How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Waltham?

Relocating a home or a business is an exciting event, but it can also be very stressful. If even a single thing goes amiss, it can affect the whole move. This is why it is advisable to entrust the entire process to professionals who know exactly what they are doing. For your upcoming move to Waltham, it would be an excellent decision to hire the most reputable Waltham movers so that your relocation can be completed without a hitch.

How Waltham Movers Determine the Cost of a Move

One of the first things you need to plan for your move is the budget that you are going to spend on it. In Waltham, Massachusetts laws regulate the operation of moving companies. However, these companies can charge you very differently, depending on the services that they offer. In general, most Waltham movers have two different methods of determining the cost of your move, depending on whether it is a local or long-distance relocation.

Local moves are those that just take place within the state, or within a certain mile radius. Long-distance moves are those that involve traveling longer distances, like 100 miles. Many long-distance moves have start and end points that are located in different states.

Cost of a Local Waltham Move

The most common kind of local moving service in Waltham is one that includes two movers and one truck. This is sufficient for moving a one or two bedroom apartment from Waltham to most points in Massachusetts. The average cost of this kind of move is about $430. Moving to a much bigger home might come with a bill of $2500 or higher. The exact cost of your move will be computed based on an hourly rate of about $25 to $50 per mover for every hour spent on the job.

Cost of a Long-Distance Waltham Move

For long-distance moves, the distance traveled is one of the biggest factors in determining the cost of the service. There are many Waltham movers that also charge a flat rate fee no matter how far you need to travel, once you go past a certain mileage threshold. In order to find out the cost of your long-distance Waltham move, all you need to do is make an inquiry. Professional movers can give you an instant estimate based on a few details of your relocation.

Cost of Additional Services Offered by Waltham Movers

Additional services can add to the overall cost of your Waltham move. Right from the start, you should know which services you want to avail so that you can prepare the appropriate budget for your relocation.

Professional packing is one of the most commonly available services because this task is usually trickier, and also a lot more tiring, than it seems. Packing services in Waltham are charged by the hour and start at about $40 to $60 per hour. This cost does not include the packing materials. All in all, the cost of having a 2-bedroom home professionally packed starts at about $800.

Waltham movers also charge extra for specialty items as these require specific handling and extra care. Examples of these are pianos, fine art, Jacuzzis, safes, and many more.

How Much to Tip Waltham Movers

Figuring out how much to tip movers can be tricky for many people. You don’t want to give too little or too much, but you certainly want to show your Waltham movers that you appreciate their hard work.

In general, you can take your cue from the amount on your final bill. Calculate 5% or 10% of your bill and divide this amount evenly among the moving crew who helped you. But since there are really no laws regarding tips, you can actually give any amount that you are comfortable with.

Hiring Waltham Movers versus Doing a DIY Move

There is no question that hiring a professional mover can be a costly expense. Depending on the kind of move you are having, you might find yourself spending several hundred dollars on a local move, and thousands on a long-distance move. There is the possibility of doing it all yourself so that you can cut expenses. Both options do have advantages and you need to weigh them all carefully to make the best decision.

Typical Scenario in a DIY Move

In a DIY move, there will be no expenses for packing, furniture assembly, loading and similar tasks because you will do the work yourself. You can also enlist friends and family to help out for free. What you need to spend on is the moving truck, the rental of which starts at about $300 for a local move. There are also many storage facilities in Waltham that offer a free moving truck if you rent one of their units, which starts at about $50 per month. Other expenses to consider for a DIY move in Waltham are the gas, toll, packing supplies, parking fees, and so on.

The total spending on a DIY move is not very high, but it can take a toll on you and your family. Packing alone can be very tiring and will definitely take up a lot of time. Moving heavy furniture is also not as easy as it looks. Not to mention, you might have to drive all the way to your new location if the truck rental does not come with a driver.

Typical Scenario When Hiring Waltham Movers

When you hire Waltham movers to take care of your entire relocation, the expenses will be considerably higher. It can be twice or thrice as expensive as doing it yourself, maybe even higher. But then, you can relax during the entire process. You don’t need to lift a finger during the packing and when moving day comes, you can just relax and wait at your new location for your belongings to arrive.

In addition to doing everything fast and efficiently, professional Waltham movers can also ensure the safety of your items because they are thoroughly trained when it comes to packing and moving. Moving companies also offer insurance so that your belongings will be covered in case of unexpected events.

Why Choose Stairhopper Movers for Your Waltham Move

All things considered, it is really much better to hire a professional moving company rather than attempt to relocate on your own. While both options do come with advantages, the benefits of professional service far outweigh most of what you can gain with a DIY move, at least in most cases.

If you want to have the most smooth-sailing Waltham move, you need to look no further than Stairhopper Movers. We have been one of the leading and most trusted Waltham movers for the last 2 decades, as you can easily see from the number of our repeat customers and referrals. But don’t just take our word for it. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you get your relocation underway!

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