How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Wakefield?

If you are planning to relocate to Wakefield, Massachusetts you definitely need the support services of Wakefield movers. You can’t afford to settle for just any moving company whose staff may not know the area well. Professional moving companies know the area well and will spare you unnecessary delays when moving your items from out of state or any city within the state to your new home.

When picking a moving company, there are two things to bear in mind; the professionalism of the company and their service fee.

How Much Do Wakefield movers Charge For General Moving Services?

The cost of moving to Wakefield is not cast in stone but depends on your location and the types and quantity of items you wish to transport. For instance, sensitive items like pianos, glassy materials, and firearms require careful handling and storage. Such items may cost more to move.

Furthermore, they will require a bigger truck if you have significant items of value to move. Moreover, the distance between your old home and your new home in Wakefield will also determine the cost of moving with out-of-state moves costing more.

However, the average price of hiring a moving company in Wakefield starts from $387 and above. Some of them charge per hour and charges may range from $35-$60 per hour depending on the pricing policy of the moving company you hire.

Staffing Needs

When you contact a moving company in Wakefield for your relocation needs, the company will assess your needs and how many people you’ll need to handle your personal effects. For small scale projects, two movers will be enough to handle the loading and unloading needs. For larger projects, you will need more than two staff to get the job done.

Alongside staffing, considerations are the number of man hours required and truck requirements. If you have a lot of items you will need a larger truck for the job. The average family may require a 26-inch truck but this is not always the case. The moving company will make the determination about the truck size you will need.

Also, the man hours required to do the heavy lifting and transportation will also depend on the size and number of items involved. Wakefield movers take about 2 hours to complete moving jobs within the city but a longer time is needed for external moves. Those traveling between 60-100 miles from their current location will need more time. All these things are taken into account when professional movers issue quotes to potential clients.

Local Wakefield movers Cost

As you must know, the cost of local moves is not the same for long-distance moves. Many moving companies in Massachusetts charge hourly rates for transport and labor costs. Rarely do they charge a round figure for moving projects. While some Wakefield movers may charge under $50 per hour if you are lucky, others may charge above $60 for the same job. Note that the rate increases relative to the size of the house, the nature of items, and the distance from your old home to your new home.

Long Distance Cost

What about long distance moves? If you are moving into Wakefield from your old home outside Massachusetts or from a far off city, you will have to pay more for the moving service. Having a fair idea of the estimated cost will not be easy due to unregulated pricing.

Moving companies can afford to charge what they want based on their pricing policy and rates tend to rise during peak season when many people change homes. With an increase in demand comes rate escalation.

For long distance moves, be prepared to pay close to $1000 or more. To avoid confusion, we advise that you contact them to request a quote so you have a fair idea of the cost.

Extra Charges

Wakefield movers operate in a similar fashion to movers in other cities and states as they add additional charges to their final few. These charges come in different forms such as

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading
  • Handling specialty items

All these extra services will increase the moving costs so you need to plan for it. If you have a large household, you all can handle the packing and unpacking responsibilities to reduce the final cost but you will need to get the wrappers, cartons, and other materials to protect your items.

We review the extra costs below

Packing & Unpacking

Wakefield movers who handle packing and unpacking for their clients charge for the service. The number of items will determine the cost. Furthermore, the size of the items will determine how much they charge as heavier items require more effort.

Storage Facility

If you require a storage facility to store your items for a few days, weeks or months, they can also arrange a secure facility for you. A secure facility will cost you more depending on the space size and timeframe.

Specialty Items

Fragile items like pianos, artwork, expensive furniture, and extremely valuable items cost more to move. Some of them need to be protected with protectors and pads while others may require special tools and machinery which will add to the cost.

Consider the Season

Another thing to plan for is the time of the season. Unfortunately for clients, Wakefield movers charge more during peak seasons. With many homeowners and tenants changing homes during the summer months the demand for moving services increases and so does the cost. So when planning to move houses, always consider the season before making a decision.

In the off season when there is a low demand for moving services rates fall significantly so you may want to wait until then. If you decide to move during the summer, prepare to pay more.

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