and charge less due to a drop in demand. These factors make it a little difficult to get an accurate figure on your own.

However, when you consider the average rate charged by movers in Swampscott, you may need to set aside $300-$500 for a move. This is an average cost, not an exact cost. Meaning you may pay more or less for your move depending on the mileage and whether you will need extra services.

Cost of a Local Mover in Swampscott

Are you moving within Swampscott or to a nearby town or city not far from your current area? Such a move is called a local move and you need to prepare a budget for it.

A local move that will take 2 hours may cost you about $300 or less depending on the number of items you have, the size of the truck required, and whether you will need helping hands to pack and unpack your belongings. Other services include special equipment (if required), and the extra cost of handling special items among other needs. A local move may not take too much time but these other factors may jack up the price substantially.

Another thing to bear in mind is that a move that will exceed 50 miles can no longer be considered a local move. The longer time required to complete the project will always play a big role in price determination.

Cost of a Long Distance Mover in Swampscott

A long distance move is any journey that will exceed 60 miles. Some moves may be within the state of Massachusetts or an interstate move and they cost a lot more than local moves.

A long distance move away from Swampscott may cost you close to $1000 or more depending on other factors. The moving company will calculate the mileage, evaluate the number and nature of items involved, decide if you need extra services, and add the difference costs up to give you the total cost package.

Cost of Additional Services

When preparing your budget it is always best to set aside some money to cover the cost of extra services you might need. We discuss them below.

Packing and Unpacking

The average move requires at least two movers to assist in moving your items from the house into the truck and once it gets to the discharge point, they need to be removed from the truck. However, if you have substantial belongings to move two hands may not be enough so you may need to hire more hands. The cost of hiring movers is $25-$40 per hour for each mover or helper so multiply that by the number of movers you need and the man hours the job will take.


If you require a store to keep some or all of your items safe for a while, the company will charge extra for this service. Storage service rates depend on the size of the store used and the number of days your items will be kept there. You may hire. Small stores and keep your items inside for longer periods which will cost you more than a larger store used for only a day or two. Before deciding that you need to order this service, ask the moving company to provide you with the storage cost per day and be sure you can afford it before you request the service.

Specialty Items

Some items are not so easy to move so moving companies charge extra for them. These items may be extremely heavy items like equipment or furniture or fragile items like glassware, artwork, pianos, etc. In the case of heavy equipment, a mover in Swampscott may need special lifting equipment like cranes or more hands to move them. For fragile items, you may required special wrappers and pads to protect them in transit. These add to the final hiring costs.


If the moving company has insurance coverage, they may spread the premium fee to the items they transport. For instance, the average cost of insurance per pound is $0.60 cent or more depending on the nature of the item. If your mover has insurance, the moving company may ask you to pay a fraction of the fee as insurance.

Besides these extra fees, the time of season you hire movers in Swampscott also matters. If you choose to move in the off season when business is down or slow, you may get a better deal as movers will be willing to charge far less since there is a low demand for their service. During peak seasons when there is a spike in demand, hiring costs may go up by as much as 20% or more.

These are things to consider when searching for movers in Swampscott.

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