How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Rowley?

You are in Rowley and plan to move to another city in Massachusetts or perhaps outside the state. Unless you have trucks and other logistics necessary for your move, you would need reliable Rowley movers to do the work for you.

There are opportunities, personal and professional, which require you to set out from your comfort zone and experience a new environment. As you lay out the criteria for getting the best mover, you sure would include the costs for all the services you need. They can be a handful. Hence, it’s best to streamline your list and select the best one.

Why do moving costs differ

In reality, moving costs are not the same. Hence, you rarely see Rowley movers providing fixed tariffs on their services. The amount you pay for the moving service provider depends on the services you use from them.

The distance from your current location to the new place will also affect the cost. Of course, the longer it is, the higher the price could be. Moves around Rowley and other neighboring cities in the state will likely cost you less than a thousand dollars. At the same time, moving services outside of Rowley and Massachusetts will surely cost you more.

How do Rowley movers price their services?

Before choosing the provider to cater to your big move, it might be beneficial to check the following aspects. These are things that can affect the costs provided by moving services providers.

The type of moving services

You can either choose between full-service or self-service moving. With full service, movers will be responsible for all the processes – from packing, loading, unpacking, unloading, and all other things. It sure is a hassle-free moving process. You will just need to ensure that all items are loaded into the truck and transported to your new home.

Some might prefer self-service moving, where movers will only provide trucks and transportation for their customers. It is relatively cheaper. However, remember that you will have to do hard work for most of the process. This includes purchasing packing materials, packing, and unpacking your items. This service is appropriate for those moving to a new place with only a few things.

Packing materials

Packing boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, and cutters are some materials one will need to secure the items before moving. You can expect Rowley movers to have all of these with them. For self-service moving, these materials could add up to your cost. While you can buy them at supply stores, there might be some materials that are not available anywhere. With moving companies, you can guarantee they have all the packing essentials you need.


There are instances when you must safely keep your things before you move. Most movers have short-term or long-term moving services. Stairhopper Movers, for example, has storage facilities within city limits where owners can place home items. They are mostly guarded to ensure everything is safe while preparing for your new place.

Fragile items

You also might be transferring breakable and expensive items like antiques, tables, and paintings. With this, Rowley movers can do specialized packaging for these items. While some can do it without the help of movers, packing fragile items takes expertise and skills which may be overlooked.

They are professionals in this field. Hence, they know how the packaging works, so the items can remain intact until they arrive at the destination.

Other moving requests

Suppose you are wondering if you can hire Rowley movers to transfer pieces of furniture from one section of your house to another; yes, you can. They are usually called in-house movers. The service does not involve trucks and transportation fees. Instead, much will be about lifting from one place to another within your property.

You can ask for professional movers to transfer fragile items which need safekeeping during home renovations and repairs.


Protection is another crucial aspect when hiring a moving service company. The federal government requires all movers to include insurance on their services for free. In most cases, they provide 60 cents per pound per item. Customers can receive the amount in cases of damages on the items.

Some customers opt to get complete protection for their valuables. While you can always do this, it also comes with a cost. They are on top of the introductory rate you get from your provider.

Tips for finding affordable Rowley movers

Despite being able to afford expensive providers for your move, it sure is an excellent deal to combine cost-effectiveness and quality. Because of stiff competition, movers of today are also improving their services and costs.

Firstly, it pays to identify your specific moving needs. It is not advisable to rush decision-making as it can jeopardize the moving process. Surely, there are reliable and trusted movers, but you still have to ensure they can accommodate your requests.

Will there be discounts? It will depend on the provider, of course. You need to plan your move ahead of time because you might encounter early booking promotions, which can save you some dollars, instead of booking some days before the moving day.

Additionally, it pays to secure quotations from your list of providers before choosing one. This way, you can compare what is within or beyond your budget. The great thing about most moving companies is that you can make clarifications and inquiries about the rates they provide.

Do not be fooled by affordable rates, which can possibly be scams. Of course, you look for affordability. However, if the rate is way below the average moving cost, then you might be alarmed. You do not want to sacrifice your valuables being lost or not properly handled.

More importantly, assess their credibility and reputation through reviews and recommendations. You can ask colleagues around your area for Rowley movers that can best serve your moving requests. Moving surely can be costly. But you can make it worth it with the right mover to transport your things to your new home or office.

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