How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Milton?

We understand that moving your belongings from one property to another is never an easy task. Routine disruptions and the amount of planning involved can be heart-wrenching, but your case doesn’t have to be like that. If you are planning to move homes in Milton or any area for that matter, you can delegate such responsibilities to Milton movers while you focus on other tasks.

Smart home and business owners don’t mind paying professional moving companies to handle transport and logistics because they know how to do it best. If you are also considering hiring Milton movers, we understand that you may have more than a few questions to ask regarding moving costs. This pricing guide contains information about pricing factors that will help you plan your budget effectively. Keep reading to learn more.

How Much Do Milton movers charge for Moves?

If you are planning to hire Milton movers to handle your transport and logistics, be prepared to pay a general rate of $300-$586 on average. The first step to estimating moving charges is to consider the distance from the old property to the new property and the prevailing rate in Milton when you order the service.

During peak periods, Milton movers charge more than they do during off-seasons. With an increase in demand for their services come escalating costs. The moving company will consider the number of hours it will take to do the job, and local moves take less time than long distance moves because of the distance involved.

They will also consider the number of helpers required to move your items when calculating the cost. An average of two helpers is required to pack and unpack items, but for larger properties with a lot of items, a few more helpers may be needed, which will increase the final hiring cost.

Furthermore, the item quantity will determine the size of the truck used. Would your belongings require a 16-inch or 26-inch truck? Milton movers will evaluate your needs to make an accurate determination. Larger trucks will cost you more than smaller ones.

Above all, mileage is the greatest influencer of moving costs. This is why it is advisable to evaluate the distance between both points before you contact Milton movers. Distances below 60 miles may cost below $400, but for 100 miles and above, be prepared to pay more.

Cost of Local Milton movers

Most Milton movers handle local moves because they know the area well. Such companies charge flat rates and hourly rates. Flat rates are often negotiable, but hourly rates are fixed at between $25 and $50 an hour. One mistake many homeowners and clients make is that they assume the hourly rate is all they have to pay, not knowing that the number of belongings and other extra charges may be included.

Smaller homes in Milton and its environs require less labor, so clients pay less, but for larger houses, the final cost of hiring will certainly increase. If you are making a local move, note that the hourly or flat rates are just the standard fees you will likely pay, excluding extra charges.

Cost of Long Distance Milton movers

What about long distance moves of 100 miles or more? How much will it cost to hire Milton movers for such a journey? The answer is not as straightforward as it should be because of several factors.

Besides the long distance, the moving company will consider the size and weight of your items when evaluating the cost. If your moving company charges a flat rate, you may be asked to pay close to $1000 or more, as the case may be. The longer the distance, the higher the rate.

Just as is the case with local moves, don’t be quick to assume that all you will need to pay is the flat or hourly rate they charge; always budget an extra amount for additional services you might need.

Note: Always enquire from the moving company about the services you may need and how much they will cost at the start of negotiations, so you are not left in the dark until it is too late.

Additional Milton movers Services & Charges

Several factors influence moving costs in Milton and its environs. Knowing these services and charges will help you plan your budget in advance so you are not blindsided. Find below some of the additional costs to take into account when drawing up your budget.

Packing & Unpacking

Milton movers operating in the area charge extra for packing and unpacking services which you don’t have to pay for if you don’t require the service. The average hourly fee is between $20 and $50 per worker, so multiply that by the number of workers you need. If you have enough hands in your household to pack and unpack your items, you may decline this service to save costs.


In case you require storage to keep your items for a period, the service company can provide you with room space in a secure facility for a fee. The size, number of items, and length of time you will use the storage will determine the storage fee.

Specialty Items

Specialty items are charged differently to pack and unpack because they are highly sensitive and require careful handling or special tools. If you have heavy furniture, artwork, glassware, pianos, and more in your home, be prepared to pay a little extra.

Special Circumstances

Also, note that the moving company may increase their fee if your home is not easy to access due to traffic gridlock or maybe it is up a flight of stairs that requires a lot of heavy lifting. Areas that are difficult to access at specific times of the year will command a higher fee.

Factors that may also increase the final moving cost are insurance and tipping if you are impressed with the quality of service rendered.

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