How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Ipswich?

Are you planning to move houses before the end of the year? Finding reputable Ipswich movers in Massachusetts as early as possible to handle your relocation is advisable. Very reliable moving companies will take the stress and responsibility off you while you focus on other important tasks.

When it comes to hiring movers in Ipswich, there are several issues to consider; among them is the hiring cost. In this article, we review the cost of hiring Ipswich movers and factors that may inflate the cost.

How much does it cost to hire Ipswich movers?

The cost of hiring Ipswich movers will depend on different factors like the distance between your old home and the new home, the type of items you wish to move, the number of items and the season in question. Taking all these factors into account is necessary to plan your budget before you contact a moving company to handle your luggage.

The average rate Ipswich movers will charge you is $517. This figure is by no means an exact one as different factors will determine whether the final cost goes up or drops below $517.

How Long Will The Move Take And How Many Helpers Are Needed?

The time required to complete the moving project will depend on the location of both houses (the old and new houses). If you are moving to a new home within Ipswich or its environs, about 2-3 hours should be enough.

However, if you are moving to a location far away from Ipswich or relocating to Ipswich from a far off location, it will take several more hours to complete the move. The distance will only increase moving costs because most moving companies charge per hour unless you insist on paying a flat rate.

As for the number of helpers you will need, it depends on the number of items in question. If you have just a few times to move, 2 helpers should be enough to get the job done. For a larger house with significant items, two extra hands may be needed.

If you are not so sure of the number of helpers required, Ipswich movers can send a representative to visit the home to evaluate firsthand the number of helpers for the tasks.

Hiring Cost Of Ipswich movers for Long Distances

In a previous paragraph, we stated that the average cost for hiring movers is above $500 depending on the distance and other factors. For long distance moves of more than 60 miles, you may likely pay above the $500 mark. For longer distances of 100 miles and above from your former location to your new location be prepared to pay close to $1000 or more.

This is why it is advisable to establish the distance between your old location and the new one; once you are clear about the distance, you can negotiate a suitable rate with the Ipswich company.

Hiring Cost of Ipswich movers for Local Moves

Local moves are relatively short distances within Ipswich and its environs so the final cost will be much lower. For instance, if the moving company charges a rate of $25-$60 per hour and the distance is under 50 miles, you may end up paying close to $500 or even less for the move excluding additional charges.

Factors That Affect Moving Cost

Several factors influence moving costs and it is always a good idea to be aware of these factors when planning your move. We review some of them below.


The distance between both locations is the greatest factor when it comes to moving costs, that is why local moves are far cheaper than long distance moves. Projects that will take 8 or more hours to complete will cost more than projects that will take half the time or less. If the moving company charges an hourly rate, the cost will spike significantly. The same will be the case if they charge a negotiable flat rate.

Traffic Situation

Another factor that may influence moving costs is the traffic situation along the route of engagement. Ipswich movers that charge a flat rate consider the traffic situation when billing their clients. While a flat rate may be to your advantage, the hourly rate will cost more due to the traffic situation. For every additional hour, the moving spends in traffic, you pay for the time.

That is why it is advisable to enquire from the moving company whether they charge per hour or a flat rate for their services. If they offer flat and hourly rates, decide which will be advantageous to you.


During certain times of the year, moving costs rise due to increasing demand for moving services. With increased bookings comes a rise in rates. If you choose to move during summer you may likely pay more than you would if you move during winter. If you can afford to move in the off season, you may want to do that to keep costs low.

Extra Services

Requesting extra services may also increase the rate Ipswich movers will charge you. Extra services include

  • Storage
  • Packing
  • Loading and unloading
  • Volume of items

And lots more. Besides the above services, the moving company will charge you more if you have specialty items that require careful handling or special tools. Items like guns, glassware, piano, artwork and heavy equipment require support tools and careful handling. The extra costs will increase the final amount you will be charged for the job.

One way to reduce costs is to handle some of the tasks on your own if you can, like packing your items into durable plastic bags and cartons. Taking up some of the responsibilities will reduce the final cost.

Hire First Class Ipswich Movers

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