How Much Does It Cost to Hire North Andover Movers?

Located about 24 miles from Boston, North Andover is one of the affluent New England towns in the county of Essex in Massachusetts. With a median household income of $128,984, the neighborhood is known for its easy-going lifestyle, highly rated school system, and plenty of parks and coffee shops. If you are planning on relocating to this town, there are plenty of movers in North Andover that you can hire to provide all the moving services that you need but select only the best mover in North Andover.

There are plenty of costs associated with moving and in North Andover, these costs are a bit higher than average. Nevertheless, you don’t really have to break the bank to relocate. With a little bit of research, you will find a lot of movers in North Andover that can give you fast and reliable service at a budget-friendly price.

How Much Do Local Moves Cost in North Andover?

If you are in another part of Massachusetts and looking to move to North Andover, that would be a local move since it does not cross state lines. In this case, most moving companies will charge you an hourly rate. Time starts when the movers leave their warehouse and ends when you have confirmed the completion of your move.

In North Andover, the rates are dependent on the number of movers in the team, as well as the size of the truck. Two movers and one moving truck typically come at an hourly rate of $250. Take note that most moving services come with a 2-hour minimum. That is, smaller moves that get completed in less than 2 hours will still be charged an amount equal to 2 hours of work.

How Much Do Long Distance Moves Cost in North Andover?

With long-distance moves coming from or going to North Andover, you need to specifically get an estimate from some movers in North Andover to find out how much your move is going to cost. Unlike local moves, long-distance or interstate moves do not have an hourly rate. The movers will get the details of your move, such as the exact location of the pick-up and drop-off, as well as the number of belongings that you need to move. They will also factor in other elements like fuel, toll, driver compensation, and many more.

Because of these factors, a long-distance North Andover move can cost anywhere from $500 to over $10000. Just to give you an example, if you have a 2-bedroom home and are moving to Peabody from New York, you might have to pay $3000. For a longer distance, like a move from Los Angeles to Peabody, the cost might be as high as $8000.

How Much Does a Mover in North Andover Charge for Additional Services?

So far, the rates that we have been talking about include only the moving labor and truck usage. There are still many other expenses that you need to consider and plan for in your North Andover move. It’s a good thing that movers in Andover do offer most of these services so you don’t need to look elsewhere for them. Of course, each of these services comes with an additional cost.

Packing Services

Packing can be a huge chore so many residents choose to delegate it to the experts. Most movers in North Andover can provide this service at an average rate of $50 per hour per packer. Some might also give you a flat rate based on the size of your home and the volume of your belongings.

Packing Materials

If you opt for full service packing, the cost should already include all packing supplies. For partial packing services or if you decide to do the packing yourself, you need to buy boxes and other materials. Boxes usually start at $3 to $5 for the smallest size, while the biggest wardrobe boxes can cost anywhere between $20 and $25. Packing tape, shrink wrap, packing paper, and similar supplies also come with a separate price.


Storage units are very useful for residents that do not have space for all their belongings at their new home. These spaces are available for monthly rental at rates that start at $50 per month. Here at Stairhopper Movers, we can provide different sizes of secure storage units for your items at very competitive prices.

Other Expenses to Prepare for When Moving to North Andover

In addition to the typical costs of moving, there are a few other expenses that some people might forget when planning their budget for moving. These are not included in the moving fees charged by a mover in North Andover as they are not officially part of the service. However, you need to allot funds for them as these are also important parts of your move.

Moving Permit

In North Andover, there are specific regulations for off-street parking and loading. To avoid any inconvenience when it comes to parking your moving truck on the day of your move, it is best that you secure a moving permit ahead of time. Moving permits cost a few dollars but it is worth it, especially when the alternative is the risk of getting your truck towed.

Tips for Moving Crew

Just like in restaurants and other service industries, it is customary to tip movers for doing their job well. The law doesn’t set a specific amount that you should pay as this is not mandatory but a voluntary gesture. Movers in North Andover would be happy to receive a tip equal to 15% to 20% of your total moving cost. You can divide this amount among all the members of the moving crew.

Hire the Best Mover in North Andover to Give You the Best Move

If you are planning a local or long-distance Andover move, you should hire only the best mover in North Andover to handle your relocation. The ideal choice would be a company with lengthy experience, proven skills, and competitive prices. For more than 20 years, Stairhopper Movers has been completing one successful move after another. If you want to find out why our clients keep coming back for repeat services, just give us a call. We are ready to give you a free estimate and provide all the assistance you need with your relocation.

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