How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Natick?

Relocating from Natick to a new city or state is a momentous event that includes a lot of work. Oftentimes, families will recruit friends and relatives to help out with the packing and cleaning up before they can leave. This can help relieve a lot of the physical stress of the preparations and also helps bring down overall costs. But still, you will need to hire Natick movers to actually transport your belongings to your new location. And in choosing a mover, one of the primary factors to consider is the cost of their service.

There are many different elements that affect the cost of a move. Whether you are just transferring to the next town or relocating your life to an entirely different state, you need to take these elements into account so that you can prepare a sufficient budget for your move. In this article, we will give you an idea of the kind of expenses you might face when preparing for a Natick move.

How Much Do Natick Movers Charge for Their Services?

Moving to or from Natick, Massachusetts can be affordable or expensive, depending on the Natick movers that you choose to work with. This is to say that there is quite a large range of prices to choose from, which also depends on the kind of moving service that you want. To give you an idea of the average charges though, a residential local move in Natick would cost anywhere between $400 and $1500 if you have a 2 or 3-bedroom home. At this price, many Natick moving companies would have already included the cost of professional packing and also the expenses of packing and moving supplies.

Average Rates for a Local Natick Move

Local moves in Natick typically take about 3 hours to complete. It is also important to note that many Natick movers implement a 3-hour minimum for their moving jobs. So even if you have a small move that gets finished in maybe 2 hours or less, you will still be charged the minimum cost for a 3-hour move.

With that being said, the average rate for a 3-hour move that includes 2 movers and a 26-foot moving truck is $480. After the first 3 hours, Natick movers will charge by the hour. The rates range from $40 to $60 per mover per hour, and roughly the same amount per hour for truck usage. If you have several items that need to be moved or if you want to expedite your move, you can hire additional movers or extra trucks, both of which come with respective extra charges.

Average Rates for a Long-Distance Natick Move

For a long distance move, Natick movers will typically charge a flat rate based on the distance of your relocation. They will also need to know the volume and weight of your belongings, and what items, in particular, you need to move. The rate that they will then give you will take all these factors into account, along with other expenses like toll, gas, driver fees, and so on.

The cost of long-distance Natick moves might range from less than a thousand dollars to over $10,000. It’s really hard to come up with an estimate without full details of your move. It is therefore best that you look up some reputable Natick movers and ask them for a free quote on how much your move might cost.

Average Rates for Optional Services Provided by Natick Movers

Natick movers offer a plethora of optional services to make your move more efficient and smooth-sailing. Professional packing, for one, is a very popular service that many families are happy to avail. The cost of packing services in Natick is just about the same as moving labor, which is around $40 to $50 per packer for every hour. It might sound expensive for something as simple as packing but the convenience that you can enjoy is immeasurable.

Storage is another optional service that you can avail, if not from the movers themselves then from third-party providers. Storage units can be rented in Natick starting at less than $100 per month for a small room to about $200 per month for a unit that is about the size of a one-bedroom apartment.

If you have special items that need to be moved like pianos, safes, Jacuzzis and other similar large furniture and appliances, these come at an extra cost. Depending on the size of your item or the special handling required, you might have to pay an additional $50 to $500 per item.

Moving Insurance Cost for Natick Moves

The law requires all Natick movers to provide basic liability insurance coverage to clients. So even if you don’t purchase additional coverage, your items are protected, although it is only for the amount of 60 cents for every pound. If you want to protect your belongings further, you can choose from different insurance packages offered by the mover or an insurance company.

There are many reasonable moving insurance products worth an extra $100 or so, and also more expensive ones that come with higher protection. When purchasing coverage, make sure you know exactly what the policy includes before making any payment. Also, you need to give the mover or the insurance company full disclosure of your items so that they will be included in the coverage.

Tipping Your Natick Movers

Finally, the last thing you need to spend on your move is the tip for your movers. After a successful relocation, it is considered good practice to tip your movers for doing a great job. The moving company will not include this in the bill but you can easily compute how much to give by basing it on 10% of your total moving cost.

So if you were charged $500 for a local move, 10 percent of this would be $50. Dividing this amount between a 2-man crew would give each mover a tip of $25, which is not bad at all for a few hours worth of work.

Choose Reputable Natick Movers for Your Relocation

Now that you have a clear idea of the expenses that factor into your overall moving cost, you can make better comparisons between the different Natick movers. Just make sure that you pick one that delivers consistently superior service and that comes highly recommended by real customers, like Stairhopper Movers. If you hire us for your move, we guarantee that your belongings will be in good hands and that you will experience the most hassle-free move ever. Visit our website today and get a free estimate!

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