How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Newbury?

Living in Newbury, indeed, is a captivating experience. However, it can be an arduous process when duty calls to relocate to a new home. Firstly, you must leave your comfort zone. Secondly, adjusting to a new environment is a process. Thirdly, who’s going to transport your things to the new place? Good thing there are various Newbury movers to assist you in the process.

Looking for the best moving company is also a daunting process. It needs some research and comparisons to ensure you get the best one based on your specific moving needs.

Do moving costs differ?

You cannot leave out the pricing when choosing a moving service company. It’s probably one of the primary things you must consider. In most cases, there are no fixed tariffs. Instead, moving companies will provide special quotes for every client they have. Hence, you seldom see companies having identical rates for their services.

Of course, moving services providers will consider the distance of the move. Will it be around Newbury’s neighboring areas, which they called local moving? Or, in other instances, will it involve transporting items from Newbury to another US state?

Read along to learn more about the fundamental factors affecting costs provided by Newbury movers.

The difference between a full-service and self-service moving

There’s a significant difference between these two. As the name suggests, full-service moving involves moves where providers are responsible for all the client’s needs. This can include packing, labeling, loading, unloading, and unpacking. Of course, providers must ensure they reach the destination with goods still intact. This service is relatively costly. However, some prefer this as it’s hassle-free.

For a much cheaper cost, one can also look into self-service moving. You just have to pay for the truck and professional driver to bring your things as you relocate. This can be ideal for those with only a few things to pack.

Tips to get the best Newbury movers

One streamlines its list of prospective Newbury movers in various ways. You may include the following insights.

Compare the prices

As you may know, rates vary. Hence, it’s fitting to list all that you have chosen and compare the costs. Ensure also to consider the services that the price includes. You might even find the best deals on them.

Assess their credibility

You would not want to work with irresponsible movers. In most cases, you can ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, or neighbors on which among the many Newbury movers they trust most. Furthermore, online reviews can be of help.

The number of successful moves

Those who have been in the industry for a long time arguably know how the moving industry works. Hence, they can provide the best possible service there is. Stairhopper Movers have been in the business for close to two decades now. The company’s longevity makes them capable of addressing whatever requests clients will have in any given situation.


You can encounter some movers who provide affordable quotes but surprise you with hidden costs as the moving process commences. You do not want that. Newbury movers must be transparent with their pricing so you can also budget your money.

Factors affecting the costs of Newbury movers

While considering all the mentioned insights, look closely at how additional moving services might affect the overall cost. Here are some of them:


Sometimes, Newbury movers rate their services per hour and the number of personnel needed to accomplish their moving requests. You can expect to pay around $25 to $40 per hour per mover. The more you need, of course, the higher you must pay. You might as well look into the packages providers offer to save some costs.

Packing materials

Tapes, boxes, cutters, bubble wraps, and plastics are some of the few materials you might need when you pack your things before the move. For self-service moving, it’s essential to note that you will be the one to provide all these. You can buy them from the mover you chose or purchase them at your own risk at office supplies stores.


Newbury movers are equipped with all the equipment and facilities to cater to every client’s moving needs. This includes storage for your things if the new place is not yet ready for occupancy. You can avail of either short-term or long-term services, and they will securely place the goods.

Packing of special items

Special items can include antiques, furniture, or paintings. They’re relatively expensive. Hence you must ensure to have them intact in one piece when you arrive at your new place. Newbury movers know this requirement. They are also equipped with skilled staff to pack your valuables securely.


You can get compensation in cases of damages to your valuables during the moving process. The federal government requires all moving service companies to include insurance. Clients can have 60 cents per pound per item. Sometimes, clients find this protection insufficient. Hence, one might opt for complete protection. They’re also available, but the client must pay an additional fee.

Additional moving requests

Newbury movers are not only about packing and loading things to your new location. In most cases, they can also provide in-house moving. This means clients can request their valuables and some furniture be moved to another place within the property. You can request in-house moving services if you are about to renovate or repair some areas of your home and need some lifting and moving of heavy things.

You can explore the services Newbury movers offer. After all, every mover differs in how they service their clients. Probably, one of the primary things you must look closely at in choosing the best mover is affordability, efficiency, and quality in one company. While selecting one can be a taxing process, nothing beats the satisfaction of getting the best service after all the hard work and research. Ultimately, you want the moving process to be seamless from start to finish.

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