How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Lincoln?

Of all the states in the US, Massachusetts is among those with the highest cost of living. As one of the more affluent neighborhoods in this expensive state, Lincoln does have pretty high expenses when it comes to just about everything, and that includes moving. You can keep your moving costs to a minimum though, as long as you look for reliable Lincoln movers who can give you high quality service at a competitive price.

It is recommended that you start your search for a good professional moving company as early as possible. This will make it easy for you to plan your budget accordingly. Since each move is different, you can only get an accurate estimate of how much you will need to pay once you have consulted with a moving company and have given details of your relocation.

Average Cost of Local and Long-Distance Lincoln Moves

To give you an idea, however, local moves in Lincoln that do not go beyond the state limits of Massachusetts might set you back anywhere from $500 to $2500, depending on the specifics of your move.

A long-distance move typically comes with a flat rate depending on the location. For instance, for a Lincoln to NYC move, most Lincoln movers charge a flat rate of $950 to $1100. Lincoln to Bangor, Maine is cheaper at only $500 while a Lincoln to Miami relocation would typically have a flat rate that is $3200 or higher.

How Lincoln Movers Charge for Their Services

The exact computation that Lincoln movers use to determine the fees for their services might differ slightly but there are some general patterns that are followed. For instance, long-distance relocations usually get charged a flat rate, depending on the distance between the start and end points. This flat rate would include the cost of gas, highway tolls, and other moving-related expenses.

For local Lincoln moves, many moving companies charge by the hour. The average rate in Lincoln is pretty much the same as with the surrounding Boston suburbs, which is approximately $50 per mover per hour.

All Lincoln movers do have packaged services that include the labor services of a moving crew and the use of a moving truck. The prices of these packages depend on how many members there are in the crew and also on the truck size. A 2-man crew with an 18-foot truck would cost between $130 and $140 per hour on a regular day, while a 4-man crew with a 26-foot truck would come at the cost of about $220 to $240 per hour.

Cost of Additional Services by Lincoln Movers

The cost of your move will be largely affected by your choice of services to include in your relocation. Again, Lincoln movers might charge differently for these services so be sure to check with them for specific rates.

Packing Service and Materials

Many Lincoln residents and business owners choose to leave the packing to the professionals because this can be very tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, Lincoln moving companies offer great packing services. They usually charge by the hour, with an average hourly rate of $50, just like moving labor. In this case, packing materials are charged separately. Some companies might also charge a flat rate, like $1000 for a home with 2 bedrooms. These flat rates usually already include the cost of boxes and other packing materials.

Storage Units

If for whatever reason you are not yet ready to take all your things to your new home, there are plenty of storage facilities in Lincoln where you can rent out a suitable unit for short-term or long-term use. The rates start at $50 per month for the smallest units to $500 or more per month for larger ones.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is offered by all Lincoln movers registered under the DPU but this basic coverage only comes to a value of $0.60 per pound, which would barely cover the actual cost of your items. You can purchase additional coverage from your mover if they offer it. If they don’t, you can always buy moving insurance from Lincoln insurance companies.

Specialty Item Moving

If you have a piano, this would require special handling and you need to pay extra for it. It is the same case for pool tables, grandfather clocks, or even delicate pieces of fine art. Besides the insurance for these items, you would also need to pay specialty moving charges to have these items moved.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Lincoln Move

If you want to save money on your Lincoln move, there are a few things that you can do. To begin with, you can plan your relocation on weekdays instead of weekends. Stay away from holidays and the end of summer as well, as these are considered peak seasons and rates can be as much as $40 to $50 higher per hour.

Doing your own packing can also save a considerable amount. Enlist the help of friends and family – it is not only a cost-effective solution but it might turn out to be a fun activity as well.

Most importantly, you just need to be adequately prepared. Oftentimes, it is the lack of planning and preparation that turns in a lot of unexpected expenses come moving day.

Choosing the Best Lincoln Movers for your Relocation

The tendency of many residents is to look for the moving company that charges the lowest rates. Before you make a commitment, take the time to understand what the rates include. Many movers advertise a low rate just to attract clients without mentioning that it actually only includes the moving labor. All other costs – gas, environment fees, parking permits, and all kinds of surcharges – will be charged separately.

If you do not want to have any unpleasant surprises when you get your bill, choose only the Lincoln movers that are very clear and straightforward with their charges. Here at Stairhopper Movers, we give our clients full disclosure of our fees right from the start. You will not have to deal with hidden charges or mediocre service. All you will get is the best moving experience at a pleasantly affordable price.

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