How Much Does It Cost to Hire Peabody Movers?

Peabody is among the wealthiest neighborhoods in the entire United States. A New England town in the country of Essex, the neighborhood is known for its rich culture, gorgeous ambiance, and friendly community. It is called “Tanner City” because of its booming leather industry that started in the early 1900s. Moving into this town would definitely be a delight, and there are many movers in Peabody that are ready to give you all the assistance you need but make sure to find out the best mover in Peabody for you.

Of course, moving comes at a price and in Peabody, these prices are somewhat higher than in the rest of the country. But if you search carefully, you can locate a professional mover in Peabody that offers very competitive rates. It would greatly help you make the right choice if you know the different factors that will have an effect on your move.

Average Cost of Local Peabody Moves

An hourly rate is usually charged for local Peabody moves. The amount increases as the size of the moving crew gets bigger. For example, a 2-man crew with a small moving truck might cost you $250 per hour. A 4-man crew with a much bigger moving truck might cost $600 per hour or even higher.

If you have your own truck or if you have already rented one separately, you only need to pay for the labor. In Peabody, the current average rate for this is $50 per hour per mover. Take note that hourly labor rates would likely not yet include moving supplies and other miscellaneous expenses related to the relocation.

Average Cost of Long-Distance Peabody Moves

As for longer distance relocations, a mover in Peabody typically does not charge per hour. Instead, it will offer you a flat rate, the amount of which would depend on the start and end points of your relocations, the volume of items you need to move, and a number of other factors. A flat rate usually covers all the expenses of the move, including gas, toll, extra pay for drivers, overnight lodging if necessary, and so on.

It can be difficult to determine the cost of a long-distance move without actually consulting with a professional mover. It can vary widely from lower than $1000 to over $10000, since there are many variables to consider. As an example, though, a typical 2-bedroom relocation between Peabody MA, and New York City might cost $3000. But if the move is between Peabody and Los Angeles, it would cost about $7000.

Are Estimates from a Mover in Peabody All-Inclusive?

When professional movers say that they charge, let’s say, $50 per hour for their services, a lot of clients think this includes supplies, insurance, fuel, and other moving-related costs. However, unless they specifically say that the estimate includes everything, it usually just refers to the moving labor. You would still have to pay for the rest of it come billing time.

At Stairhopper Movers, we give estimates that include all the costs of the move. This is the reason why our rates are higher than those of other movers in Peabody. We don’t try to hoodwink potential clients into hiring us by giving them a low but misleading fee. When you hire us, you will not have to deal with hidden costs and other unpleasant surprises during the billing time.

Optional Services That Can Add to the Costs of Moving in Peabody

Earlier, we listed some of the typical hourly rates and flat fees charged by movers in Peabody for basic moving services. On top of those, you can avail further services to make your move easier, but all these services will naturally add to the costs of your move.

Packing Services and Materials

The majority of movers in Peabody are also trained in professional packing. They can take all your belongings, except for some restricted items, and pack all these efficiently and safely into boxes, and you won’t have to lift a finger. The national average rate for professional packing ranges from $25 to $50 per packer per hour. In Peabody, hourly packing rates are closer to $50.


For residents who are not prepared to take all their stuff to the new location, storage units would come in handy. Some mover in Peabody has its own storage facilities that you can rent monthly, starting at about $50 for the smaller units. If your chosen moving company does not offer this service, you can just rent from one of the many storage facilities in the neighborhood.

Extra Expenses That You Might Expect When Moving to Peabody

There are some moving expenses that are not included in the regular services of moving companies, but that you should also include when planning your budget.

Parking Permit

Peabody law does not really require you to get a parking permit but it can be highly inconvenient if you find yourself without a space to park your truck on the day of your move. It will be a great hassle for you and also for your new neighbors.

To avoid inconvenience, it is strongly advised that you secure a parking permit from the Peabody city government. It’s not difficult to get a permit, but there will be a small fee of about $60 to $70. If you ask your mover, they might be able to get the permit for you for a small fee.

Tips for a Mover in Peabody

Tips are not mandatory but it is customary to give tips to movers in Peabody, as it is in any other part of the country. For a local move, a tip of $10 per mover would be a nice amount. You can give around $20 per mover for a long distance move. Then again, you can take your cue from your total moving cost. Compute about 10% of your bill, and divide this amount among the members of the moving crew.

Choose the Finest Mover in Peabody for Your Relocation

Whether you are moving with your family or relocating for work, moving to Peabody is an exciting new chapter that you certainly want to begin on a positive note. This is why you should only choose the finest movers in Peabody to help you with your relocation. Stairhopper Movers has been doing residential and commercial moves in this city for more than 20 years, and our clients are extremely satisfied with our service, as you can see in their feedback. Call us today and let us give you the best moving experience of your life!

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