How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in North Andover?

Now you planned on moving to North Andover. But you know, it’s more than just the thought moving that one must consider. You must ensure you pack your valuables safely and accordingly, not to mention the costs of your North Andover relocation. After deciding to move to another home, getting everything done can be difficult. Hence, it pays to hire a trusted moving company to accomplish the essential things for you. This guide shows how much North Andover movers would cost and all other essentials that will comprise the expenses.

North Andover movers cost

There are various aspects surrounding the cost of your move. One of the primary reasons is the distance. Is it a local or long-distance move? You should know that not all movers cater to long distances. At the same time, others will not accept local moving services.

Are you moving from one city to another, or perhaps to another state? Once you have figured this out and identified the distance, you can estimate the cost, including additional charges.

Local North Andover moving costs

Suppose you’re moving from North Andover to Boston; most consider it a local move. In most cases, local moving means transferring from one location to another within fifty miles the distance. The rate will depend on the distance, but at estimate, you can spend a thousand dollars or less. This could increase if you have additional requests and special packaging for fragile items. If it is a huge house, more staff are needed to secure the valuables.

Hence, Stairhopper Movers do not provide fixed pricing for their services. This is because the cost of the local move will vary depending on the mentioned factors.

Long-distance moving costs

One can consider long-distance moving when it involves over 50 to 100 miles and over 400 miles. This usually happens if you move from North Andover to another state outside of Massachusetts.

However, in some cases, there are long-distance moving within a state. For example, if you’re moving from North Andover to Worcester. It is about fifty miles. In these situations, reaching out to North Andover movers is beneficial. Every moving company has its long-distance moving criteria and standards. As an estimate, long-distance moving costs about $900.

Additional North Andover moving company services and fees

Of course, besides the distance, you must also look into your housing type. It could be a single-detached family home or as big as a four-bedroom house. The smaller the place, the less furniture will be moved, and the lower the rates it involves. Get to know more of the possible costs you will encounter as you lay out your moving plan.


In most cases, North Andover movers are charged per hour. Hence the cost of packing your valuables will depend on how large the number is. Suppose you are looking for full-service moving; there is a higher possibility that packing is already included. On the other hand, self-service companies let clients pack their valuables before they move them.

Boxes and packing materials

You surely need different sizes of boxes to safely keep your things when you move. Most movers provide boxes, tapes, markers, cutters, bubble wraps, and other essential packing materials.


Storage can be short-term or long-term. This service can be handy if you want to place and secure valuable things when moving. There are cases when you must move out, but your new place is not ready for occupancy yet. Thus you can hire North Andover movers to provide options and safe facilities within the city limits. Furthermore, the storage has to be accessible whenever you need to pull out your things immediately.

Specialty items

Those with fragile furniture can opt for special packaging to ensure they are still intact in case of possible bumps and impacts during the move. At the same time, movers are skilled enough to assess the fragility of an item. They can also suggest the best way to handle these items. Remember that this service is usually on top of the basic cost of your move.

Special moving requests

Residential and commercial moves are typical in any city or state in the United States. At the same time, some moves involve transferring to another town or state. Stairhopper Movers call it in-house moving. This is another moving service under local moves where establishment owners just need to rearrange furniture, move heavy and immovable things, or store valuables in another section within the property.


Is tipping allowed? In most cases, yes. Moving things is an arduous process. As the homeowner’s way of thanking movers, you can tip them at around 5% to 20% of your final bill. This also depends on customer satisfaction.

Moving insurance

Moving companies in Massachusetts and all others across the United States are required by federal law to provide two kinds of insurance. The first is the released value protection, where the client receives 60 cents per pound if something happens during the move. This coverage is of no additional cost. However, this does not involve complete protection. When you want full coverage for your move, you can discuss it with a moving company for options at an additional cost.

Get the best service from North Andover movers for a hassle-free move

Moving in and out of North Andover can be a worthwhile process and experience, given that you have the right moving company. Stairhopper Movers has more than 20 000 successful moves in a year across North Andover, neighboring cities, and even outside the state of Massachusetts.

Our services are catered to every client we have. This means that every service we have is not the same for all clients. This is why our team ensures to discuss with each customer their specific needs to accommodate them accordingly. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives for quotations and other requests on your moving day. You can trust that Stairhopper Movers can get the job done and more.

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